Join Us At The 2022 Charlotte Home and Remodeling Show

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Join Us At The 2022 Charlotte Home and Remodeling Show

We have some exciting news for 2022! Forever Custom Iron Doors is exhibiting in the upcoming 2022 Charlotte Home and Remodeling Show. Better Homes & Gardens recognized the show as one of the ‘5 Best Home and Garden Shows of 2020’. This show takes place for three days, February 25th – 27th, 2022. Changing up a bit from past events, the expo includes home renovation products and experts from around the country. Forever Iron Door will proudly be exhibiting there at space 337. Come by and say hi!

What To Expect

A home improvement remodeling show is a place to explore, get ideas and information, along with professional advice on your next project. The Charlotte Home and Remodeling Show features 350+ booths of goods and services to inspire and entertain even the most picky of shoppers. From kitchen and bath to outdoor living to flooring, windows and doors, consumers will find something for everyone. Not only will the adults enjoy this event but kids will too. At this expo, attendees receive:

  • Dozens of ‘show only’ specials and discounts. Visit the website to see a list of show promotions.
  • Presentations and in-person experiences are the hands-on way to make design decisions.
  • One-stop shopping for busy homeowners.
  • This show spotlights the highest quality products and qualified contractors.
  • Additionally, exhibitors from health and well-being, mortgage, housewares, electronics, home decor, appliances and more create a wide selection of booths to visit and learn.
  • DIY crafters can obtain advice, innovative ideas and assistance with various aspects of the renovation process.
  • Kid friendly playsets, TV personalities and workshops mean fun for the whole family.

Show Details

The 2022 Charlotte Home and Remodeling Show will be held at The Park Expo and Conference Center, 800 Briar Creek Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205. Check the website purchase your tickets. Hotel accommodations can be utilized through Hampton Inn & Suites SouthPark at Phillips Place. The cost of regular parking is $8 and valet parking is $20. For advanced shopping or preparing your strategy, check out the Virtual Showroom.

Home Improvement Versus New Home Purchase

In recent years, housing prices have soared, making home renovation a smarter and less expensive alternative to purchasing a new home. Homeowners are making changes and upgrades to the tune of almost $600 billion in 2021. With record deficiencies in home inventory and multiple offers on homes, buyers are opting to turn their current home into a fixer upper and forego buying a new home.

Key Takeaways

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors will sponsor a booth at the 2022 Charlotte Home and Remodeling Show, February 25th – 27th, 2022.
  • Attendees will encounter over 350 exhibits, special pricing and discounts, one-stop shopping, top shelf products and contractors, and more.
  • The event will be held at The Park Expo and Conference Center, 2500 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Home improvement is the task of choice over buying a new home due to higher housing prices.

Forever Custom Iron Doors Exhibit

Come visit Forever Custom Iron Doors in space #357. Get a taste of the myriad of design options we offer. Bring your sketches or sit down with our door/window/railing designer for a one-of-a-kind, stunning addition to your home. We offer installation, design, framing, and painting to take your project from start to finish. Although Forever Custom Iron Doors originated in New Jersey, we recently opened a storefront at 552 Griffith Road, Charlotte, NC 28217. We service Charlotte, Raleigh, and many other areas of North Carolina.

January Charlotte Home & Landscape Show

As a premier iron product vendor located in North Carolina and New York, Forever Custom Iron Doors is a company that prides itself on providing our clients with premium, cutting-edge products. As such, we go above and beyond to ensure that we are attending events and spaces that allow us to flourish and grow our brand. In 2022, we will be attending the Greater Charlotte Home & Landscape Show. Stop by space 215 and come say hi! 

Here are some details and information about this event.

More About the January Charlotte Home & Landscape Show

Taking place on Friday, January 28 through Sunday, January 30, this event is for people of all ages. Children 12 and under get in free, as well as seniors 65 and older. Everyone else must pay either $7 if they purchase the tickets online in advance or $9 at the venue. Held at the Cabarrus Arena, this is a show that will attract people from all walks of life.

