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For homeowners looking to upgrade to their exterior doorway, the process can be complicated. Shopping at major retailers leaves many people dissatisfied that they would have a cookie-cutter residential entryway that looks like millions of others. There’s simply no personalization or individual style to mass-produced doors.

But one homeowner, Dani, came across a Forever Custom Iron Doors display, and fate set her on a different path. Sharing her wrought iron door experience and the results that exceeded her expectations may prompt you to consider Forever Custom Iron Doors.

Discovering Forever Custom Iron Doors

It may seem almost fated, but one couple surveyed the Big Box door options only to come across Forever Custom Iron Doors separately. What stands out is that both came to the same conclusion on their own that Forever Custom Iron Doors was the best solution for their family. Here’s what they had to say:

“I started at, honestly, Lowe’s and Home Depot, and then the hardware store, a wood company. And then somehow, I was at the mall and walked by Barry’s (Forever Custom Iron Doors) display, and I loved what he had displayed, and I thought, “Oh!” I took a picture of it, and then ironically, my husband was at the mall like a week later with my son, and he walked by the display, and he said, “Oh, I really like these doors.”

– Dani L.

Making Your Vision A Reality

The recent Forever Custom Iron Doors’ customer indicated that she had only a loose image in her mind about how she wanted the entranceway to evolve. Her beautification ideas were far more unique than we see at many everyday homes. But she was able to actualize her vision by working with the Forever Custom Iron Doors designer.

“I scoured the internet and found elements of various types of doors. I knew I wanted a cathedral top. I wanted it to kind of feel old, but new. Then I worked with Sarah, who’s the designer over there. And she would physically put it into the system, and kind of tweak the design based on what I said — the height, the style, all that. There’s definitely no other door like it.”

– Dani L.

Working Through The Customized Door Design Process

The customer’s entrance involved a great deal more than just swapping an outdated door for one of our high-quality designs. The redesign included managing considerable space over the iron door and architectural strategies to bring the area together.

Okay, so that giant glass part was kind of hard because I didn’t want to cover it up with a lot of wrought iron. I wanted it to still be open and clean. So, I would say, initially, we probably had a little more wrought iron than I wanted. But once I communicated that to Sarah, she kind of undid that and redid this clean design, and then that was it. Oh, I love it!”

– Dani L.

Forever Iron Doors Are Highly Personal

What this family discovered was that working with an industry-leading company resulted in a seamless and enjoyable experience. When homeowners go to major outlets to select decorative products in stock or order them, the customer service tends to be less personalized. That is in no way the fault of hard-working people in these major chains. It’s simply part of a reality that they field questions and take orders for the same products over and over. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, every custom door is crafted to the customer’s desire.

“My favorite part about them is I like that they’re different. I like that no one else probably anywhere has these doors, exactly, because they’re custom-made. I mean, the whole time I was doing it, Barry kept saying: “Anything you want. Whatever you want to do. A lot of times, I feel like people say, “Hey, I’m sorry, can’t do that.” Or, “No, that doesn’t work.” So, knowing that, Barry was like, “Do whatever you want, like, we will pull it off.” That is the best part.”

– Dani L.

Forever Iron Doors Customer Satisfaction

At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we strive to make sure you have the best possible experience. We make sure we know how our valued community members feel about the experience, design, installation, and whether they would recommend us to their friends and loved ones.

“Use this company. I would definitely recommend working with this company, and they’ll do whatever you want them. I just think Barry was always super-responsive. Especially in his design process of sending pictures, or, you know, “Could you do this? Or what do you think of that?” He would respond instantly. He always followed through. His workers were professional. I think they came at 8:00 in the morning. They didn’t leave until 1:15 in the morning.”

– Dani L.

While plenty of companies strategize about slick marketing schemes, Forever Custom Iron Doors asks that you remember the key takeaways from one of our valued customers.

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors are custom-designed

  • The iron door design process is seamless and personal

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors customers are exceedingly satisfied with the final installation

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If you are considering redesigning your front door or main entryway and would like it to reflect your style, contact Forever Custom Iron Doors and schedule a consultation. Feel free to explore our other products, such as our iron gates and garage doors if you’re interested in fully remodeling your home’s appearance. We can assure you that our team of professionals will give you the same level of satisfaction this customer enjoyed.

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