When you’re shopping for a new door for your home or business, you’d like it to have a fantastic personality on its own; but it is the small details that will finish out the look and make sure you have a truly completed design. Therefore, the exterior wrought iron door handle you choose are ever-important. The handles are often the last thing a client considers when picking their own wrought iron door design. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we want to make sure you are as pleased as possible with your end design, so here are a few pointers to keep in mind when it comes to iron front door handles.

Consider a Prominent Door Handle to Highlight the New Iron Door

You have so many great door hardware options to pick from when you select the handle type for your new iron front door. However, most property owners do prefer a handle design that is a bit more prominent than usual when choosing a certain style. For example, B7 iron door handles are a popular option with our customers because the handles have a spindled top and base that highlights the elongated handle in a prominent way. Colonia door handles offer that distinguished look without a lot of dressing up, which you’ll find works well for a more traditional door design.

We Offer a Full Inventory of Door Handles for Iron Doors

As you work through our iron doors design book, you’ll see there are unlimited options when it comes to customization. You will also get the opportunity to look at some of the top-quality exterior door handles that we have available in our inventory as well or you can choose to create your own handle while designing a custom door. From modern, contemporary designs to traditional or decorative pieces, you can find a handle to perfectly coincide with just about any door design.

Let Us Help You with Custom Wrought Iron Door Handles

Just as we can help you create a custom wrought iron door built to your preferred specifications, we can also help you create custom door handles for your secure iron door. We can take notes of what it is you want, generate a door handle design for your approval, and then use our various hand-forging methods to create the perfect handle for your front door. Our custom-made door handles are hand forged, crafted of the same quality materials as your door, and as close to your design specifications as possible.

We’ve created a bit of everything when it comes to exterior and interior handles, and these durable handles are a lot of fun to make because they can be so symbolic of the personality of the property owner or the actual place. For example, there were times we created beautiful handles that looked like cookware, tree branches, and more. Whether you want to go with something modern, something more decorative, or have a unique shape and size that is a totally new idea; we are ready to help you create a piece that will fit in just right with the details of your door.

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