Why We Are Attending

There are plenty of benefits to attending any given home and landscape show. However, the North Carolina Home and Landscape show are especially important for businesses in North Carolina. With that in mind, here is a list of the reasons our company will be participating:

  • Network: One of the top benefits of attending this event is that we will be able to network with other businesses and professionals. Given that the event will attract lots of companies and vendors, attending this event will allow us to forge new relationships, which may be lucrative.
  • Attract New Customers: Additionally, this will also allow us to attract new customers. Given that we will have some of our best reps present, they will be there to answer questions and offer the products and services they need.
  • Versatility: Another great reason we are attending this event is that it is highly versatile. The event will include everything from builders, remodelers, contractors to building materials, decks, pools, spas, and much more. This will allow us and others to be exposed to new and exciting industries and sectors. In our opinion, this is one of the main things that fuels innovation across the board.
  • Local Events: Lastly, we believe supporting and boosting the local economy is essential for the long-term success of all businesses. Therefore, we make it our business to attend as many local events as possible. In this case, this event is a huge deal for the Charlotte area. We are glad to be able to show our support to the Charlotte area and hope we can encourage others to do the same.

Key Takeaways

  • As a premier company selling wrought iron products of all times, our company goes above and beyond to enter spaces that can help our company continue to grow and flourish.
  • Attending home and landscape shows is a way to fuel innovation and forward-thinking ideas.
  • Attending this event will allow us to give information and receive new prospects and opportunities.

Overall, we are very excited to attend this year’s home and landscape show in Charlotte. Offering custom wrought iron doors, gates, handles, railings and windows. Offering custom design and personalized products of all kinds, here at Forever Custom Iron Doors, we go above and beyond to ensure that every client is 100 percent satisfied. Working on high-quality projects of all kinds, our products can be used to add pizzazz to your front lawn, garden area and much more. If you are trying to find a custom wrought iron maker, contact us today at 980-580-7795.

What is the best front door for your North Carolina business?

The choice of a front door for your North Carolina business may not be high on your priority list. However, your business front door has several important functions.

  • Sets the mood for walk-in customers
  • Provides security to avoid break-ins
  • Provides privacy and security for your clients

Different types of businesses may often have different front door requirements. Traditional retail businesses may choose full glass doors so customers can look right into the retail establishment. Hospitals and other medical facilities may have handicap-accessible automatic opening doors.

Yet, for the vast majority of businesses, your front door is more important than you realize. Forever Custom Iron Doors invites you to consider the value of a wrought iron front door.

Why Choose a Front Door for your Business from Forever Custom Iron Doors?

Whether you choose a custom-designed iron door or one of our in-stock classic wrought iron doors, our hand-forged exterior doors are the ideal choice for your commercial business. An iron door will provide years of trouble-free service from downtown historic properties to law offices and smaller retail establishments.

Iron doors are not only visually appealing but provide security too. These are just some of the advantages of an iron door for your business.

  1. A lasting “first impression” entrance
  2. Choice of styles, from classic ornamental iron scroll-work to clean, modern designs
  3. Forged from 12 gauge wrought iron that lasts a lifetime
  4. Your choice of single, double and pivot doors for new construction or upgrade of existing door
  5. Transom designs include square-top, eyebrow-top, full-round, or square-top eyebrow options
  6. Iron doors require less maintenance — very few repairs are needed because iron doors don’t get nicked or dented easily
  7. Hurricane-rated doors for installation in coastal areas
  8. Energy saving in both summer and winter
  9. Provide a higher level of security – most burglars are less likely to try to break into a building with a heavy iron door
  10. Optional integrated, tamper-proof locking system available

Professional installation is available for any location within two hours of our Charlotte, NC, showroom. Additionally, we ship to all other locations in the United States.

The Forever Custom Iron Door Difference

Forever Custom Iron Door was founded in 2013. We wanted to provide homeowners, businesses, and property management companies an entry door that was both attractive and durable at competitive prices. From start to finish, we work with you on custom design or selecting from our in-stock inventory. Our design/fabrication process includes:

  • Custom design from your sketches or CAD files
  • Ability to allow you a wider door entry by switching from a single door to double doors
  • Your choice of textures and tint for the glass in your iron door
  • In-stock colors of black, aged bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, or coffee
  • Custom colors or faux painting
  • 12-step finishing process to ensure long-lasting beauty in any climates
  • Choice of door handles, including custom handles designed to accentuate your business
  • Thermal break technology saves energy during the hottest summers and coldest winters

Businesses can be confident that their new front door is not only beautiful and long-lasting but also provides security and saves energy.

