Iron Doors and Security

The front door of your home or business does more than welcome visitors and make a statement. It’s also charged with the task of resisting immense pressure when winds pick up or someone with bad intentions decides your home is worth breaking into.

A burglary occurs about every 25.7 seconds in the United States. You can reduce your risk of becoming the next victim by improving the security of your home and place of business. That starts with installing the toughest front door you can afford. For most, security iron doors are the answer.

The Right Door Will Deter Criminals

Most wooden doors and even some metal doors are easier to kick open than you want to believe. Many homeowners trust that a deadbolt is enough to stop those intrusions, but that’s not always the case. Criminals have found ways to get around most doors, but there are some options that they’re unlikely to ever master.

Your best option is to invest in impact-resistant doors. These security iron doors are designed to withstand incredible pressure. They stand firm whether your area is hit with hurricane-strength winds or a criminal stumbles upon your home and wants to make an unwanted entrance.

Many criminals are looking for easy targets. When they see durable wrought iron doors, impenetrable gates, and stealth security systems, they’re likely to move on to the next option.

Why Iron Doors are Best for Security

Your door is the best defense you have against home-based crime, and you can consider an impact-resistant door an essential part of your overall security system. The question is whether you should consider wrought iron the best material for your home or business entrance door.

It comes down to how the doors are made and how strong they are against pressure pushing from the outside. Wrought iron is stronger than other types of iron and significantly stronger than wood and other types of metal.

You receive a thick, sturdy door designed from a solid metal that doesn’t contain specks of other material. The way wrought iron doors are made differs from other iron doors, and that is what makes the difference in their durability.

How to Select a Durable Iron Door for Your Property

You have two options when selecting security iron doors:

  • Select a pre-made door that’s ready for installation
  • Design a custom wrought iron door with a wide range of options

Doors that are already designed and ready in stock are the fastest way to get the security iron doors you need in place. If you have a bit of time, you can get a door that matches the style of your property and your personality without paying much more. It may even cost the same if you work with a reputable wrought iron door manufacturer like Forever Iron Doors.

It’s important to consider aesthetics even if your most important goal is to protect your home from elements of the weather, criminals, and anything else that may come along. Wrought iron doors make some of the biggest impressions because they can be regal and sophisticated or charming and eye-catching.

Custom iron doors allow you to create a unique design that gives your home just the right appearance while still providing amazing protection for your loved ones or employees. The best way to select or design the right door for your property is to consult with professionals who understand elements of security as well as aesthetics and functional needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your front door should protect your home while looking great.
  • Wrought iron is the strongest and most durable material for security doors.
  • Select a pre-designed iron door for faster installation or customize a unique design.

For professional guidance in selecting security iron doors that fit your property and goals, contact Forever Iron Doors at (732) 851-8502. We can answer your questions and provide a free estimate for custom or in-stock iron doors. We ship everywhere in the U.S.!


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