Picturesque, traditional, and completely customizable, iron has been a mainstay in decorative and functional home fixtures for many years. Iron is one of the most durable materials you can work with to create doors, window coverings, railings, and other implements, but many companies only offer run-of-the-mill pieces that are missing that elemental flair that should come along with such an intricate piece. The use of 3D imaging techniques allows fabricators like Forever Custom Iron Doors in NJ to create beautiful modern iron door designs that perfectly reflect the property owner’s sense of style.

What Is 3D Imaging Technology?

In the most basic terms, 3D imaging technology is a process that allows a fabricator to add depth and dimension to two-dimensional design. Modern technology has afforded the possibility of utilizing 3D technology in all kinds of industrial applications, especially when it comes to construction and fabrication.

In the process of wrought-iron fabrication, 3D imaging techniques can be used to measure placement areas to super high accuracy and transfer those measurements into a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system. The end result is a precisely drafted design blueprint that can be used to create a piece that is perfectly suited for the structure and just what the customer wants.

3D Imaging for Custom Wrought Iron Door Measurements

You could go through an iron door design catalog and find all kinds of impressive pieces to have created for your own home. However, there is nothing quite as satisfying as working with a design team to create your own unique front door design. The door is one of the first things people notice about a home, so it has every right to be something that reflects the overall design preferences of the property owner. With 3D imaging technology, doors can be designed exactly to your exterior door frame’s specifications and measurements using the 3D technology that is within 1/16-inch of an inch accuracy. You can always learn how to measure a door on your own, but this 3D technique eliminates the potential for any minor calculation error.

3D Imaging for Custom Wrought Iron Railings Measurements

There is something so enchanting about a staircase surrounded by custom wrought-iron railings. This one implement becomes a natural focal point of the entire home. Whether you one something modern and simplistic or you prefer filigree and a lot of intricacy like something straight out of Victorian times, wrought iron can be the go-to material choice to make a design idea come to life. The 3D imaging technology allows for this process to be easier than ever.

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