Single vs Double Doors For Your Home

Everyone wants the exterior of their home to provide a “wow” factor to visitors – but it can be tough to figure out what look makes the most sense for your home. A doorway is one of the focal points of the exterior of a home, so choosing an unusual option can go a long way in making the look of your house memorable.

Iron doors will help you rest assured that your family is safe and protected. Here, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of single and double front doors, helping you to decide which option makes the most sense for you.

Single Iron Doors

There are many pros to choosing an iron single door design. Single doors are far more common than double doors. Single doors take up less space, so if your home is on the smaller side or you have a small entryway, a single door option might make more sense. Choosing an iron door will still elevate the style of your home, even if you decide to stick with the single door option.

If you want a single door with an upgraded look, an extra-wide option can add a touch of unexpected elegance. Be sure to talk with your installation company to ensure that your entryway has enough space for a double option before you commit to the idea. Choosing a unique door handle can switch up the look of a single door, making it even more unique. You may also want to work with a custom door company to ensure that your single iron door matches your home’s style.

Double Iron Doors

Double iron doors aren’t nearly as common as single doors, and that’s what makes them stand out. A double iron door will immediately draw visitors’ eyes and can work to make other architectural features in your home stand out.

Double doors can also be a good fit for convenience. If you move a lot of large objects in and out of your home, double doors can make it easy.

If you have a large home, or just have a large entryway, double doors can be a gorgeous complement to the style of your home. Just like single doors, double doors are customizable, and you can work with a designer to get the exact look that you want.


  • Whether you choose a single or double iron door style, an iron door adds value to your home and helps you rest assured that your family’s entryway is safe.

  • Smaller entryways are usually a better fit for single doors, while larger entryways are usually a better fit for double doors.

  • If you regularly move large objects in and out of your home, a double door may be a good fit for you.

  • Working with a custom door company can provide you with the exact look that you need.

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