How Iron Doors Protect your Home from North Carolina’s Weather

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How Iron Doors Protect your Home from North Carolina’s Weather

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North Carolina residents have learned from experience that hurricanes, tornadoes and floods are all too common in the Tar Heel State. North Carolina’s diverse terrain is a major contributing factor for a wide variety of weather. Elevations range from 7,000 feet in elevation for some of its mountains to the Outer Banks at sea level. Warmer temperatures from the Gulf Stream off-shore clash with cold fronts to produce tornadoes and heavy rain events.

Hurricanes and the North Carolina Coast

North Carolina has about 322 miles of ocean shoreline, and it boasts the second-largest estuarine coastline composed of bays, inlets, and sounds along with extensive coastal marsh. High winds, driving rain, and rising water doesn’t just affect North Carolina’s beach-front communities. Hurricanes impact all coastal communities. Since 1980, over 120 hurricanes and tropical/subtropical storms have battered North Carolina, resulting in over $12 billion in storm damage, calculated in today’s dollars.

What are Hurricane Rated Doors?

Forever Custom Iron Doors (FCID) designs and manufactures its hurricane-rated doors according to the strictest standards. They are built to withstand winds of up to 170 miles per hour. These North Carolina iron doors incorporate a secure locking system which is integrated into the door’s design. The enhanced locking mechanism helps ensure that your entry doors remain securely shut.

Whether you want to upgrade your exterior doors or you’ll be building a new home, Forever Custom Iron Doors can fulfill your needs. Forever Custom Iron Doors manufactures their hurricane impact entry doors in standard sizes or custom sizes to retrofit your existing property.

Here’s what you can expect from a Forever Custom Iron Door -manufactured hurricane-rated door.

  • Manufactured to meet or exceed local and state codes.
  • Tested to withstand the intense pressure of hurricane-force winds, up to 170 mph
  • Manufactured from 12-gauge steel.
  • More than a dozen glass options.
  • Integrated locking system to ensure that your door resists the intense winds and flying debris associated with land-falling hurricanes.
  • Selection of classic, ornate, or modern designs in a range of colors and finishes.

Hurricane rated doors, iron door thermal break, north carolina iron doors, design, insulation, entry doors

Energy-Saving Option Available for our Hurricane Rated Doors

An option to consider is a thermal break iron door — this option reduces energy consumption while providing enhanced comfort during the coldest and hottest weather.

A thermal break iron door provides significant benefits.

  • The internal and exterior panels are separated by an interior panel connector, effectively preventing heat and cold transfer.
  • Forever Custom Iron Doors injects insulation, called closed-cell polyurethane foam, into the door — not only to reduce drafts but also to provide sound insulation.

Other Reasons that North Carolina Homeowners May Select a Hurricane Rated Iron Door

Many homeowners decide that they want the best entry door for their home — whether it’s a new, custom-built home or an upgrade for the home that they already love. Hurricane-rated doors from Forever Custom Iron Doors are considered among the best on the market today. 

Here’s why non-coastal owners choose an upgraded door.

  • Burglar protection. With thicker panels, additional impact strength, and an integrated locking system, Forever Custom Iron Doors hurricane doors deter break-ins.
  • Home invasion protection. Homeowners feel more secure when at home, knowing that most violent offenders will be deterred when confronted with an iron door designed to withstand a hurricane.
  • Energy-efficient. Even residents of the North Carolina Mountains will appreciate the protection a hurricane door provides against high winds, rain, and snow. Reducing cold drafts saves on energy costs and gives extra comfort to you and your family.
  • Noise suppression. If you live on a busy highway or urban historic district, you’ll appreciate the reduction in noise that our hurricane-rated doors provide. These doors are ideal for offices too.

Want to Learn More?

Call our new North Carolina showroom at 980-580-7795 or visit our showroom at 546 Griffith Road, Charlotte, NC 28217.

Forever Custom Iron Doors North Carolina New Location

Iron Doors Charlotte NC

Forever Custom Iron Doors is excited to bring custom iron doors in North Carolina from our newest location serving Charlotte NC and surrounding communities. Since 2013, we have continued to expand and support communities throughout the United States. Our expertise remains custom wrought iron doors, gates and railings that bring both beauty and durability to residential and commercial properties. Learn more about our iron doors in Charlotte, NC below!

Benefits of Wrought Iron Gates and Front Doors

All of our wrought iron products are crafted with the customer in mind. We tailor our custom iron products to fit your home improvement needs and your architectural taste. Whether you desire better security, more privacy, improved curb appeal or increased home value – our custom wrought iron doors and custom iron gates can provide all of these.

Wrought iron is known for its exceptional strength, its timeless beauty and because of our iron door design teams – modern wrought iron architectural products deliver sophisticated elegance.

Other benefits of choosing wrought iron over wood or fiberglass products include:

  • Better privacy and security – select from various wrought iron fence heights and intricately patterned wrought iron door
  • Low maintenance material – wrought iron is resistant to extreme weather and only requires occasional cleaning or painting
  • Durable construction and installation – wrought iron is difficult to damage and are installed with concrete or brick anchoring
  • Hurricane impact doors – we design and manufacture hurricane-rated doors according to the strictest standards, so you won’t have to worry about North Carolina’s weather.

For these reasons, wrought iron gates and entry doors will remain functional and standing for 60 years and longer.

Why Choose our Custom Wrought Iron Doors

The Forever Custom Iron Doors North Carolina location will be servicing an eclectic range of contemporary homes and beautifying many commercial and retail properties from this new location. We are also excited with the many iron gates and iron door design opportunities that are possible with so many elegant Colonial, Federal and Georgian-style homeowners that desire a return to nostalgic architectural embellishments.

Our in-house designers can create iron door designs that are modern, classic, or Olde World. And we serve a wide range of projects including commercial, multi-family, residential, new construction, remodels, or Century-home renovations. Other reasons to choose our custom doors in North Carolina:

  • Our wrought iron door varieties include single or double doors with square-top, eyebrow-top, full-round or square-top eyebrow door options.
  • Our custom iron door designs are one-of-a-kind, not prefabricated and not copied. If you can dream it, we can create it with unparalleled workmanship.
  • We also offer in-stock wrought iron doors to fit your budget, along with wrought iron door installation with products that have gone through our 12-step finishing process.

Wrought iron architectural components are affordable, durable, and unique. It makes sense to mix a variety of iron elements throughout our commercial business or residential landscape. Choose from our complete line that includes wrought iron exterior doors, railings, windows, door handles, gates and garage doors.


  • Wrought iron is a low maintenance material that is resistant to extreme weather and corrosion.
  • Forever Custom Iron Doors uses 3D imaging and design techniques to create picturesque, traditional or modern creations.
  • We have regional outlets, and have operated nationally and internationally since 2013.
  • We are fully insured and provide expert technicians for installations that include prep, framing, install and finishing.

Iron Doors Suppliers Serving Charlotte, NC!

Visit FCID at our newest North Carolina storefront located at 546 Griffith Road, Charlotte, NC 28217! We’re very excited to bring our expertise to North Carolina and help local businesses and homes stand out from the crowd with our stunning custom iron doors.

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