Transparency Trends: Finding the Perfect Balance Between Chic and Discreet in Iron Door Windows

Wrought iron door with glass feature

Your door and window glass does more than just separate your home’s interior from the outside world; it sets the tone, offers privacy, and can even serve as a conversation starter. Here, we delve into some of the trendy and practical glass options to consider for your home:

Low E Glass

This clear glass is uniquely coated with a metallic layer. The brilliance lies in its ability to let natural light flood in while simultaneously blocking most infrared and detrimental ultraviolet rays.

Tea Tinted

Tea-tinted glass doesn’t just keep out unwanted light and glare; it also bathes your room in a warm, comforting hue.

Sea Glass

These windows offer a beautifully frosted, smooth look. With its soft, translucent nature, sea glass scatters light, producing an ambient glow within your space.

Water Cubic

Desiring heightened privacy? Water cubic glass, reminiscent of traditional block windows, distorts vision while welcoming light. Unlike simple block designs, its patterns are more randomized.


Marked by its rippled texture, reeded glass ensures light passage without compromising on your privacy.

Rain Glass

Inspired by nature, this glass replicates rain trickling down, providing privacy while still letting daylight in.

Pebble Glass

Featuring small indentations, pebble glass breaks up vision but is generous with light permeation.

Sandblasted Glass

A refined version of the pebble style, sandblasted glass has subtle indentations that compliment homes across various architectural styles.

Ice Glass

A mimicry of cracked or frosted glass, ice glass balances privacy with its ability to allow light.

Diamond Glass

With its unique amorphous carbon coating, diamond glass stands out for its hardness and resistance to wear.

Chinese Flemish

Flemish glass, simulating hand-blown glass, manages to allow vision but with a slight distortion, mitigating glare on screens. Pairing it with internal window covers enhances privacy.


An eclectic blend of water cubic and rain glass, aquatex features blocks with non-aligned depressions, eliminating the look of rain trails on the exterior.

Bronze Reflective

This warm, bronze-tinted glass not only boasts a reflective surface for added privacy but also plays its part in blocking UV rays and diminishing the sun’s glare.

Blue Reflective

Sporting a serene blue hue, this glass type reflects much like a mirror, allowing minimal visible light and shielding interiors from harmful rays.

Smoke Reflective

Defined by its smoky gray tint, smoke reflective glass doubles as a mirror due to its metallic coating. Plus, it’s an energy-saver, minimizing heat influx.

To visualize these glass types in action and to get an idea of which might suit your home best, be sure to check out our diverse range and installations. And for a deeper dive into each glass type’s specifications and benefits, our detailed product page has got you covered.

Ready to revamp your home with the perfect glass? Take a step closer to making an informed decision. Remember, the right glass choice can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Reach out today and let us guide you through the best choices for your home. Your ideal sanctuary awaits!

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