The Venice wrought iron doors from Forever Custom Iron Doors are our most intricate pre-made door design. If you’re looking to make a bold yet traditional statement at your home, our Venice doors are a great choice. The Venice are similar in style to our Valencia doors, with a more intricate design. If your home has a Tuscan or Mediterranean décor style, you’ll feel right at home with our Venice wrought iron door.


The Venice design features classic spiral scroll work at the top and bottom of the main frame. The scrolls are connected with embellished vertical bars, as well. All surrounding the main design you’ll find additional S-shaped scroll work, too.

Our Venice doors feature our largest windows, which take up nearly the entire panel of the door, save for a thick border on all sides. The glass used here is again our water cubic glass, great for letting light through while slightly obscuring the view.

Our Venice doors feature a darker coffee-colored finish that’s both rich and deep. We use our gorgeous B7 handles here as well, featuring a three-dimensional spiral design at top and bottom and a sturdy rectangular grab bar.

Both the glass and the door itself feature an arched top, fitting nicely into a gorgeous casement that includes additional scroll work. The bottom of the windows are squared off, creating an especially stately appearance.


In addition to the great design features already discussed, all Venice doors come with the following features, either standard or as an upgrade option.

Deadbolt: Included with every Venice door.

Screens: Included with every Venice door.

Thermal Break: Available as an option for every size of Venice door. A thermal break is a great energy-saving feature that helps reduce how much outside temperature seeps into your home. It’s great for homes in hot or cold climates.

Available Sizes

Our Venice wrought iron doors are available in the following sizes. Since our inventory is always changing, check what’s in stock right now. All our in-stock doors are ready to ship or install immediately.

  • 65 x 82 RH

  • 65 x 82 LH

  • 72 x 82 RH

  • 72 x 82 LH

  • 65 x 95 RH

  • 65 x 95 LH

  • 72 x 95 RH

  • 72 x 95 LH

  • 38 x 82 RH

  • 38 x 82 LH

If the size you need isn’t in inventory, that’s not a problem. You can still get a Venice door; we’ll simply need time to create it.

Got questions about our Venice wrought iron doors or any other wrought iron products? Contact us below.