Signs it’s Time to Replace your Front Door

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How long does a front door last?

You may be wondering when it is time to replace your front door. Are there any warning signs to look out for? How does a homeowner know the best time to replace a front door?

If your home is more than twenty years old, it might be time to consider replacing your front door. Not only will a new custom iron door add curb appeal, but it can also help save on energy and provide additional security.

What are some signs that it’s time to replace a front door?

  • Wood is soft or rotting. Wood is a traditional material for the front door of your home. However, unless you have a porch that protects your front door from the elements, a wooden door is exposed to weather extremes and insects. Peeling paint, cracks in the wood, and soft, rotten wood are signs that you need to replace your front door. Not only is it unsightly, but it won’t be strong enough to protect your home from intruders. Switching to a high-quality iron door can help you avoid this deterioration in the future. 
  • Your door is hard to open and close. Your wooden door might get warped from repeated exposure to blowing rain and snow. The hinges may be sagging because of a rotten door jamb. Worse yet, the foundation of your home may have settled. You may need to replace the door and jamb once you’ve fixed your foundation.
  • Drafts coming from around your door. Your old wooden door may shrink during the winter when the humidity is low. You’ll feel cold drafts — coming in from beneath your door and along the sides. A quick way to check your door is to hold a candle or lighter near your door and see if the flame flickers. Drafts suck out the warm or cool air from your HVAC, driving up energy costs.
  • Your door has dents or is rusting. If your door was purchased from a large home improvement store, it’s probably constructed of fiberglass or 24-26 gauge metal on a wooden frame. Rain and humidity may cause the metal to become dented and rust and deteriorate. Fiberglass doors are relatively easy to dent and damage with just everyday wear and tear.
  • You hear excessive amounts of traffic noise. Your front door is the major sound barrier for outside traffic noise. If your once-quiet street is now a busy thoroughfare, replacing your front door can significantly reduce traffic noise.
  • The glass in your door is single pane. Older homes may have a single French door utilizing a single pane of glass. Not only is a single pane of glass not energy efficient, this style of door makes it easier for intruders to break into your home. A new wrought iron door provides peace of mind.
  • Moisture between the glass panes in your door. If you notice moisture between the panes of glass in your door, it’s time to replace that door. This moisture leads to the development of mold or mildew. Don’t wait until mold invades your home and makes you ill.

Another Reason to Replace Your Front Door

Replacing your front door adds curb appeal and provides an excellent return on investment. The front door is the first feature that a potential buyer sees. A wrought iron front door adds instant pizazz and conveys the message to a home buyer that your home is well-maintained and secure. Many homeowners are likely to see a perceived increase in home value of $20,000+ when they replace their front door.

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