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Bricktown, New Jersey is the 13th largest metropolitan area in the state with a population of just over 73,000 people in about 32 square miles. There are more than 33,000 housing or residential units in the town, and a little more than a quarter of the population has children under the age of 18. Wrought iron doors and gates are a popular choice for this quintessential New Jersey coastal town.

Products & Services We Offer In Bricktown, NJ

Forever Iron Doors is a top provider of iron doors in Bricktown, NJ. We can help you:

  • Design a custom iron door or gate. We can help you create a one-of-a-kind custom iron door, window, or gate to enhance your home’s aesthetics.
  • Install a new iron door. If you’ve designed or purchased a new iron door with Forever Iron Doors, we’ll take care of the installation process and make sure your new door looks and works as expected.
  • Repair an iron door, gate, or window. If you have an iron gate or door that has been damaged, we can help you repair or replace it. We’ll evaluate the damage and offer you as many repair or replacement options as possible.
  • Paint your iron door or window. Our skilled iron craftspeople can put the finishing touches on your new iron door or gate with Master Faux painting services. This is also a good option for older iron doors or windows that need a visual boost.
  • Reframe your entryway. Our team can reframe the entryway where you want to put an iron door or gate. We can size it up or down to fit larger or smaller doors, with larger doors being more popular in Bricktown.

What Makes Forever Iron Doors Different from Other Providers In the Area?

Forever Iron Doors offers a wide selection of iron door options, including completely custom doors or gates designed from scratch. We’re proud to take the lead in quality wrought iron products and our customers choose us over the competition for many different reasons. We provide comprehensive customer support throughout your project and ensure that each component used in your iron door or railing is both beautiful and functional.

Some other things that set our establishment apart from similar providers in the area include:

  • 3D and virtual door measuring
  • Custom and in-stock iron doors
  • Modern and classic door designs
  • Custom trim work
  • Artisan hand finishing
  • Hardened protective coating
  • Highly specialized and trained carpenters and blacksmiths
  • Single door to double door conversions
  • Installation completed in just a few hours
  • Shipping is available anywhere in the continental United States
  • Doors with or without side lights
  • Affordable for many home renovation budgets
  • Flexible financing is available
  • Proprietary 12-step finishing process creates ultra-high-quality and long-lasting doors, gates, and railing
  • Comprehensive quality control

When you work with our extensively skilled carpenters, you can trust that your iron door or other metal feature is built with the utmost care and designed to last a lifetime.


  • Forever Iron Doors offers top-quality custom iron doors, railings, windows, and other iron features
  • A 12-step proprietary finishing process ensures your iron feature will not rust or break down prematurely
  • Flexible financing helps homeowners upgrade their doors on a budget

Shop With Forever Iron Doors In Bricktown, NJ

Forever Iron Doors has been serving valued customers in the New Jersey area since 2013 and can provide you with products and services to meet your individual needs. Contact us to learn more about iron doors, windows, and gates or to have a technician come to your home to give you an accurate quote for the repair or installation of your iron door. Call now by dialing (732) 851-8502. We also have offices in New York (631-312-5566) and North Carolina (980-580-7795).

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