Tips to Keep Your Iron Doors Looking Great All Year Long in NC

Investing in iron doors is an excellent option if you’re looking for high-quality doors for your home. This is because iron doors look great and are made from premium materials. Additionally, to keep your beautiful iron door in NC looking great all year long, it would be in your best interest to learn how to complete various maintenance tasks to help you keep your iron doors looking great all year long. That said, the following is a list of the top ways to maintain beautiful iron doors in NC.

Manage the Moisture

One of the most essential tips for maintaining your iron doors is managing the moisture. This is because mixing water and iron is a recipe for rust. Moreover, rust is one of the top ways to ruin metal of all kinds; it can rust the hinges, making them far less functional and less visually appealing.

However, in order to manage the moisture, you should be sure to wipe the door with a soft cloth to dry it after overly wet weather events. You should also do your best to wipe them off after you have cleaned your doors. The doors also have a protective layer to prevent against rust.

Keep it Clean

Next, you need to make sure you keep your iron doors clean. One of the best ways to do this is by mixing vegetable soap and water. Otherwise, you may want to invest in a specialized soap that is made to clean wrought iron specifically. No matter which cleaning solution you use, make sure you use one that is iron-friendly.

When completing the process, you should fill a bowl with your chosen cleaning solution. Next, you will clean the door with the solution and rinse off the solution with water. Lastly, make sure you use a soft microfiber towel to wipe the doors once the process is completed.


Lastly, you may want to polish or wax your door after cleaning and drying it. This is an excellent way to protect your home from the elements. Two of the most popular products used to wax/polish doors are linseed oil and wax. No matter which you choose, you should apply the product using a soft, clean cloth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in iron doors is a great way to add a layer of security and pizzazz to your home.
  • One of the best ways to maintain your iron doors is by wiping your doors off after major storms and other wet weather conditions.
  • Lastly, polishing your iron doors is a great way to keep them looking great and protected from the elements.

Looking for Beautiful Iron Doors in NC?

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