Custom Door Handles for Your Iron Doors

Custom Door Handles by Forever Iron Doors


When it comes to a home or commercial building, the details of a space are truly what leave an impression.


Small, unique, and customized details not only allow for a level of personality and uniqueness to stand out, but they highlight the care and intention that went into designing the space. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, this is exactly what custom wrought iron door handles can do for your overall iron door project.


A specially designed iron door for a house or business is a beautiful part of the building’s aesthetic and is the first thing many people experience when they arrive at the property. It serves as not only a focal point, but a talking point, so every style aspect of the iron door will be taken into consideration.


Getting the Best


Our team has been designing custom door handles for our projects for the last decade, so we have a few main points to keep in mind when it comes to your next iron door project:


  • An Exterior wrought iron door handle is the finishing touch of an iron door and can really round out the overall look and feel of the door.


  • Visitors, customers, and/or clients will physically touch the door handle, so handles should be designed with this in mind (for example, they should be easy to grip and pull).


  • Iron door handles should have design elements that are complementary to the iron door itself. While they can (and should) stand out on their own, you do not want a door handle design to distract or feel mismatched with the overall style of the larger door.


  • Remember that iron is an extremely versatile metal that has been used across the millennia, so do not be afraid to get creative! We have created custom iron doors for everything from a luxury outdoor kitchen showroom that wanted frying pan spatulas for their door handles to garden gate designs with elaborate spiraled tops on their handles.


At Forever Custom Doors we have a large variety of iron door handle options to choose from or to be inspired by when choosing handles for your custom iron door. We also love to work with architects, designers, or just home visionaries to customize and hand-forge a unique handle just for your project. Creativity can definitely be the name of the game when it comes to iron door handles!


Iron Door Products, Installation, & Design


At Forever Custom Iron Doors we’ve been creating beautiful and unique iron doors and iron door products for homes and businesses alike since 2013.


Our team of dedicated and talented professionals specializes in all aspects of your iron door and iron door product design, like iron door handles. In addition, we will ensure your iron door or custom iron door component is installed with the highest quality and attention to detail every time (complete with new framing and sealing if needed).


In addition to iron doors and iron door products, we can also help design, create, and install custom metal products such as iron railings, gates, and staircases (both spiral and free-standing). If you have an iron design or vision you want to make a reality that’s what our team is here to do!


We have three convenient physical storefront locations in New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina, but are able to ship throughout the United States. We also have a gallery online of our previous works for inspiration. Please give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more about how Forever Custom Iron Doors can support your iron door or custom metal project.



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