How to Choose the Best Color Iron Door for Your NY Home

The color of your front door may seem like a minor aesthetic concern, but your iron door color choice could have far more impact than you realize. When Zillow asked prospective homebuyers to look at random front doors and determine how much they would pay for each home, they found that door color had an impact. There were some clear winners and losers.

Black doors were the most likely to generate a high resale value, and buyers liked slate blue as well. Whether you’re selecting an iron door color for your new home or updating the door on your building at work, the paint color will send a message to anyone walking by or stepping inside. Let’s look at some simple tips for selecting the best iron door color for your property.

In-Stock vs Customized Iron Door Color

The first choice you will make when selecting an iron door color is to customize a color or select one already in stock. In-stock colors allow you to purchase a door and install it right away. The color options are typically more neutral or basic because they’re selected to work well for most properties with no customization.

Customizing a color allows you to fit your door to the design of your home, considering the colors and tones of stone, brick, or other home materials.

How to Select the Best Iron Door Color

While considering the ideal color for your iron door at work or home, resist the urge to choose based on budget alone. Think about the following factors before you make the final decision.

Style and Period

Design style and period are important if you’re restoring a historic home. You want to select a color that is authentic for the home’s period, which may mean sticking with white, black, brown, or another neutral color commonly used in the given period.

If your home isn’t historic, you’ll still want to consider the overall style. Some modern homes give off cheerful, welcoming vibes when adorned with brightly colored doors. Many traditional homes are best with a classic color that is both charming and sophisticated.


A home outside the city surrounded by trees may do well with a different door color than a home in the middle of NYC. What door colors do you see when you drive through your neighborhood? Decide if you want to blend into the charm of your area or stand out with something different.

Complementary Colors/Tones

What colors and tones are naturally present in the brick, stone, or siding surrounding your front door? What about the colors on your porch, walkway, and other features along the front side of your home or work building? These are all clues to the best color for your new iron door.

Intended Message

What do you want your front door to say? From the moment someone notices your home or business from the curb, they start forming an opinion about the property. Do you want to send a message of sophistication and classic charm, or do you want to create a warm, welcoming sensation? The color you choose for your front door will help send the right message.

Expert Door Finishing for Work or Home

When you’re ready to explore iron door colors in New York, New Jersey, or North Carolina, it’s time to contact Forever Custom Iron Doors. Our wrought iron doors, gates, railings, and windows allow you to protect your home while making an aesthetic statement.

Our iron door experts can help you select from in-stock colors or walk you through the process of customizing a front door for your property. We will help you use all the points discussed above to make the right decision for your property, including:

  • In-stock vs custom colors
  • Style and period
  • Location
  • Complementary tones/colors
  • Intended message

Make the right statement with your iron door. Contact Forever Custom Iron Doors at (732) 851-8502. You can also reach our New York office at (631) 312-5566 or our North Carolina office at (980) 580-7795.

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