Key Takeaways

  • An iron door provides the aesthetics to make a good first impression.
  • Iron doors last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Iron doors offer enhanced security against vandalism and break-ins.
  • Immediate shipping is available for in-stock doors.

Call Now to Learn More

Call today at 732-851-8502 or contact us to learn more about our in-stock iron doors, ready for immediate shipment, or our custom design process for your new custom iron door. Don’t forget that professional installation is available within two hours of our Charlotte, NC showroom located at 546 Griffith Road.

5 Ways to Add Value to your North Carolina Home

Buying real estate is a significant investment and an enormous achievement. Your home will build up equity over time, but there are other ways to increase its value — meaning it’s worth more money should you opt to sell.

At the same time, you and your family get to enjoy the impact of these improvements, like getting a new gorgeous wrought iron door. What else can you do to add home value to your North Carolina property?

1. Update Your Doors, Especially the Front one

A gorgeous door can transform a home from something nice but average to a showpiece. Add luxurious value to your home by removing the dated entrance door and replacing it with a thick and stable wrought iron door.

A wrought iron door adds more than just elegance to your home. It helps to protect it during bad weather or attempted break-ins. Wrought iron doors are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Highly functional
  • Aesthetically pleasing

They come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes suitable for most entryways regardless of the square footage. They will definitely make your home look more attractive, adding value.

2. Add Iron Gates and Railings

There are plenty of things North Carolina homeowners can do to make their homes more safer. It starts with an iron door but for extra security, consider including an iron gate. If you are located in North Carolina or South Carolina, then we can also install your iron gate to provide a level of safety.

If you have children or live with older adults, then check out the iron railings that Forever Iron Doors has to offer. They can be made to perfectly match your custom iron door.

3. Add a New Garage Door

If you are looking for a low-cost way to add some value, consider upgrading your garage door. Nothing impacts curb appeal quite like a stodgy-looking, dented garage door. Old or low-quality garage doors not only corrode but they also leave your home vulnerable should someone try to break into it.

Consider a specially designed garage door if you want to make a significant investment. Look for one-of-a-kind designs, large window choices and a variety of vibrant colors and powder-coated finishes for long-lasting attractiveness.

4. Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Big and minor improvements to the kitchen have value. Just upgrading the counters and old appliances will more equity. You could also consider:

  • Changing out the light fixtures
  • Painting or replacing the cabinets
  • Painting the interior walls
  • Expanding the space

A kitchen remodel can offer a significant value increase. Look to modernize the colors and increase the natural light to get the most out of the makeover.

5. Put Fresh Color on the Exterior

The most durable way to freshen up the color of your home is with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding comes in various colors and patterns, but it also requires less maintenance than other exterior surfaces like stucco or wood. It will also help to protect your home from things like mold and corrosion.

If adding new siding isn’t going to work for you, then consider just painting the house. Although not as durable as vinyl siding, a fresh paint job will go a long way to improve your home’s curb appeal and give it a fresh new look.

Key Takeaways

  • Updating the various parts of your home will pay off when it comes time to sell.
  • There are projects big and small that increase the value of your home.
  • An excellent place to start is by adding a quality wrought iron door.

If you are looking for ways to add value to your North Carolina home, why not start with the doors? Give us a call today for an estimate on quality iron doors. We ship anywhere in the U.S.

Prepare your North Carolina home for Fall with Custom Iron Doors

Fall is a magical time of year in North Carolina. The leaves are changing colors, and the temperatures are cooling down. Fall is also the time to prepare your home for the upcoming cold and snowy weather.

Why Choose Forever Custom Iron Doors for Your New Front Doors?

Forever Custom Iron Doors’ name tells the story. Forever Custom Iron Doors prides itself on quality design and craftsmanship. When you purchase custom iron doors NC, you’ve acquired a door that will provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

We offer installation for homes and businesses within two hours of our Charlotte location. Our installers are top-notch carpenters specializing in structural framing and custom trim work to ensure that your custom iron door performs the way it was designed to perform. Any rotten wood is removed, and existing and new framing is sealed against water and condensation.

Forever Custom Iron Doors ships custom iron doors to any location beyond the two-hour radius of Charlotte. So homeowners who live in coastal areas and nearby states can order a custom iron door with confidence. Look no further for the best iron door company North Carolina.

