Custom Iron Doors in Seattle

Forever Custom Iron Doors has been a staple in New Jersey and down the East Coast for years. Now, we’re expanding to the Pacific Northwest. We’re supplying wrought iron doors in Seattle, WA. From custom front doors to iron gates, our goal is to provide a sense of luxury and a unique aesthetic element to homes in the Seattle area. If you want a complete show stopper inviting people into your home, forged iron could be just what you need.


In providing Seattle iron doors, we offer a range of services. Your gorgeous doors will be handled professionally each step of the way.


It all starts with design. We have experts who can craft doors in any of the classic styles. We can take you through those styles and help design a custom door that fits your expectations. If you already have a clear design in mind, we’ll work with you to caste it in iron. You can’t have an amazing door without great design, and we bring focus and professionalism to this step.

More than Wrought Iron Doors

Aside from our custom iron doors, we also design and build wrought iron gates, railings and windows. These products are all competitively priced and would match beautifully with your custom iron door. Additionally, they are all designed to perfectly fit your space.

Making Homes Beautiful Across America

Forever Custom Iron Doors is committed to providing beautiful iron work across America, especially wrought iron doors in Seattle, WA. We have long-established locations in New Jersey We have recently expanded into North Carolina and New York. Regardless of where you live, you can have a custom iron door shipped to you!

We’re here for you, and we provide everything you need:

  • Expert design consultations and services.
  • Entirely custom, hurricane-rated iron doors.
  • We also create custom wrought iron gates, railings and windows.

Contact us today to get started customizing your forever iron door.

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