Our Unique Installation Process in New York

Unique Iron Door Installation

Certain doors require a specialized installation process, such as an iron door. While the internet has plenty of instructional guides to complete just about any home improvement project, the door installation process is not simple. Fortunately, professional NY door installers can take care of all the work, even if it requires a unique installation process, and you’ll benefit from knowing the job is done right.

Iron Door Design Process

Before the installation, you’ll need to choose the door you desire. Before you choose, you’ll need the measurements of your door, both height and width. We have classic styles available in a range of colors to match your preferences, but they vary based on size. You’ll need the dimensions for a customized door as well. If you are within our service area, we can come and measure for you. If not, we have an easy to follow guide you can check out on our website to measure your own door. 

You may choose to undergo a custom iron door design process, which allows you to choose the exact style of door you want, ranging from abstract designs to floral patterns and every style in between. Select between a full-door pattern or a design around the edges. Fully customizing your iron door will not add any extra costs. 

We can help you decide on a back or front door style if you give us a call — a part of the exterior door installation process that sets us apart from the rest. One of our knowledgeable support staff members will answer any questions you have to aid in the design process.We can even discuss upgrading a single door to double iron doors.

Iron Door Installation Process

Prompt Service

Another unique part of our NY door installation process is our prompt service. We schedule a time as soon as we can because we realize homeowners don’t want to wait.

Once your door has been completed and is ready for installation, our staff will arrive at your residence and get to work instantly and complete the project before they leave your home. We understand and keep in mind that your time is valuable, so we train our staff on the most time-efficient installation methods.

Specialized Installation

Our technicians learn the installation process of every door we have, so they understand which doors require a special installation process. For instance, there are additional steps to take when converting one single door to two separate doors.

Although we understand that you already measured your door before your search, you may notice the technician measuring the door frame again. This is to measure for the door jamb if you’re installing a new one. Our technician takes the time to make sure the door frame is free of movement and solid. By inspecting the door frame, our technician is ensuring that the door opens with ease and that you’re protecting your investment. A flawed door frame may not hold the door in place, which could later result in damage to your door.

Attention to Detail

If any additional holes are required for installation, you’ll notice that the technician carefully measures to determine their exact location. Part of our unique process includes the extra time we take to provide you with superb results.

The staff who comes to your home will pay careful attention to detail. Our technicians are trained and screened, so you can trust that your new door will remain looking like new, and our techs will leave your home the same way they entered.

When you have a staff with all the necessary training, it makes all the difference in your iron door installation process. With so many options to choose from, the most difficult part of the process might be choosing only one.

New Iron Doors


  • Countless options of in-stock doors and customized doors
  • Prompt service
  • Custom-tailored installation
  • Difference in the level of service and attention to detail

Contact Forever Iron Doors today to find iron doors in New York that will enhance the curbside appeal and keep what matters most to you safe and secure. Plus, we offer a custom iron door installation process. Call us at 631-312-5566 for more information or a free estimate today. You can also visit our showroom at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590.

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