Iron Doors vs Steel Doors

Venice Wrought Iron Doors

Having a well-made door should be a top priority for your home. Each year the number of home invasions happen due to a lack of security features. The right types of entry doors to your home are your first line of defense against potential thieves. Two of the strongest door types available are in choosing an iron or steel door for your home. Both have pros and cons to consider in looking at security and material choices. Let’s look at some of the similarities and differences in an iron or steel door, so you can decide which is right for your beautiful home from Forever Iron Doors.

Both Are Strong and Secure

The deal with iron and steel doors is that both of them have the “pro” of being very strong and secure. Both can withstand cracking under force, so the worry of break-ins with either door type should be less of a problem over other materials, like wood. They are both very safe choices for the safety of your family, which is your number one concern over anything else you do with your home.

Wrought Iron Doors Have Enhanced Curb Appeal

Another great aspect of a gorgeous customized wrought iron door from Forever Iron Doors is the enhanced curb appeal. With the many different styles and choices you can make for the iron door, our design team is geared towards creating a door that you’ll love. The right door can make the front facade of your home so much more valuable. The intricate and stylized look of an iron door is quite a bit more interesting than regular steel with fewer design ideas. You can also add windows and door pulls to your iron doors, which will customize their look even more. The options with iron for your front door are truly endless!

Iron Requires Less Maintenance Than Steel

Here’s one big difference between an iron and steel door. The wrought iron doors require less maintenance when it comes to repainting year after year. You can easily see in the steel door when the paint has been scratched or damaged. If you have kids or pets running around the house, then your steel door may be more susceptible to damage. Steel needs to be repaired when knicks or dents happen. That’s a big “con” against steel doors.

Iron doors tend to be thicker and more durable. You won’t really need to worry about repair issues in the long run when you go with iron over steel. There are even hurricane-rated iron doors for those homeowners that live in the Florida area, or other parts of the south, that go through a hurricane season each year.


  • Iron and steel are very strong doors.
  • Both have great security features.
  • Iron tends to have a better curb appeal.
  • Iron needs less repair work than steel.
  • Where you may need hurricane-rated iron doors.

When you are ready to turn your house into your dream home with the best in customized or ready-made iron doors, look at our options at Forever Iron Doors. We’re so glad to be able to ship our iron doors all over the United States. Our team is more than happy to show you just how exciting the right iron door design can be for your home versus a more pedestrian steel door. In the battle of iron doors versus steel ones, the clear winner is wrought iron doors all the way. Make your home stand out from all others in the neighborhood with the optimal iron door for you.

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