How Wrought Iron Doors Help you Stay Cool in the North Carolina Summer

Many factors go into choosing the right door and type of door for your home. Chief among those considerations is the ability of the door to protect your home from the elements. That is also one of the reasons why wrought iron doors are so popular.

Wrought iron doors also offer many advantages beyond protecting our home from inclement conditions, including security, aesthetic appeal, better durability, and resale value. Here is a look at the benefits of choosing wrought iron doors and why they could be the right door for your home today.

Ultimate Protection from Weather Conditions and Seasonal Temperatures

People living in North Carolina may not experience blizzard-like weather very often, but it can get cold. What North Carolina residents do anticipate, however, are those harsh days during the Summer months, which are typical in this neck of the wood.

These considerations and factors also make wrought iron doors an ideal choice for keeping us warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Older iron door designs allowed these doors to get hot during the hottest days of the year. In some cases, it has even been reported that old iron doors can even be too hot to touch. The good news is that a lot has changed over the past few decades.

Wrought iron doors today are built with better designs, and they come with the energy-efficient option to insulate. Those options and newer designs result in the ability to keep heat in better during the winter seasons and keep the harsh heat out during the summer.

Another benefit of iron door installation is that they do an excellent job of preventing leaks or allowing drafts to come through. That equates to home and business owners saving money by making it easier to maintain and regulate the temperature inside their homes and offices.

The Aesthetic Appeal

Not only do wrought iron doors do an excellent job of helping us to stay warm in the winter and cool during our hot North Carolina summers, but they also look great. With the designs and styles, along with glass, double doors, and other options, wrought iron doors can enhance the look of any home.

The Durability Factor

In addition to modern wrought iron doors being able to better regulate hot and cold temperatures, they also aren’t going to warp under the excruciating North Carolina summer sun. It is also a safe bet that those iron doors will far outlast any of their counterparts, making them the most durable door on the market as well.

Better Resale Value

If you live in your home for more than a decade, there is a good chance that your home may go through some cosmetic changes. That also includes considerations such as new siding, new deck, and often even new doors. This is another benefit of having wrought iron doors installed. The resale value of iron doors is considerably higher than other types of doors, meaning it will also be easier to get rid of your older doors and purchase new doors.


Wrought iron doors can be a benefit to any home, and there are more than a few reasons to consider custom iron doors for your home or business.

  • Insulated iron doors offer premium protection against the element and temperatures, helping people stay warm during the winter and cool in the summer.
  • With custom designs, wrought iron doors can beautify any home or office.
  • Iron doors last longer than any other door on the market.
  • When it comes time to get new doors, you can get the best resale value from iron doors.

Is it Time for New Wrought Iron Doors?

Are you looking to replace, upgrade, or get new doors? If you are, then you’ll find wrought iron doors are one of the best available options today. Contact us, at Forever Custom Iron Doors for more information about our services or to learn about cost, quality, or available options for your next iron door.

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