Single Iron Doors to Make Your Home Stand Out in New Jersey

single decorative iron door

Impress your neighbors and guests with a door that not only adds luxury, security, and durability but also reflects your unique style. Uncover the potential of your home’s entrance with a stunning single iron door. Browse our collection of the latest trendsetting single iron door styles, specially curated for homeowners in New Jersey. From classic to contemporary, read on to find the perfect match for your home!

Iron Door Styles: A Variety of Options to Consider

Once you know the various kinds of iron doors, you can quickly find your perfect fit without sifting through thousands of options. The most popular styles of single iron doors fall into four major categories:


Iron doors with a classical design often draw inspiration from ancient Roman, Greek, Tuscan, and Mediterranean architecture. These doors typically feature intricate details such as curves, swirls, and arrows, as well as the use of natural elements like palm fronds. These features all contribute to giving the door a timeless look.


Contemporary iron doors are a modern take on traditional designs. They incorporate a mix of design elements from different styles, such as classical, modern, and other design features. These doors are known for their exquisite minimalistic aesthetic, often featuring a large, simple design with refined details. Some contemporary iron doors also incorporate elements of the Art Deco style, reflecting current design trends and providing a more modern and stylish look.


Modern iron doors usually feature bold geometric shapes such as lines, squares, rectangles, semi-circles, and circles in their design. These shapes can be used individually or in combination to create a unique look. Some modern iron doors also incorporate glass elements to enhance the modern aesthetic further. These doors are becoming increasingly popular as a front entry option due to their simple and sleek design.


Generally, all iron doors can be regarded as ornamental. Nonetheless, what separates ornamental iron doors from other doors is their decorative designs, which often include additional elements such as eyebrow tops, sidelights, and transoms. The eyebrow top is a decorative piece above the door; sidelights are design elements placed on one or both sides of the door, and transoms are separate pieces above the door that can be in different shapes, such as rectangular, elliptical, or round. These elements make the door appear more ornate.


Although there are many types of doors available, most homeowners will agree that getting an ideal iron door is among the best ways to upgrade the look and security of your entrance. Options include:

  • Classical: Timeless and elegant designs inspired by ancient Greek, Roman, Tuscan, and Mediterranean architecture.
  • Modern: Sleek, simple doors with bold geometric shapes.
  • Contemporary: A modern take on traditional designs, with an exquisite minimalistic aesthetic.
  • Ornamental: Decorative designs with additional elements such as eyebrow tops, sidelights, and transoms for enhanced appearance.

Single Iron Door Styles for Homeowners in New Jersey

However, not all homeowners are satisfied with standard off-the-shelf choices. And that’s where we come in. At Forever Iron Doors, our experts await to bring your custom iron doors, windows, and railings to life. Our selection offers unmatched creative designs as well as in-stock options and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. You can experience the quality and impact of our work by visiting the “before and after” section on our website, showcasing our previous projects. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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