Our design team works with homeowners — from your photos, drawings or CAD format. Whether you are retrofitting existing front doors or building a new home, you can be assured that your door will provide years of service.

What are Thermally Broken Iron Entry Doors?

Forever Custom Iron Doors utilizes thermal break technology so that your wrought iron door protects against cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer to help lower your energy bill.

Thermal break doors are constructed with three crucial elements — the interior panel connector separates the internal panel and the exterior panel. This separation of outside air (either cold or hot) from the internal panel prevents the transfer of winter’s cold blast or summer’s blistering heat.

That separation is just the first step in thermally broken iron entry doors. Forever Custom Iron Doors then injects the door with closed-cell polyurethane foam to provide additional insulation and provides sound insulation.

No matter where your home is located in North Carolina — from the higher elevations of the Appalachians to the Outer Banks — your home will be protected against cold winds, snow, sleet and driving rain.

Advantages of Upgrading to a Custom Iron Door

If you’re a North Carolina homeowner contemplating a custom iron door from Forever Custom Iron Doors, now is the perfect time to prepare your home for all and the upcoming winter.

  1. Repair or upgrade door frame: Retrofitting an exterior door to a custom iron door is the ideal time to inspect your door frame and threshold for rotting boards and other water damage. If you live within two hours of our Charlotte location, installation by our professional crew is available. Our crew will prep your door opening, remove any rotted wood, and seal the framing to protect against water intrusion and condensation.
  2. Conversion of a single door to a double door: The Forever Custom Iron Doors staff can help you if you want to convert your single door or single door with skylight to a double door.
  3. Increased security: Custom iron doors deter break-ins. Most intruders avoid custom iron doors because of their installation and locks.
  4. Add curb appeal and value: The choice of a custom iron door instantly adds curb appeal. Your new door adds value to your home — buyers know that you care about the safety and beauty of your property.

Call Today to Learn More about Forever Custom Iron Doors 

Call our Charlotte, North Carolina showroom at 980-580-7795 or contact us to learn more. Better yet, visit our new showroom at 546 Griffith Road, Charlotte, NC 28217.

How a Custom Iron Door can Cut your Electric Bill this Summer

The high heat of summer is upon us and many of us are sweating while sitting inside. It’s tempting to turn the AC even colder, but this will also cause your electric bill to spike. There are many ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency to avoid those large bills. Blackout curtains, managing the thermostat and blocking all window drafts are just a few of the ways you can keep your home cooler in the summer. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we have another solution you might not have thought of: custom wrought iron doors.

Are Wrought Iron Doors Energy Efficient?

Every door that comes from Forever Custom Iron Doors is made with three-layer construction. This construction is what allows the doors to act as an insulator, keeping your home cooler in the summer.

The three layers are similar in design to corrugated cardboard. There is an interior and exterior panel, and between them is a connector. To fill the gaps, we inject a closed-cell polyurethane foam.

If you choose, your custom iron door can be built with thermal break. We have a variety of in-stock models with thermal breaks, but we can also custom-design doors just for you.

How Iron Doors Help Your Energy Bill

How exactly do these thermally broken doors help your energy bill? As mentioned before, the three-layer construction with closed-cell polyurethane foam acts as insulation. It provides a thicker frame which makes it more difficult for the sun’s heat to enter your home. Without this heat getting inside, you don’t need to use the air conditioner as much, which means you won’t be using as much electricity to run it. This results in a lower electric bill for you, and a cooler environment.

Other Benefits of Thermally Broken Doors

Thermally broken doors are not just beneficial for your electricity bill and the environment. They are also beautiful and elegant with wrought iron designs that ensure your door stands out from the rest. The iron is easy to maintain so your doors will be looking great year after year, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. The doors are made with 2″ thick 12 gauge steel, iron deadbolts, and forged and welded hinges. This makes them strong and durable to keep out heat, cold, wind and rain. This strong construction also makes them more secure than traditional doors, keeping you and your family safe. Plus, the thickness of the doors and injected closed-cell polyurethane foam also serve as a sound barrier to keep loud noises from interrupting your peaceful space.


