Double Doors vs Single Doors: Which Is the Right Choice for Your Home in NJ

Single and double iron doors in NJ

One of the first decisions you will need to make when installing new front doors is whether you want single or double iron doors. It may seem like a simple choice if you’re updating an older property, but don’t limit yourself to what’s currently installed. If you can envision something better, there’s a way to create that vision in the real world.

It may seem like double doors are grander and more sophisticated, but some properties may look and function better with a single doorway. If you’re currently debating between door types, designs, and sizes, we have some valuable tips for selecting between double and single iron doors.

Benefits of Double Iron Doors

Double doors open wider than single doors. They allow a deeper connection between the outside and inside world while still closing securely to provide privacy and safety when desired.

Imagine opening your front doors wide to welcome guests when entertaining. If you have children who want to play outdoors, you can open double doors to easily keep an eye on them while enjoying time indoors. Opening your doors wide to accommodate the delivery of furniture and other large items is another clear advantage.

Double iron doors can also make a bold statement about your property. They send a message of sophistication and grandeur. Heavy iron doors are also difficult to break or penetrate, giving your property an extra layer of security.

When Do Double Doors Work Best?

Double doors can work well for properties of all sizes. For a larger home or commercial building, double iron doors offer an appropriate balance to the expansiveness of the property. You can select dimensions that complement the spacious nature of the property inside and out.

For smaller homes and commercial spaces, double doors create a more expansive aesthetic. They open wide to create a warm message that is welcoming and inclusive. It’s important to work with professionals to ensure the double doors are properly sized to complement rather than take over aesthetically.

What If You Currently Have a Single Doorway?

Don’t assume that you can’t install a double iron door if your property currently has only a single entryway. Professional iron door installers can expand your doorway to accommodate double doors. While this may seem daunting, the work is handled by experienced professionals. You don’t have to worry about anything but watching your property transform.

In many cases, upgrading to double doors is considered a property investment. Your new doors could increase the perception of your property value while making a grand statement from the curb.

When Do Single Doors Work Best?

Single iron doors may work best for smaller townhomes or condominiums that feature a line of doors with limited space in between. Some small homes and businesses may also work best with a single door that takes up less space along the front of the structure.

However, don’t assume that a smaller property requires a single entryway. More spacious double doorways are possible when you work with professionals. If this is the direction you want to go, It’s important to size the door properly and then adjust the entryway to accommodate the larger doorway.

Custom Iron Doors That Make a Statement

One of the best ways to get a feel for the difference between double and single doors is to browse the online door gallery offered by Forever Iron Doors. You’ll see a variety of single and double iron doors that have been installed into a range of entryways. While they may not reflect the character, appearance, or location of your property, the doors will give you an idea of what your property may look like with different door styles.

A quick recap of what we’ve covered:

  • Double iron doors can work for homes and businesses of all sizes.
  • You can often turn a single entryway into a double entryway with the right professionals.
  • It’s important to properly size your double doors to create the statement you want to make.
  • There are many advantages to upgrading to double doors at home or work.

When you’re ready to customize an iron door for your home or commercial property, call Forever Iron doors at (732) 851-8502. Our door experts will walk you through the creative process of designing a unique door. We can even help you select the right in-stock door if you want to install a new iron door quickly and affordably.

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