Usually when thinking about installing a new door, a homeowner or builder thinks in traditional terms of vinyl, metal, or wood. However, wrought iron doors are an option which adds timeless class and beauty to the main entrance of a home. According to the style of house and personal preferences, there are many different iron door styles and glass options for front doors available which add curb appeal and a distinct look to welcome guests.

Our Glass Options Include

Low E

Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass is engineered with a thin, transparent coating that reflects thermal radiation, ensuring that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It helps control the transfer of heat and offers protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays which makes your living spaces more comfortable, reduces energy costs and helps stop fabrics, furnishings, and artworks from fading over time.

Tea Tint

Tea tinted glass keeps out excess light and glare, and provides a warm tone. It might also provide a nicer look to the front of the house depending on the colors of the overall design.

Sea Glass

Sea glass windows have a frosted yet smooth appearance, giving them a soft, translucent quality that scatters incoming light, creating a soft, ambient interior lighting effect.

Water Cubic

Water cubic glass style offers much more privacy inside with extra distortion. The look is similar to traditional block windows which allow light but not vision through, but the water cubic glass has more random shapes than simple blocked squares.


Reeded glass has a vertical or horizontal ribbed design that balances transparency and privacy. While it allows ample light to permeate, the texture obscures direct visibility, making it a preferred choice for doors, partitions, and window treatments. 


Rain glass has depressions on one side which simulates the appearance of rain flowing down the glass. The decorative glass allows privacy while still allowing natural light to enter. 


Pebble glass with its distinctive textured surface resembling small, rounded pebbles, is a unique form of decorative glass. Its slightly bumpy and irregular pattern not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides a degree of privacy, making it a popular choice for windows, shower doors, and partitions. Beyond its visual charm, pebble glass scatters light in delightful ways, casting soft and diffused illumination into spaces


Sandblasted glass is similar to the pebble style, but with finer indentations for a much more sheer appearance. Sandblasted glass can be more formal than pebble which compliments any style of home.

Ice Glass

Ice glass resembles cracked/frosted glass, Due to the textured,frosted nature, ice glass windows offer a degree of privacy while still permitting light to penetrate.


Diamond glass is coated with a layer of amorphous carbon that boasts superior hardness, rivaling that of natural diamonds. As a result, diamond glass stands up robustly against scratches, abrasions, and everyday wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for applications demanding both beauty and durability.

Chinese Flemish

Chinese flemish glass is a classic design that simulates hand blown glass. The glass allows light and vision in but slightly distorts it preventing unwanted glare on computer or television screens. Interior window coverings are suggested with Flemish glass windows to retain privacy. 


Aquatex is an interesting glass option which is similar to water cubic, but with each block also incorporating the depressions of a rain style window. However, because the depressions don’t line up between the blocks and aren’t necessarily all aligned vertically, it doesn’t give the appearance of water running down the outside of the window.

Bronze Reflective

Bronze reflective glass has a beautiful, warm bronze tint as well as reflective surface which provides enhanced privacy, blocks UV rays and reduces the sun’s glare. 

Blue Reflective

Blue reflective glass has a mirror-like reflective surface with a calming blue tint which transmits less visible light while filtering out harmful UV and infrared rays.

Smoke Reflective

Smoke reflective glass has a smoky, grayish tint and is characterized by its mirror-like reflective surface, courtesy of a metallic coating. Reflective glass can help with energy savings by reducing heat gain. 

Takeaway Points and Considerations

  • It can be overwhelming to make a final choice between all the beautiful types of glass for exterior doors available, so take the needed time and professional design advice before a final decision.
  • Consider the location and residential privacy concerns of the home.
  • Evaluate how much light the area needs to determine specific glass for entry doors.
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