The Gateway to Elegance: A Handy Guide to Iron Door Installation – From Prep to Wow

Double iron doors

Choosing the right iron door is important, not just in terms of beauty and elegance but also to ensure the installation is meticulous. With Forever Iron Doors, you’re in capable hands. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how we install your door and how you can prepare.

Client Preparation

Understanding Your Needs 

As a client, your journey begins with thinking about what you want from your new iron door. We suggest you assess the size, shape, and style of your entryway and consider any specific features or designs you want to incorporate. Once you relay this information to us, we’ll help you choose the perfect door that complements your home’s aesthetic.

Pre-Installation Check 

Once you’ve chosen your door, our team will conduct a thorough inspection. We assess the iron door, the frame, hinges, and any additional components like glass panels. This step ensures that everything is in excellent condition and meets your requirements before we proceed with the installation.

Frame and Hinge Preparation 

Our team will then prepare your doorway for the installation. We will ensure that the frame is solid and square, which is critical for a wrought iron door. The hinges will then be fitted correctly, making sure they align perfectly with the door and the frame.

Preparing the Space 

While we take care of these technical aspects, we recommend that you prepare your home for the installation. This may involve moving furniture or valuables away from the entryway, protecting floors, or alerting your neighbors about the potential noise.

Door Placement and Alignment 

The moment of transformation arrives. Our expert installers will place your door precisely in the opening and ensure it’s a perfect fit. We then use a level to confirm the door is correctly aligned, both horizontally and vertically.

Glass and Threshold Installation 

If required, we next enhance the beauty of your iron door by installing any glass panels. We also fit the threshold correctly, which adds another layer of sophistication while serving a practical purpose.

Securing and Finishing 

Finally, we will secure your iron door by bolting it firmly into the frame to guarantee its stability. Additional touches like placing a sealant around the door or applying weatherstripping for insulation are also done at this stage.

Post-Installation Care 

Once we’ve finished, we’ll provide you with essential post-installation care tips. Regularly checking your door for functionality, seal integrity, and lock performance can ensure your door maintains its allure and function for years to come.

Choosing Forever Iron Doors means choosing elegance, quality, and seamless installation. With our expert team handling the whole installation process, all you need to do is prepare your space and relish the transformation. For any assistance or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to guide you on your journey to creating the perfect Gateway to Elegance.

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