How to Increase the Curb Appeal of your New York Home

Best Curb Appeal NY

What is Curb Appeal and Why Is It Important When Selling Your New York Home?

If you have ever driven by a home and marveled at the eye-catching attractiveness of its exterior? If so, you are experiencing the magic spell of “curb appeal.” A real estate term referring to how picture-perfect a property appears from the street, beautiful curb appeal should make a strong enough first impression to entice potential buyers to inquire about the property.

Real estate agents tell clients that, to create curb appeal which interests the majority of potential home buyers, they should concentrate on the three Cs: cleanliness, countenance and capability.

Curb Appeal and Cleanliness: When Pulling Dandelions Just isn’t Enough

Power Washers

Unless you’ve used a power washer before, you might consider hiring a professional power washing business to clean your home’s siding, porches, wood decks, driveways and sidewalks. Power washers are exactly how described–powerful! They can cause damage to stone, brick and other home exterior materials if not handled properly.

Power washers remove any kind of dirt, including, grease, mold and algae. If large shade trees around your home encourage the growth of moss and mildew on the front or back porches, most power washing companies can add anti-mildew chemicals to the wash solution to prevent regrowth. This is especially important to do after the harsh New York winters to be sure you home is bright and shining for the spring.

Squeegee Windows

Grimy windows won’t attract attention unless they sparkle in the sunlight. Use short-handled squeegees for windows you can reach and long-handled squeegees for those hard-to-reach windows. No need to purchase big jugs of commercial window cleaner, either. You can make the best window cleaner at home by combining 1/2 cup of white vinegar, one teaspoon of mild dish soap and four cups of cold water in a large spray bottle.

Put Away the Worn but Comfortable Porch/Lawn Furniture

If the cushions on your porch swing or porch couch have survived one set of kids or grandkids and clearly look like it, consider buying new cushions or just put the furniture in the garage for the time being. Remember, when it comes to optimizing front porch curb appeal ideas, less is more.

Countenance: Front Doors are the Windows to a Buyer’s Soul

Countenance refers to the “facial features” of your home, specifically the doors and windows. One of the best ways to boost curb appeal is by replacing a humdrum door with a beautifully elegant and charming wrought iron front door. An iron alloy forged by fusing slag and iron, wrought iron has a refined texture that resembles smooth dark wood. When choosing wrought iron doors, NY residents overwhelmingly favor having their door customized to accommodate their home’s architecture as well as their own stylistic preferences. Our iron door design specialists will work with you to create your ideal iron doors!

Iron entry doors also add architectural value to a home due to their durability and sturdiness. In fact, wrought iron doors will complement any type of home security system by providing strong resistance to possible home intruders. Easy to maintain and presenting a timeless versatility that blends effortlessly with a mansion or a farmhouse, our custom doors will make your home stand out among other homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Curb Appeal and Capability

Capability refers to how well you have kept your home upgraded and maintained. Have you replaced the roof in the past five to 10 years? Or are there shingles flapping in the wind? What about the gutter system, driveway, porches, window frames, fencing (if applicable) and other items that are subject to deterioration? Unless buyers are expressly looking for fixer-uppers, people serious about searching for the best home for sale for the best price don’t want to move into a house that needs thousands of dollars of upgrades. 

Improve Curb Appeal with Forever Custom Iron Doors!

Remember the three Cs of curb appeal: cleanliness, countenance and capability, and you’ll have potential buyers knocking nonstop! Also remember, Forever Custom Iron Doors is your place for customized or prefabricated wrought iron single and double front doors. Get the best curb appeal for your home by contacting us today at 631-312-5566.

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