How to Improve your Home’s Security with Iron Doors

When it comes to protecting your home or commercial property, it is both the windows and the exterior entry doors that present weak spots in security. According to home insurance statistics, there are almost three burglaries every minute in the US. Of the 2.5 million burglaries that occur each year, 66 percent are home break-ins.

Security experts agree that the best way to protect your property is with a three-pronged, layered approach that includes devices or architectural components to prevent, detect, and respond to an incident. How can you beef up and enhance your front door security? The answer is to install iron security doors.

Wrought Iron Security Doors

What are the different iron front doors?

When it comes to iron doors, property owners have two choices. A custom wrought iron entry door that is sealed and insulated to keep heat and cold air out. These doors are stronger than steel or wooden doors and are virtually impenetrable. It would be too much work and trouble for a burglar to kick down, cut, break or bend their way past an iron door.

The second choice is an iron security gate. This door replaces your home’s screen door with plenty of light infiltration. But, instead of simply preventing insects and animals from wandering into your home when the door is open, the burglar-proof design of these secondary doors will enhance your front door security and increase home value.

Why choose wrought iron security doors?

Today, homeowners can benefit from custom wrought iron doors that serve both the needs of light infiltration and security. Choose a burglar-proof design for your wrought iron entry door gate or a full wrought iron door to fulfill your family’s need for privacy, security and curb appeal.

Increase home value

The addition of decorative metal security doors will add elegance and distinction to your home’s curb appeal. That is the first thing prospective home buyers see when looking to purchase.

Burglar-proof design

No one wants to put up iron bars for security. A burglar-proof design means you don’t have to. A wrought iron door gate puts that extra layer of security between an intruder and your home’s front door. An iron door is considered burglarproof when it has a thicker construction (often 12-gauge) and is equipped with an integrated, tamper-proof locking system.

Styles to fit modern homes

Often, when homeowners think of wrought iron doors, their imagination will wander to the heavily ornate designs that look similar to Olde Worlde iron doors. This is not the case today. Wrought iron doors can have clean lines and geometric patterns that are modern and up to date.

For example, consider a custom iron security door design constructed with tempered safety glass or laminated security glass that will not break, but only shatter-in-place. This way, your home is infused with plenty of natural lighting while still offering a high level of security.

Where to buy iron front door

Avoid buying a wrought iron door from a big-box, home improvement store. These doors typically will not feature the quality and craftsmanship that is offered by an established company like Forever Iron Doors. Our only focus is on iron doors, including those that are burglar-proof or hurricane-rated.

Not only can you enhance your front door security with burglar-proof iron doors, but we also manufacture and install wrought iron windows and wrought iron gates. Our custom design options allow property owners to completely personalize their front door.


  • A layered home security system prevents, detects and responds to intrusions.
  • Choose tempered safety glass or laminated security glass that will not break.
  • Iron security doors feature a burglar-proof design

Best Security Doors For Your Home

Visit Forever Custom Iron Doors online or in person at one of our showrooms to discover how beauty and strength can be forged out of iron. Whether you want single or double doors, we can upgrade the entrance to your home!

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