How a Custom Iron Door can cut your Electric Bill this Summer

The front door of your home says a lot about the rest of the place. If your door is old, outdated, faded or cracked, consider a new iron door by Forever Iron Doors. Our iron doors are not only beautiful but also functional and add value to your home. Additionally, there are a few ways that iron doors can conserve energy and save you money on your utility payment.

How Iron Doors Help Your Energy Bill

How are iron front door energy efficient? Your doors and windows are great for allowing cool air in when it is warm, for privacy at night  and for letting the sunshine in during the day. The problem with these openings is that they can allow air to escape and enter your home, thus affecting your electricity bill. Energy efficiency tips always mention sealing your windows and doors to save on electricity.

  • An iron single or double front door from Forever Iron Doors will provide you with 12 gauge forged steel which is the highest quality finish in the industry. Upgrades for obtaining an even more energy-efficient door include thermal barriers, impact-resistant security glass, hurricane packages and a multi-point locking system.
  • Spaces and gaps are cited as one of the worst ways that homes lose energy. At Forever Iron Doors, our iron door installers caulk all of the framing and molding around your doors and windows to provide a tight seal, leaving no gaps.
  • Window inserts in our iron doors allow for light to enter your home without compromising the integrity of the heat level. The summer sun can be extremely hot and cause your home to heat up. Our specialty windows can help with tinted glass as well as different types of glass that also provide more privacy. The extra light will help to avoid having to use lights and that will save you money too.

energy efficient doors

Why Iron Doors Keep Your Home Cooler

While iron does heat up easily, today’s iron doors contain thermal breaks and insulation. The combination of these two will stop the energy flow and keep the heat outside. On the interior portion of the door, the same thermal breaks send air conditioning back into the home so it doesn’t escape outside. These dual operating systems are how iron doors help your energy bill. At Forever Iron Doors, we use closed-cell polyurethane foam as our insulation. This insulation is great for reducing drafts but also helps to suppress noise pollution.

Conversely, your iron door does the opposite come wintertime! The cold air outside is pushed out while the warm air from your heating system will remain inside the home. This means you and your family are warm and cozy during those cold winter storms.

Key Takeaways

  • Our 12 gauge steel doors are thick and powerful when it comes to keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Our iron door installers use caulk to seal every space and gap to ensure no energy escapes your home.
  • Iron doors with window inserts can help with lighting and fend off the heat.
  • Thermal breaks and insulation within the iron door are great conductors of heat and cool.

Forever Iron Doors is the right choice for your new front door. We offer hundreds of styles, colors, and customizations. You will get a unique, perfectly fitted, energy efficient door at an affordable price. Call for a free estimate: 631-312-5566

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