What is a Thermal Break Iron Door?

Just like the windows in your home, doors are vital to reduce the transfer of cold from outdoors – and to help keep the heat generated by your HVAC system inside. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaking around the home’s exterior doors accounts for 18-20 percent of heat loss in a typical home.

If it’s time for you to install decorative exterior doors on your home or commercial property, then consider the beauty of iron doors that feature design technology to help insulate against the transfer of cold and heat.

Door designs that reduce heat and cold air transfer

While wrought iron doors are renowned for their timeless beauty and creative designs, many customers don’t realize that thermal break iron doors are also built to be energy efficient. There are many ways to reduce the transfer of heat and cold through any door, including:

  • Thermal break – a material or design technology that reduces heat or cold transfer by creating an insulated barrier within the frame
  • Foam insulating core – insulating foam that is injected into the core of an iron door
  • Double-pane glass – a window or door with two panes of glass, sometimes with insulating argon gas between the panes
  • Internal panel connectors – a composite material used to connect the inner and outer door panels that will help prevent temperature transfer.
  • Glass stops – used to sandwich glass panels securely in frame and also acts as a thermal break
  • Weatherstripping – a material used to seal door crevices and acts to keep cold drafts out of the home

Thermal break iron doors include design technology that feature many of these methods for reducing cold air infiltration or warm air loss.

What are thermal break iron doors?

A thermal break is a frame design that breaks the bridge in a door or window which would allow cold air to successfully cross into the home. Many homeowners do not realize how much energy is lost by the transfer of heat through door components and out of the home.

The job of a thermal break is to reduce this transfer by placing a barrier in the form of an insulating material inside the iron door framework. Since metal doors like steel and iron are good conductors of heat and cold, breaking this transfer can greatly increase the comfort of your home.

Thermal break iron doors still feature that timeless beauty that only iron doors can deliver, while also helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial property.

Energy-efficient iron doors

Iron doors are no longer considered solely ornamental or decorative. With thermal break iron doors, our customers can enjoy classic or modern iron door designs without sacrificing their home’s energy efficiency. Once the iron door is fully assembled in the factory, foam insulation is injected into the inner chambers of the iron frame.

The benefit of thermal break iron doors is not only that they reduce heat and cold transfer into the home, but they also act as a noise reduction feature. Thermal break doors and windows also help keep your home warmer and quieter. Consider the durability, beauty, security and thermal efficiency of wrought iron doors that feature thermal break technology.


  • Thermal break iron doors have a foam insulating core to increase the thermal properties of the door.
  • Air leaking around the home’s exterior doors accounts for 18-20 percent of heat loss in a typical home.

Contact FCID for thermal break iron doors that include wrought iron security doors, beautiful iron patio doors, wrought iron windows, and railings. We send a team of trained and certified installers to ensure your wrought iron door installation is done professionally. No matter the style of thermal break iron doors you desire, modern, traditional, ornamental or custom creations, Forever Iron Doors is your one-stop solution.

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