Interior Decor to Compliment Your Iron Door in North Carolina

Interior door decor

Creating a welcoming entryway for your home requires skill and balance to ensure that you’re striking the right measure of formality and easing your guests into your home. There are no single “right” answers when it comes to home decor; every family needs to create its individual style based on personality and preferences. You can create an impression of luxury and style when you coordinate your interior entryway decor to complement an iron front door.

Incorporate a Stunning Statement Piece

Your iron door makes an immediate impression of grace and style, but how can you ensure that your entryway continues the look? It can be a lot of fun shopping around for a statement piece that will hit just the right note for your entryway. Perhaps this could be a large piece of art placed strategically on the floor for maximum impact.

Welcome Your Guests With a Table

What could be more welcoming than a small entryway table incorporating fresh flowers or plants? This brings an element of warmth and creates a homey feel for your guests. Plus, an entryway table offers additional utility; it can be a place to store small trinkets that are of great value and help communicate your family’s personality to guests as they enter.

Establish a Wall of Color

You may not wish to overwhelm your guests by creating a dark or ultra-bright wall space upon entry to your home, but you can always strategically add a “wall” of color! Keep all of your entryway light and bright but use a smaller wall or space to really pump up the color and excite your guests. The color you choose for the entryway can help set the feel for your entire home, so be sure it will flow well with the remainder of your color schemes.

Consider Design Throughout Your Home

When you add an iron door, the possibilities for entryway decor are limitless! You can even use your iron door as your primary statement piece and reduce the need for additional elements in the entryway. When you take the time to define this space, you’re ensuring that your guests and family feel welcomed from their very first step through your door.


  • A statement piece offers a stunning compliment to your luxurious iron front door and entryway space.
  • Consider incorporating a pop of color into the entrance to offset the darker iron door.
  • Your front entryway defines the style of your home, so match your energy to your design to create a cohesive look for your home.

Ready to Learn More About Iron Doors?

The team at Forever Iron Doors has been working with families to create the ideal look and feel for their homes for decades. We pride ourselves on the highest quality craftsmanship and ability to define a look that will be comfortable and last for ages. Contact our entryway decor design professionals in North Carolina at (980) 580-7795 or visit us online anytime for tips and tricks to make the most of your iron door!

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