  • Electricity bills can be costly during the summer and custom wrought iron doors can help.
  • Wrought iron doors include a thermal break design that keeps your home cooler in the summer.
  • This insulating design keeps the heat from entering your home, meaning you don’t need to use the AC as much.
  • Thermally broken doors are also beautiful, easy to maintain, strong, durable, secure and noise-canceling.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Thermally Broken Doors

Our thermally broken wrought iron doors can be custom-designed to suit your personal tastes, or you can choose from one of our in-stock designs. Every door is hand-crafted in New Jersey by our expert craftsmen and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. For more information about our other products, design process and door installation, please contact us online or call at 732-851-8502. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the benefits of thermally broken doors and how iron doors help your energy bill stay low, so you can have a cooler summer without breaking the bank.

Elevate the Value of Your North Carolina Home with Custom Iron Doors

Iron Doors Charlotte NC

When it comes to buying or selling a home, details matter. People pay close attention to everything, from how well kept the lawn is to the color of your bathroom tile and even your front door. Therefore, making various alterations and renovations can drastically boost the value of your home. While there are plenty of renovations you can add to your home to elevate its value, custom iron doors are an excellent option that provides you with impeccable value. With that in mind, the following is an overview of why you should consider installing customer iron doors to boost the value of your North Carolina home.

Stats to Consider

If you are a homeowner or someone who is considering buying a home in the near future, there are plenty of things to consider. First, the average North Carolina property value is $243,319. Additionally, closing costs can add as much as 5 percent to the overall price of the home. The prices of homes have gone up by 13.7 percent within the past year. Therefore, the general value of homes in North Carolina is presently trending upward. If you’re considering selling your home now or in the future, adding new features and amenities can be an excellent way to make sure you receive top dollar for your property. This is an excellent way to add value to your home in a way that will benefit you in the present and future.

Benefits of Installing Custom Iron Doors

Installing custom wrought iron doors in Charlotte, NC can boost the value of your home, allowing you to resell your home at a higher price. Moreover, they can also help provide your home with the following benefits:

    • Boost Aesthetic Value: Installing forged iron doors will not only boost the actual value of your home, but they will boost the aesthetic value as well. Custom iron doors are beautiful and add an upscale air to any property.
    • Boost Security: Installing custom iron doors can also make your property more secure. Iron doors are sturdy, reliable and help keep unwanted guests from entering your property. This makes it ideal for people who live in areas of all kinds.
    • Protect Your Property: Installing wrought iron doors NC is also a way to protect your property from the elements. These hurricane impact doors are great for keeping your property safe from tornados, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding features and amenities to your home is an excellent way to boost your North Carolina property value.
  • Installing custom iron wrought doors is an excellent way to boost your property value.
  • Wrought iron doors not only boost your property value but also help boost security and protect your property.

Get Wrought Iron Front Doors in Charlotte, NC

As far as the real estate market is concerned, the cost of a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, is working in favor of homeowners and sellers. However, if you are interested in finding home improvements that help boost the value of your home, installing custom iron doors is an excellent option. These hurricane-rated doors will not only keep your property safe from high winds, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, but these gorgeous doors will make your property stand out and make it look more upscale and regal. Get in touch with us so our iron door design specialists can craft the perfect door for you. Ready to buy your custom wrought iron doors? Contact us at 980-580-7795 or visit our storefront at 546 Griffith Road, Charlotte NC 28217.

How to Increase the Curb Appeal of your North Carolina Home

When it comes to maintaining your home, there are plenty of things to consider. Not only do you need to keep the interior clean and in good condition, but you also need to make sure the exterior of your home is in excellent shape as well. Nevertheless, given that the various aspects of the interior of your home typically take precedent over the exterior of your home, there may be times in which the exterior maintenance may have to take a back seat. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your North Carolina home. With that in mind, here is a list of tips that will enhance your curb appeal!

Install a New Railing

One of the top ways to add curb appeal to your house is by installing a new iron railing. Iron railings are not only long-lasting, but they can add elegance to your entrance. Best of all, they come in a wide variety of styles and price points, which makes this an ideal solution for all home styles and locations.

North Carolina Curb Appeal

Add Landscape Lighting

Another great thing you can do to improve the curb appeal of your is to add landscape lighting. Landscape lighting not only makes your property more well-lit and secure, but this can also serve to make your property appear much brighter, inviting, and expensive. Landscape lighting can be installed in a variety of ways, and you can choose from an array of light fixture styles.

