How to Add Class to your Home with a French Door

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Boasting unrivaled function and form, adding an exterior French door or interior French door is the perfect way to transform your home. A French door is typically a pair of doors that are constructed with elegant glass panes that cover the majority of the length. Also referred to as French windows, French doors are available in a vast range of styles and can empower you to create the classy and classic space of your dreams.

At first glance, choosing the best type and style of French door can seem overwhelming. However, you have an entire team of guidance and support at Iron Doors Forever. We specialize in helping homeowners, like you, transform any space from drab to fab with French doors through our expert design assistance. Employing 3D measuring technology and state-of-the-art design programs, we will help you see your home in an entirely new way well before you experience it. Let’s look at a few ways you can add an unrivaled level of class to your home with French doors.

Show Off Your Style with Different French Door Styles

Undoubtedly, one of the most desirable attributes of an exterior French door or interior French door is the endless variety of styles available. For example, choosing a single-pane interior French door for a closet or room is a perfect way to create modern and elegant separation with visual appeal. On the other hand, when you choose an exterior French door, you can choose doors that open inward, swing outward, or even slide based on your design. No matter the style, you can ensure your timeless style comes through with the timeless appeal of French doors.

French Doors Add Elegant Safety

Traditionally, the safest options haven’t always been the most elegant or attractive. However, an exterior French door offers you the best of both worlds. Contrary to popular belief, opting for an exterior French door can create a safer and more secure space in a classic way. The integrity of your French door greatly hinges on the quality and style of the glass pane used. You can opt for triple-glazed or double-glazed toughened safety panes that are impervious to impacts. In addition, an exterior French door boasts the ability to have multiple locking points across the frame.

Transform the Mood with Floods of Light

One thing is for certain — dark drab spaces are the antithesis of class and elegance. If you look at any elegant room, most of them will use brilliant floods of natural light to create an inspirational vibe. And when you choose to use an interior French door or exterior French door, you’ll welcome glorious floods of light throughout the space.

However, the aesthetics of a well-lit home or space are only the beginning. What looks good can also make you feel good. Here are a few health perks that you can gain from the natural light of an exterior French door or interior French door in your home.

Elevate Your Horizons & Expand Your Living Space

Among the most practical and beautiful rooms for French doors, the balcony is in a class of its own. Implementing an exterior French door for your balcony can offer you and your guests an unencumbered view of the beauty of nature. On days when the weather is nice, you simply open the doors to welcome in the fresh air and floods of light. When the weather is less-than-desirable or too chilly, the crystal clear glass panes can make you feel as if the doors are open, even while you’re outside wrapped in the warmth of your home. In the end, a balcony exterior French door offers you the best of both worlds and can expand the functional living space of your home.

Change the Spatial Usability of Your Home

If your home lacks square footage, opting for sliding French Doors can easily give you the multifunctional spaces your heart desires without an expensive remodel. On the other hand, if you’re not spatially challenged, choosing a traditional hinged interior French door will immediately create larger entryways and improve functionality. In either case, French doors are the perfect way to add a flair of class to your home and increase the functionality simultaneously.


  • French doors are available in an endless variety of styles.
  • Interior and exterior French doors can open inward, outward, and slide.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the French exterior door is extremely safe.
  • French doors can transform any space by welcoming in floods of light, which can transform your mood in more ways than one.
  • French doors can expand your living space by seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor living.
  • An interior French door can make the space more functional with easy segmentation.

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If you’re ready to give your home a cost-efficient dash of class, the team at Iron Doors Forever can help. Because we don’t want anything holding you back from getting the timeless French doors your heart desires, we offer fast and convenient financing options. After answering a few simple questions, we can have you approved for financing with flexible monthly payments. This way, you can transform your home today and pay for it while you enjoy the benefits of your new French doors.

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