What Is 3D Measuring and How It Works

Handcrafted iron doors can be designed to replicate the entry doors from distinct architectural periods or custom-designed as a one-of-a-kind modern door design. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, new entry door installation begins with three-dimensional or 3D imaging technology. Our mechanical designers use these specialized tools because they result in higher quality and better fitting iron doors.

3D measuring allows for precision designs and installations that will save time and money. Actually, the 3D door design is created with the same type of modeling software that is used to design automobiles, aircraft and new homes. Here we discuss how Forever Custom Iron Doors creates conceptual 3D models of entry doors to meet our customers’ vision for their home.

What is 3D imaging technology?

3D imaging is special software used by engineers and designers to create a three dimensional image on paper – which is two-dimensional. 3D imaging shows not only the height and the width of the component of your new iron door and the depth or thickness. Paper can only show two-dimensions of an item, and that is the height and the width or from a side view, the thickness and the height.

3D imaging allows Forever Custom Iron Doors to show customers a true-to-life representation of their custom-designed iron entry door. Our technicians can rotate or flip the image to make subtle changes to the 3D model. With 3D imaging technology, complex geometries and intricate patterns can be designed in record time. For customers, this means there is no limit to the creativity and originality that can be instilled into an Forever Custom Iron Doors iron door.

Why we use 3D door design

Forever Custom Iron Doors uses 3D door design technology for many reasons. 3D imaging allows for more precise engineering which results in a higher quality iron door design. Secondly, every property and every installation is different. With 3D door design, we can demonstrate how the new door will fit within your front or back door frame. There is no second guessing, because the iron door is designed to exactly match the specifications of your property. That is – the exact width, height and thickness of your door opening or frame.

Our customers gain a much better visual experience of how their new iron door will look and a more perfect fit – no matter the imperfections that may be found in your existing door frame.

Benefit of 3D models for entry doors

It benefits our installation process when we have measured a door in three dimensions. This means no field rework and no surprises for our installation experts. We can create a prototype design then allow the customer to determine if it is what they have envisioned.

Finally, the manufacturing process is accelerated using 3D measuring. From fabrication to finishing, which includes iron cutting, hole drilling, welding, and other machining and assembly tasks will all benefit from the accuracy of a 3D computer model of the iron door.


  • 3D imaging allows for more precise engineering which results in a higher quality iron door design.
  • 3D measuring saves time and saves the customer money due to a shorter design and installation period.
  • 3D modeling allows for an unlimited palette of iron door scroll patterns or modern iron door designs.

Visit Forever Custom Iron Doors to view our work and learn more about the benefits of our 3D measuring process. Whether you’re interested in modern iron doors for their beauty, safety benefits or customization, give us a call at (732) 334-3421 to get a free estimate or contact us online if you have any questions!

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