Install Wrought Iron Doors

One amazing way to improve the curb appeal of your home is by installing wrought iron doors. Wrought iron doors not only drastically boost the security of your North Carolina home but can also greatly improve the outer appearance of your home as well. Iron entry doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are always fully customized to ensure that they are in the perfect location for your residence. Moreover, they are also highly durable, qualifying as hurricane impact doors, and low maintenance. This makes them an ideal solution for those trying to increase the curb appeal of your home. Our iron door design specialists will custom create the doors of your dreams.

Clean Your Home’s Exterior

The main thing you can do to elevate the curb appeal of your home is cleaning the exterior. Be sure to remove any old and tattered furniture, wipe down the windows and light fixtures and power wash any areas with hard to clean dirt or filth. A clean exterior makes the perfect first impression for any guests. 

Add Flower Beds, a Garden or Trees

Lastly, focusing on your landscaping is an excellent way to give the outer appearance of your home a serious boost. Adding flower beds, a garden or even some trees can be a great way to make your home appear livelier and more upscale. Best of all, you can pick and choose the flowers or trees you are the most comfortable seeing and maintaining.

North Carolina Curb Appeal

Key Takeaways

  • If you are looking for ways to improve the curb appeal of your North Carolina home, there are plenty of options.
  • Some options for improving your curb appeal are to paint your door, add wrought iron doors, install flower beds, and more.
  • Other options are to add landscape lighting or install a new door handle.

Improve your North Carolina Curb Appeal

Overall, as far as southern living is concerned, there are plenty of options to improve the curb appeal of your home. One method of doing so is by installing wrought iron doors. Whether you live in a major city like Charlotte, or a smaller suburban area, feel free to contact our team of custom door experts here at Forever Custom Iron Doors.

Our Unique Installation process in North Carolina

cleaning and maintaining wrought iron doors

North Carolina is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and the wide variety of things to do and see. From the Great Smoky Mountains, to white-sand beaches and appealing major cities. Forever Custom Iron Doors is proud to serve this great state with custom wrought iron front doors.

Homeowners and business owners alike can upgrade the look of their property with custom iron doors, iron gate gates and more. With custom door installation services you can make a lasting first impression with a one of a kind entryway.


Custom Door Installation

Forever Custom Iron Doors is a business that specializes in the design and creation of unsurpassed architectural detailing–including front doors, windows, railing and gates–for the owners of homes and commercial spaces who want their properties to stand out for all of the right reasons.

As North Carolina door installers, we only use experienced contractors. We can flawlessly work with your existing brick, stucco or other building materials. Our fully insured people can enlarge openings and even create a formal double entry from a more modest single-entry doorway.

We will remove all rotted wood and properly seal the opening so that moisture and condensation is never an issue. That happens before our carpenters have even started the actual installation process. As a finishing touch of class, we might add a striking column or header that surrounds your new door. In short, our wrought iron specialists can carry out any design or touch of style that you can envision.

Visit our North Carolina showroom in Charlotte or check out our website for some photo inspiration with our gallery. Then contact us, and tell our designer what you have in mind toward the enhancement of your property. The front facade, after all, is the first thing your friends, family, neighbors and customers will see. Make it stand out.

More About Forever Custom Iron Doors

In addition to wrought iron front doors of exceptional quality, you’ll find custom-fabricated and in-stock windows, railings, gates and other architectural details and accessories in iron and glass at Forever Custom Iron Doors.

We’ll contribute to a dramatic residential or commercial space “facelift” that will enhance its curb appeal. Whether your preferred look is vintage, contemporary or some interesting mix of ages and styles, your new front door will create the impression you seek.

To place an order for in-stock front doors, or to collaborate with our design artist in the creation of an entirely one-of-a-kind entryway for your home or commercial property, just call Forever Custom Iron Doors at 980-580-7795.

We look forward to creatively collaborating with you for truly dramatic results.


