How Wrought Iron Doors Help you Stay Cool in the New York Summer

Wrought Iron Doors for NY Summer Heat

New York is a state of extremes when it comes to the weather. While it is famous for its wintery weather and abundant snow, the state is also home to unbearably hot summers. Making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible starts with choosing the right door.

Wrought Iron Doors: An Effective Way to Keep Your Home Cooler in the Summer

The first thing you probably think about in order to get through another blistering hot New York summer is to make sure your HVAC system is working well. Did you know, though, that installing a high quality custom door is another worthwhile way to stay comfortable when it is sweltering outside?

Keep the Hot Air Out and Cool Air In

Keeping the hot New York air out and your cooled air in your home is a key factor in managing the summer. Having a sturdy and well-made front door adds a barrier to help.

The reason why this is particularly true for iron doors is because their thermal mass is higher than doors made of other materials. This is the quality that lets the iron absorb and retain heat.

The higher thermal mass a material has, the longer it takes for heat and cold to pass through it. This same concept is true when it comes to the inside of your home.

The cooler air will be collected by the door’s thermal mass. By cutting back on your air conditioning at night in order to save on utility costs, the cold that has been collected by your iron door is slowly released back into your house.

Thermal Breaks Explained

If you haven’t ever heard of the term “thermal breaks,” you’re not alone. Understanding the concept, however, can help you learn how iron doors are superior at keeping your home cool. An iron door is designed with different layers of materials that are diversified. These disrupt the flow of energy which results in the heat being unable to pass through the door.

Internal Insulation

Every iron door from Forever Iron Custom Doors includes internal insulation. Not only does this help with the security of the door and act as a noise buffer, but it also provides a barrier in between the inside of your home and the stifling heat that is a New York summer outside.

This is done by adding breaks to the door frame. These breaks are designed to aid in keeping your home cooler in the summer. This is accomplished by the addition of insulated and reinforced polyamide bars both inside and outside the door frame.

Key Takeaways 

Choosing the best front door for your home is a key element in surviving the harsh New York summer.

  • The cost of a new custom wrought iron door will be more than made up by the savings you experience in your utility costs.
  • A high quality door will keep the heat outside and the cooler air inside.
  • Custom designs can fit your lifestyle and the design of your home.
  • A well insulated door includes thermal breaks to reduce the passing of hot air inside and cool air outside.
  • Strength, durability, security and energy savings can all be realized with an iron front door.

Forever Iron Custom Doors has custom design options (including modern, traditional, and everything in between) available to help beautify your home and provide a buffer against the New York heat. From designs that you dream up to options, including glass, the possibilities are nearly endless.

For more information about our products/services, or to learn how our knowledgeable staff can help you realize your dreams of being comfortable, get in touch and contact us today.

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