How Iron Doors Protect your Home from New York’s Weather

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How Iron Doors Protect your Home from New York’s Weather

What do you think of when you see an iron door on a residential property?

While aesthetics and curb appeal might immediately come to mind when you spot this type of door, it’s important to note that iron doors have many other benefits — and one of these key benefits is that they’re extremely durable and able to protect your property from the severe weather that New York is increasingly enduring each year. Snowstorms, severe thunderstorms and even hurricanes are no match for a properly installed iron door. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at just how significant of a role iron doors can play in safeguarding your property when Mother Nature strikes.

How Iron Front Doors Help Protect Your Property

They’re Extremely Durable

The benefits of iron doors from a durability standpoint are two-fold. On one hand, these types of doors provide excellent security. In fact, they’re the sturdiest and most durable of any type of door, making it next to impossible for anyone to penetrate and gain entry to your home. This durability and security are also ideal when it comes to protecting your home from natural disasters. With New York susceptible to blizzards, hurricanes and other types of severe weather, residential iron front doors can help provide an enhanced level of security. Think of iron doors as hurricane impact doors, as pressure testing has shown that they’re able to withstand hurricane-force winds.

New York is susceptible to some unique weather at all times of the year. Iron doors can serve as a key ally in protecting any property from water intrusion, wind damage and more.

They Have Insulating Properties

Iron doors in cold weather excel, helping keep your home more comfortable when the temperatures outside of your home are anything but. Residential iron doors are available with advanced thermal insulation, which helps to reduce any drafts around entry points and keep your home warmer during the winter months. Iron doors also hold heat very well, which makes them an ideal option for the exterior of your home. In addition to keeping your home more comfortable, they can help reduce the strain on your HVAC equipment.

Another benefit of these insulating properties is that it helps with noise reduction. You’re less likely to hear any traffic or activity outside of your home, and any severe weather won’t sound quite as threatening as it’s happening.

They Don’t Easily Damage

Iron doors are fire, mold, moisture and pest resistant. In essence, they’re somewhat maintenance-free. Iron doors are sturdy, durable and they won’t wear down over time after coming into contact with the elements. What’s more, is that they’re very easy to clean. If iron doors get dirty, all you’ll need to use to clean them is dish soap and water.


  • Iron doors are the most durable type of entry door.
  • Iron doors are able to withstand hurricane-force winds, and they won’t dent or damage easily when they’re struck by objects and debris.
  • Iron doors have insulating properties, which help keep homes more comfortable year-round and reduce any outside noise.

Contact Forever Iron Doors Today

For more information on how iron doors can help protect your property from Mother Nature, contact Forever Iron Doors today. Hurricane-force winds, blizzards and severe thunderstorms will be no match for a properly installed wrought iron door. Contact us today for more information on how to improve your home’s curb appeal and protect it from the elements. Come into our new store at 435B Old Country Road, Westbury or call us at 631-312-5566!

Forever Custom Iron Doors New York New Location

Wrought Iron Doors NY

Forever Custom Iron Doors is opening a new location in Long Island, New York. While our New York customers have always been able to order our quality doors and have them shipped, now they will be able to visit us in our new showroom for custom iron doors in New York and see our custom iron products in person. 

We are located in Nassau County at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, near Westbury Plaza. We are happy to provide showroom service to the nearly 3 million people living in New York as well as those in nearby Queens and Brooklyn.

New York Iron Entry Doors

We will provide the same quality iron doors in New York as we have for many years to homeowners and business owners in New Jersey, other parts of the New York Metropolitan area and New York state. Our wrought iron front doors add distinctiveness to your entryway with their ornamental iron scroll-work that can be as traditional or as modern as you’d like. We have a selection of doors in stock, and our iron door design team can produce a unique wrought iron door.

Our exterior doors are as practical as they are beautiful. The 12-step finishing process used ensures the doors will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them for years to come. We also provide you with choices of exterior door handles, adjustable tension rollers, tempered double pane glass and forged welded hinges on your door.

Wrought Iron Windows

Our wrought iron windows last longer than fiberglass and wood windows and require less maintenance. Our windows offer a protective zinc coating that prevents rust and iron bars and guards for added security. You can come into our new New York showroom to choose a design from our catalog or bring your own creative design for our craftsmen to duplicate. You can also choose from various glass designs in 12 colors.

Custom Iron Gates

We can provide gates at the entryway of your New York home or business or to enclose your garden or part of your yard. We can create a custom gate to match your wrought iron door or in any pattern. Iron gates are useful and visually appealing.

Garage Doors

We also offer wrought iron garage doors that can be designed to match your entry doors. These wrought iron doors are insulated, built to last, and secure, making them practical as well as beautiful. We also offer hurricane-rated doors, cellar doors and wrought iron railings.


  • You can visit us in person at our new location at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, near Westbury Plaza.
  • We use a special 12-step finishing process that enables our custom doors to last a lifetime.
  • We offer wrought-iron windows and gates to enhance the beauty and security of your home or business.
  • You can select wrought iron garage doors that are insulated and can match your entry doors.

Get The Best Wrought Iron Doors in NY Today!

At Forever Iron Doors, we look forward to seeing the customers we already have in New York, including Long Island and Westchester, as well as meeting new ones. We can help you browse our inventory in stock and can also design a custom door, gate or window for you. We provide the finest iron doors of New York because they are designed to last Forever. We offer free estimates and financing through our partner, Green Sky. Come into our new store at 435B Old Country Road, Westbury or call us at 631-312-5566 today!

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