  • Our newest North Carolina location is ready to serve you with a unique installation process that will deliver a beautiful result. 
  • You can select from our original wrought iron designs available in inventory or work with our design artist to custom-create a front door like no other, for ultimate curb appeal.
  • We use only skillful and experienced carpenters as the installers of wrought iron exterior doors, for the most professional fitting and problem-free results.
  • We also supply North Carolina residents with the highest quality windows, railings, gates and associated architectural hardware in iron and glass, and ship anywhere in the U.S.
  • Visit the Forever Custom Iron Doors North Carolina showroom at 546 Griffith Road in Charlotte, 28217 or give us a call at 980-580-7795!

How Iron Doors Protect your Home from North Carolina’s Weather

Hurricane rated doors, iron door thermal break, north carolina iron doors, design, insulation, entry doors

North Carolina residents have learned from experience that hurricanes, tornadoes and floods are all too common in the Tar Heel State. North Carolina’s diverse terrain is a major contributing factor for a wide variety of weather. Elevations range from 7,000 feet in elevation for some of its mountains to the Outer Banks at sea level. Warmer temperatures from the Gulf Stream off-shore clash with cold fronts to produce tornadoes and heavy rain events.

Hurricanes and the North Carolina Coast

North Carolina has about 322 miles of ocean shoreline, and it boasts the second-largest estuarine coastline composed of bays, inlets, and sounds along with extensive coastal marsh. High winds, driving rain, and rising water doesn’t just affect North Carolina’s beach-front communities. Hurricanes impact all coastal communities. Since 1980, over 120 hurricanes and tropical/subtropical storms have battered North Carolina, resulting in over $12 billion in storm damage, calculated in today’s dollars.

What are Hurricane Rated Doors?

Forever Custom Iron Doors (FCID) designs and manufactures its hurricane-rated doors according to the strictest standards. They are built to withstand winds of up to 170 miles per hour. These North Carolina iron doors incorporate a secure locking system which is integrated into the door’s design. The enhanced locking mechanism helps ensure that your entry doors remain securely shut.

Whether you want to upgrade your exterior doors or you’ll be building a new home, Forever Custom Iron Doors can fulfill your needs. Forever Custom Iron Doors manufactures their hurricane impact entry doors in standard sizes or custom sizes to retrofit your existing property.

Here’s what you can expect from a Forever Custom Iron Door -manufactured hurricane-rated door.

  • Manufactured to meet or exceed local and state codes.
  • Tested to withstand the intense pressure of hurricane-force winds, up to 170 mph
  • Manufactured from 12-gauge steel.
  • More than a dozen glass options.
  • Integrated locking system to ensure that your door resists the intense winds and flying debris associated with land-falling hurricanes.
  • Selection of classic, ornate, or modern designs in a range of colors and finishes.

Hurricane rated doors, iron door thermal break, north carolina iron doors, design, insulation, entry doors

Energy-Saving Option Available for our Hurricane Rated Doors

An option to consider is a thermal break iron door — this option reduces energy consumption while providing enhanced comfort during the coldest and hottest weather.

A thermal break iron door provides significant benefits.

  • The internal and exterior panels are separated by an interior panel connector, effectively preventing heat and cold transfer.
  • Forever Custom Iron Doors injects insulation, called closed-cell polyurethane foam, into the door — not only to reduce drafts but also to provide sound insulation.

Other Reasons that North Carolina Homeowners May Select a Hurricane Rated Iron Door

Many homeowners decide that they want the best entry door for their home — whether it’s a new, custom-built home or an upgrade for the home that they already love. Hurricane-rated doors from Forever Custom Iron Doors are considered among the best on the market today. 

Here’s why non-coastal owners choose an upgraded door.

  • Burglar protection. With thicker panels, additional impact strength, and an integrated locking system, Forever Custom Iron Doors hurricane doors deter break-ins.
  • Home invasion protection. Homeowners feel more secure when at home, knowing that most violent offenders will be deterred when confronted with an iron door designed to withstand a hurricane.
  • Energy-efficient. Even residents of the North Carolina Mountains will appreciate the protection a hurricane door provides against high winds, rain, and snow. Reducing cold drafts saves on energy costs and gives extra comfort to you and your family.
  • Noise suppression. If you live on a busy highway or urban historic district, you’ll appreciate the reduction in noise that our hurricane-rated doors provide. These doors are ideal for offices too.

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Call our new North Carolina showroom at 980-580-7795 or visit our showroom at 546 Griffith Road, Charlotte, NC 28217.

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