How Iron Doors Can Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter in New Jersey


Thermal Break Iron Doors Can Give You a Break From the Cold

The Garden State offers all four seasons, but you may find yourself wishing for a bit less winter when snow, ice, and Atlantic winds conspire to chill your bones. That’s why you should add thermal break iron doors to your New Jersey home.

How Does a Thermal Break Work?

A thermal break is a window or door design in which the exterior and interior surfaces envelop an inner layer of insulation. In a window, inert gas may do the insulating. A thermal break iron door has an inner layer of polyurethane.

Most metals allow heat energy to pass through them freely. In cold weather, this means that your home’s cozy interior warmth dissipates through the door from the inside to the outside, leaving the home uniformly chilly or unevenly heated. In a thermal break door, the inner layer of polyurethane conducts heat energy poorly, preventing it from escaping through the door’s metal surfaces and keeping you warm.

Thermal door construction begins with an extruded metal form that includes an empty inner pocket. The manufacturer then fills the pocket with the insulating material. Without this material, the door would not only fail to block heat transfer; it would also allow condensation to collect between the two layers, promoting rust.

The Many Benefits of Thermal Break Iron Doors

Thermal break iron doors reward your investment in a variety of ways above and beyond your family’s winter comfort. These benefits include:

  • Energy savings – The more effectively your door insulates, the less money you’ll have to spend heating your New Jersey home in the winter. Since the insulation prevents heat transfer in both directions, you’ll also spend less money cooling your home in the summer.
  • Security – That extra layer of material in your thermal break door lends the door additional strength and security by making it that much thicker and harder to penetrate.
  • Longevity – The more effectively a door can resist temperature changes, the longer it can last. The tremendous natural strength of iron, combined with the three-layer design, gives you a door you can depend on for many years to come.
  • Sound insulation – The insulating material in your thermal break iron door blocks sound as well as heat. If you’d love to experience less noise from the outside world, you’ll love your new thermal break iron door.
  • Curb appeal and resale value – Thermal break iron doors come in a variety of beautiful, stylish designs, instantly boosting your home’s curb appeal. Since prospective buyers enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home just as much as you do, you can also expect to command a higher asking price when it’s time to sell your home.

Contact Forever Custom Iron Doors Today

Turn to Forever Custom Iron Doors as your source for high-quality thermal break iron doors in New Jersey. We offer both a gorgeous selection and sophisticated design skills and tools to customize a door for your individual tastes. We also provide equally attractive financing options, with affordable shipping and installation to make your purchase as easy as possible.


  • Thermal break iron doors insulate your home against the cold.
  • Thermal break iron doors can also block outside heat and noise.
  • Thermal break iron doors are energy-efficient, durable, secure, and beautiful.

Are you ready to take a welcome break from those chilly, expensive New Jersey winters? Contact us today so you can get a head start on enjoying a more comfortable, cost-effective home.

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