Outdoor New York Home Renovation Tips

NY Home Renovation Tips

After the winter months, you’re probably anticipating ways you can renovate your home to create beautiful and functional outdoor areas. Whether you are landscaping for the first or hundredth time, our exterior style ideas will add to the beautification of the exterior of your home. Welcome the warmer weather with splashes of color, or permanent fixtures such as iron gates to create a timeless style in your backyard.

Replace Your Front Door

Our primary tip for renovating the outdoors of your home ifh to replace your front door with a custom wrought iron door. This will greatly increase the curb appeal of your property, while providing your family an increased sense of security. Additionally, wrought iron is meant to withstand the freezing temperatures that New York faces in the winter and the sweltering summer weather. 

Outdoor Home Renovation Tips

When you see a property with an outdoor space that is groomed, updated, and lovely, you want to spend time in it. Every homeowner has a different idea of what style of landscaping fits their personality and with many options and ideas from which to choose, you can get lost in the design process. Our professionals recommend starting with one small area at a time instead of tackling your entire backyard. For example, consider starting with a walk-through flower garden set off from the rest of the yard by a custom designed iron gate. We design iron gates in a variety of sizes, from those to enclose your driveway, to smaller gates that open to beautiful flower gardens. You choose the style, and paint color for your gate to match your house and personality.

New York Property Landscaping Ideas

If your landscaping needs include a private shed for housing gardening tools or to be used as a meditation zone, imagine the way your shed would look with an iron exterior door. You can create a welcoming space for storage or peace by installing an iron door on your shed. We have in-stock iron doors, or will work with you to bring your personal design ideas to life. Our iron doors are hand finished, and we can add paint in your favorite color to help your shed stand out. In addition, you choose from multiple glass options to fit the design of your space. The landscaping around your shed or other backyard areas may include an iron fence to guide the growth of vines, keep unwanted animals out of your bushes and flowers, or to help highlight a particular area.

Outdoor Renovation on a Budget

Your outdoor project does not have to break your budget. Begin with small changes that are eye-catching such as adding an iron fence to your garden or deck. This small project can change the way your deck looks and every time you open the iron door, you will smile. We provide affordable finance options on our iron landscaping projects, so you can get started with your renovation today.

New York Outdoor Renovation Reminders

Before you begin your exterior renovation projects, keep these home renovation tips in mind:

  • It is important to start with one small area instead of updating your entire yard.
  • Consider an iron gate to highlight your garden or deck.
  • Find the ideal iron door for outdoor areas such as a shed, barn, or other storage areas.
  • Match your outdoor projects to your home by choosing similar or complementary paint colors.
  • Work on your project with our support team to guide you through the process.

Call Forever Custom Iron Doors Today

Forever Custom Iron Doors is here to help you with your New York home renovation project. Our design team works with you to determine where an iron gate, fence, or door may add just the right touch to your landscaping. We have many items currently in stock, so you can get started on your designs today, or our experts can help you bring your personal fence or door design to life. Whether you enjoy the look or feel of an iron gate, our classic styles fit well into any decor. We look forward to working with you and invite you to contact Forever Custom Iron Doors to learn more today.

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