Iron Door Styles for Your Home in NC

Iron Door Styles in NC

Advantages of Iron Doors

Installing an iron door to your home provides more security, but there are several additional reasons why people make the choice. Whether the reasons are security, boosting curb appeal, or adding property value, plenty of options are available to upgrade the exterior of your home. Inside, an iron door is always a great option for adding a touch of style.

Types of Iron Door Styles


The styling of traditional or classical iron doors is visually apparent as the influences of ancient cultures are present. The patterns reflect Mediterranean, Roman, Greek, and Spanish elements.


A main feature of modern iron doors is the many creative geometric shapes used to create the door’s personality. A variety of options are available for this style. On a modern iron door, it may be highlighted by patterns of full circles, semi-circles, squares, and rectangles. Some designs also incorporate glass features to support the modern styling.


Contemporary styling offers homeowners a diverse selection of iron door patterns and detailing. For example, the style may incorporate features from the modern or more traditional style.


The ornamental iron door goes the extra step by adding unique elements that are for decoration purposes that go beyond the basic door design. Several elements are possible. A transom sits above the door. It is a separate feature with its own design, while sidelites, which are glass panels, are placed alongside the main door.


Even with the many available styles and features available for iron doors, you may not find the one that makes the type of statement you have in mind. In this case, creating your own custom designed iron door is the best answer. With your vision in mind, a professional design artist takes your ideas and combines them with specific elements to create a professionally customized work of art.

Summary of Benefits for Installing Iron Doors

  • Iron doors serve as a deterrent for potential intruders, which increases the home’s security.
  • Each style provides its own visually appealing look for entryways into the home.
  • Iron doors are a good source of insulation with the installation of interior and exterior doors.
  • Iron doors with glass features allow more natural light to enter the home.
  • The doors are durable and strong, which means they will last longer than a traditional wood door.
  • Iron doors are versatile as well as resistant to fire, moisture, rotting, since there is no wood in its construction, and prevention of insects entering the home.
  • An iron door boosts the home’s curb appeal.
  • The addition of a high-quality iron door increases property values.

Contact a Professional

Whether considering the installation of iron doors for the first time, or if you want to upgrade or change the look of the entryway, Forever Iron Doors has what you’re looking for. From a wide variety of top-quality iron doors in stock to customizing your vision, our professional team has quality products and the experience to custom design your preferences. Contact our North Carolina office today by email, by phone, or use our convenient online form.

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