What are the Differences Between Operating Windows and Fixed Windows?

An iron door can make an amazing difference in the grandeur appearance of a home. Still, there is nothing that can quite highlight that flair like the inclusion of iron windows. Just like custom iron doors, windows can be created with custom iron frames. There are primarily two options of windows available: fixed or operable windows.

Fixed Windows vs. Operable Windows by Forever Iron

Fixed vs. Operable Windows with Pros and Cons

When picking the ideal custom iron windows for your home or business, it is well worth getting familiar with the differences between fixed and operable windows. Here is a look at both types of windows and the pros and cons to consider for each project.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows, which may also be referred to as stationary windows, do not open. Instead, these windows are in place primarily to allow in natural light, offer a view of the outdoors, and to highlight specific architectural points in a structure. The single piece of glass in the window is fixed, and the iron elements of the frame are added outside of the glass.

Pros of Fixed Windows

  • Fixed windows tend to be less expensive than operable windows

  • Fixed windows offer an uninterrupted view because there is no center partition required

  • Fixed windows can be more energy-efficient

  • Fixed windows can come in many different shapes and sizes

Cons of Fixed Windows

  • Fixed windows are heavier and can be more fragile than operable windows due to the size of the glass

  • The windows can be more difficult to install

  • The windows won’t open or allow airflow through the space

Operable Windows

What does an operable window mean? An operable window is essentially a window that can be opened and closed as needed. Casement windows and double-hung windows are good examples of traditional operable windows. These windows have two glass panels that meet in the middle and open outwardly. Our operable iron windows most often have a vertical center partition where the two glass panels meet and close.

Pros of Operable Windows

  • The windows are easy to clean because they can be opened and cleaned from the inside

  • Operable windows can be used to allow airflow in or out of a structure

  • The windows are much easier and quicker to install

Cons of Operable Windows

  • A center partition is necessary, which can interrupt the flow of an outward iron frame design

  • Operable windows can be slightly higher due to more components

  • The windows can be a little less energy-efficient

Differences Between Fixed Windows and Operable Windows

Either Choice Allows for Endless Design Possibilities

Both fixed windows and operable windows allow for some pretty impressive design possibilities. Fixed window sizes can be really small if needed because these windows will not need to open and contain only one glass pane. Therefore, if you want something like an oeil de boeuf or rain-hole iron window, this is a possibility. Larger fixed windows are also possible, whether you need a large picture window or something similar.

Operable windows can be pretty large in size and stature, but can just as easily be conservatively sized as well. Combing operable and fixed windows is also common. For example, you may opt for a traditional casement style window with an arched fixed window over the top.

Takeaways to Remember

  • Both operable and fixed windows have their perks for different reasons and settings

  • Both types of windows give you a variety of design options

  • Fixed windows provide an uninterrupted visual design

  • Operable windows offer functionality

  • It is possible to combine fixed and operable windows for a unique window collaboration

Contact Us About Custom Iron Windows

The windows you eventually add to your home can make all the difference in its design and function. If you would like to know more about fixed and operable iron windows from us, we would be happy to offer more advice. At Forever Iron Doors, we can help you best create custom iron windows that give your home or business a unique personality.

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