Are Wrought Iron Doors Expensive?

Custom Wrought Iron Windows

Wrought iron doors have been gaining popularity for the past decades due to their unmatched versatility, durability and beauty. Their resistance to wear, and outstanding tensile strength, make them ideal for commercial and residential buildings.

The word “wrought” originated from the ancient blacksmiths, who used it to represent the past tense of the verb “to work”. Unlike other types of iron, such as cast iron, wrought iron found its outstanding value due to its malleability.

Are Wrought Iron Doors Expensive?

The price for wrought iron doors can be higher than wood and vinyl doors but they’re more affordable than you may think. The price can be attributed to the quality of the material and processes used to produce this metal alloy and its byproducts. Additionally, wrought iron doors can be customized and come in different thicknesses and designs to suit clients’ needs. The process of installing these varied designs requires complex technicalities, making the doors slightly expensive.

How Much Do Wrought Iron Doors Cost?

New doors can cost you varying prices depending on the quality of the materials used, design, thickness, and customized properties. The total cost of purchasing and installing a new wrought iron door ranges depending on complexity, single or double door and more factors. Many homeowners opt to design matching railings for a cohesive look. 

Why Are Wrought Iron Doors Slightly More Expensive?

  • Wrought iron doors are strong, durable and easy to maintain. You only need to wipe the door with a soft towel dipped in vegetable-based soap at least once per month. Unlike other materials such as wood, wrought iron doors don’t easily warp or rot.
  • Wrought iron doors can come in different thicknesses and designs. It can be customized to include many elements, such as glasses, different colors and other hardware bent to assume intricate shapes.
  • They can be customized to include the client’s critical requirements, such as thermal breaks, to save you from cold climates. They can be made of different sizes and thicknesses to enhance strength.
  • Due to their slide-in design, wrought iron doors can be easily installed with insulated glass, weather-stripping systems, and clouded or transparent, strong security screens.
  • They are cost and energy-efficient. Wrought iron doors are excellent at maintaining the temperature and humidity levels of the house, thus saving you from substantial utility bills.
  • Wrought iron doors are versatile. They can perfectly fit anywhere within or outside the house. They can also be used at the main gates because they can accommodate heavy foot traffic. When installed and maintained correctly, wrought iron doors can give your home or office a charming and unique appearance. They can also be used in commercial places like hotels and restaurants.
  • Unlike other metallic door materials such as steel, wrought iron doors don’t easily rust or get corroded. They are galvanized with zinc, a shiny metal that prevents iron doors from rusting.

Most wrought iron doors are made of heavy and expensive materials. They require an experienced team of professionals to install to avoid potential scratches and damage that are likely to compromise their beauty and uniqueness. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we have a team of experts that offer unmatched installation services in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

If you are considering installing or replacing your doors and windows with more unique, strong, and durable wrought iron doors and windows at affordable prices, Forever Iron Doors is here to help. Contact us today to schedule our services, or visit our website to look at the offers we have for you.

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