Custom Wrought Iron Door Myths

Are you in the process of building your dream home and have begun researching the type of entry door that will match your new home’s architectural style? Or perhaps you are looking to renovate your current home and update your current front door and are exploring your options in entry doors? Whatever architectural style your home may be, and your personal taste, searching for the perfect front entrance door that provides your home with the right amount of security and reflects your aesthetics can be a difficult task, especially when you may be concerned about what to expect when ordering custom wrought iron exterior doors. To help guide your decision, our experts have compiled a list of the benefits of iron doors, which includes debunking concerns about the process to help you feel more confident designing your own custom wrought iron entry doors.

Expectations Vs Reality


Expectation: Because wrought iron has a beautiful finish and adds such curb appeal to your home, many homeowners think that they are a luxury item that is out of reach of their budget. Many people love the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind focal point for their home that is well-made, durable, beautiful, and secure, but worry that a custom wrought iron door is beyond their budget.

Reality: In fact, custom wrought iron doors are very budget-friendly. Of course, you’ll find that prices may vary based on the size, style, and other decorative factors, but it absolutely is possible to create your own custom iron door design that is perfectly matched to your needs and tastes at the same price as standard, generic, non-custom doors.


Expectation: Many homeowners who have looked at online sites and home improvement in-stock iron door options think there are limitations as to how custom and one-of-a-kind their new door can be.

Reality: At Forever Iron Doors, if you can dream it, we can make it a reality. Choose from 12 different door colors, or let us custom match the color to your home’s palette. Depending on the size of your door, there are between 12-15 different types of glass to customize your door, as well. Our professional wrought iron artists will combine your favorite elements with the latest in modern iron doors to create a unique and highly personalized custom wrought iron entry door that brings your vision to life.


Expectation: If you’d love your new home to have an unusual entry door size or shape, you may think forged iron doors wouldn’t be an option because it won’t be a standard size.

Reality: When you customize your wrought iron door, you will be working with a designer who will factor in your design aesthetic and your doorway size, so there’s never any worry that it won’t fit or that you’ll have to change your dream design. Forever Custom Iron Doors offers single iron doors & double iron doors for the interior or exterior of your home or business perfectly.

Myths About Custom Wrought Iron Doors Installation

Expectation: Wrought iron is a heavy material, so many homeowners have concerns about how they will transport and install their new iron door once it’s created. You may also be concerned about how the installation will be completed if there are issues with rotting wood that needs to be replaced, if molding or stucco is in the way, or if special columns or headers are on your wish list.

Reality: Our experienced team of custom wrought iron door installation specialists will make sure that your new wrought iron front doors are installed properly in doorways of any size, with any necessary customizations needed to ensure they are sealed properly and framed to your specifications.

Create Your New Custom Iron Doors Today

When it comes to unique personal design for your entry doors, the sky’s the limit. Explore our variety of high-quality door types and materials available to fit your preference, aesthetic, architectural and budget – we have the custom iron doors NJ homeowners want and make the process simple.

For more information about creating your own custom wrought iron door design for residential or business purposes, contact Forever Custom Iron Doors at 732-851-8502 to consult with a design artist or to get a free estimate on your new custom iron doors today!

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