What Are 5 Ways Iron Doors Add Value to Your North Carolina Home?

A door is more than just a security detail that helps to keep your home safe, they also help to define interior spaces, provide privacy within a house and add a layer of style that complements your decor.

For example, Dutch doors make it easier to walk in and out of the kitchen or let pets out, French doors instill a flair of classic elegance, while glass doors act as natural magnets for lots of natural light. The first door someone will see at your home is your front door and there are many options available. Yet, there’s an often forgotten but crucial advantage to investing in iron doors over other types. If you’re renovating a home in North Carolina, this blog will tell you how iron doors can add value to your home.

Front Door Renovations are proven to Increase Home ROI

A simple front door renovation enhances your curb appeal -and according to statistics, it has a 484.55% return on investment.

Considering that people value style and class on top of location, curb appeal, and style in a home, replacing your front door with an iron door can help you to significantly improve your home’s value with these additional perks:

1. Weather-resistant

The climate in the Tar Heel State is characterized by a humid and subtropical climate. Though the winters are short, there’s heavy rainfall in July and August and storms are experienced in the coastal region.

Considering that iron doors are weather-resistant, you’re guaranteed of having fewer experiences with wood or metal rust and they offer better security in case there’s a storm.

2. Security

Beyond protecting homeowners from adverse weather, iron material is hard and sturdy, offering better protection from burglars than other materials.

Yet, due to technological advancements, you don’t have to stick to a hard and plain-looking door. You get to choose between ornate and dramatic styles to simple classy ones and still have an almost impervious to burglars door.

What’s more, you can extend the lifetime of an iron door by choosing a thicker make. The lower the gauge, the thicker your door will be.

3. Energy Efficient

Iron doors have better insulation, helping to regulate the temperatures as needed. This perk protects you from adverse weather and saves you money spent on temperature control.

A thermal iron door particularly provides foam insulation and thermal breaks when winter hits.

4. Timelessness

No matter how many elements fashion leaves behind in terms of décor, iron tends to stay.

They also have the ability to fit different décor styles –from neoclassic, to modern and traditional –iron doors can be custom-made to fit whatever style you want.

5. Versatile Functionality

Iron doors work for exterior garden doors, kitchen and bathroom doors as well as swimming pool gates. All your designer has to do is decide what type of paint or design matches with one functionality or the other.

And as new-age home styles gravitate toward spaces that invite lots of natural light, wrought iron can be custom-made to allow more light while providing security.

6. Economical

Iron doors are not only weather-resistant but also dent-resistant. This means you spend less money on maintenance and still enjoy the strength, class, and durability that will outlast most door types.

Iron door installation costs are more affordable that you might thinking and you make up for it in the decades of service and minimal to little maintenance.

One More Thing

At the end of the day, any homeowner will sleep better at night knowing that their home will be as attractive as can be when it’s time for resale or looking for a mortgage.

Forever Iron Custom Doors is a team of experts with decades of experience in making and installing wrought iron doors. FCID offers installation in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina. Plus, we ship anywhere in the US and offer free estimates for any iron door you’d like.

To take advantage of all these iron door benefits and increase the value of your North Carolina home, contact us today.

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