4 Most Popular Iron Door Designs

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When it comes to iron door design for home improvement, many people have no idea where to begin. They know they want a high-quality front door that is durable and energy-efficient while still giving a look of timeless elegance. But often, that’s about it and that is where Forever Custom Iron Doors comes in. 

If you have wrought iron door ideas in mind, our team is happy to create a unique custom design for you. If not, take a look at our iron door design catalog to view the four most popular iron doors we sell. We always have these styles in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the United States.


Valencia Iron Door Designs

The oil-rubbed bronze gives a beautiful aged, dark brown color that is stereotypical of wrought iron doors. Light scrollwork around the edges of the glass is thinner than other styles we offer. In between this scroll work, there are vertical bars, spaced widely apart, that also have small flourishes included.

You’ll get plenty of light, as well as privacy, from the water cubic glass. The windows are quite tall, taking up about 75 percent of the total height of the door.


Florence Iron Door Designs

Florence style has the same aged bronze look, but in a slightly lighter shade than Valencia. The scrollwork runs the full height of the glass and features leaf and floral embellishments among its curves.

Just like with the Valencia style, the Florence also features bright yet private water cubic glass for about 75 percent of the full door height. The bottom 25 percent has similar scrollwork, but with a solid background instead of glass. You’ll see the flowery scroll work continued on the top corners of the door frame.


Venice style is the perfect combination of modern and traditional wrought iron main door designs.

It maintains the same aged bronze look and water cubic glass, as Valencia and Florence styles, but the glass is full length and the color is a bit darker.

The glass is bordered by a banner of alternating S-shaped scroll workpieces. Inside this border, there are simple curves of iron at the top and bottom, with straight, vertical bars featuring small embellishments to connect them.


Instead of curving scrollwork, this style features straight lines up and down creating a rectangular windowpane over the glass.

This is our only door that features rain glass instead of the water cubic glass, but it does take up about 75 percent of the door, with the bottom 25 percent being solid wrought iron that looks like wainscotting.

This door is also the darkest color we offer and is nearly black. The door’s handles are cylindrical, unlike the cubic design of other doors, and feature spheres at the top and bottom for embellishment.


  • Valencia has the traditional scrollwork of wrought iron doors, but in a more modern esthetic, which is what makes it so popular!
  • Florence’s style is more ornate than Valencia’s, with plenty of scrollwork and curved lines.
  • Venice style also has a lot of scrollwork, like Florence, but it tends to more geometric with fewer curves, like Valencia.
  • Colonia is a very simple design with only straight lines. The feeling is very modern but still strong and beautiful.

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Learn more about these main iron door designs in our iron door design catalog. Just click on each photo for a full description! When you’re ready to discuss wrought iron door ideas, give our team a call at 732-851-8502 today. We’ll provide more information about the available features and accessories of the iron door design for home curb appeal that you’ve chosen, and help you achieve an exterior iron doors look that you will love!

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