Colonia Iron Doors

For those who love the look of wrought iron doors but prefer a more traditional American-style door, we’ve created the Colonia wrought iron door design. It’s another beautiful innovation available through Forever Custom Iron Doors, one that functions beautifully in homes designed in Colonial and other traditional architectural styles.


Our Colonia wrought iron door is a modern yet traditional take on Colonial style and one our best iron doors! Instead of intricate scrollwork, Colonia forged iron doors use a stately traditional windowpane design for the upper three-quarters of the door.

The lowest portion of the door features a wainscoting-like panel and design in a shape commonly seen throughout Colonial architecture. The doors themselves are fully rectangular as well: no arched opening or embellished casement here. This is a straightforward, regal door that speaks for itself, no scrolls or flourishes required.

The Colonia design is our only pre-made door that features rain glass instead of water cubic glass. Even the choice of glass type enhances the elegant aesthetic of this door.

This door is finished in a gorgeous black wrought iron, and the Colonia handles used are unique to this door. They consist of a cylindrical pull with embellished circular tops and bottoms. They are the perfect contrast to the sharp, square angles of the rest of the door.


In addition to the great design features already discussed, all Colonia modern iron doors have the following features, either standard or as an upgrade option.

Deadbolt: Included with every Colonia door.

Screens: Included with every Colonia door.

Thermal Break: Available as an option for every size of Colonia door. A thermal break is a great energy-saving feature that helps reduce how much heat or cold seeps into your home from outside. If you live in an especially hot or cold climate, a thermal break is a virtual necessity.

Available Sizes

Our Colonia custom wrought iron doors are available in the following sizes.

  • 65 x 82 RH

  • 65 x 82 LH

  • 72 x 82 RH

  • 72 x 82 LH

  • 65 x 95 RH

  • 65 x 95 LH

  • 72 x 95 RH

  • 72 x 95 LH

  • 38 x 82 RH

  • 38 x 82 LH

Looking for more iron door designs? Check out our custom iron door design catalogue to generate ideas for your exclusive iron doors! All our in-stock doors are ready to ship or install immediately. Our inventory changes often, so make sure to check what’s in stock right now.

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