How a Custom Iron Door can cut your Electric Bill this Summer

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How a Custom Iron Door can cut your Electric Bill this Summer

energy efficient doors

The front door of your home says a lot about the rest of the place. If your door is old, outdated, faded or cracked, consider a new iron door by Forever Iron Doors. Our iron doors are not only beautiful but also functional and add value to your home. Additionally, there are a few ways that iron doors can conserve energy and save you money on your utility payment.

How Iron Doors Help Your Energy Bill

How are iron front door energy efficient? Your doors and windows are great for allowing cool air in when it is warm, for privacy at night  and for letting the sunshine in during the day. The problem with these openings is that they can allow air to escape and enter your home, thus affecting your electricity bill. Energy efficiency tips always mention sealing your windows and doors to save on electricity.

  • An iron single or double front door from Forever Iron Doors will provide you with 12 gauge forged steel which is the highest quality finish in the industry. Upgrades for obtaining an even more energy-efficient door include thermal barriers, impact-resistant security glass, hurricane packages and a multi-point locking system.
  • Spaces and gaps are cited as one of the worst ways that homes lose energy. At Forever Iron Doors, our iron door installers caulk all of the framing and molding around your doors and windows to provide a tight seal, leaving no gaps.
  • Window inserts in our iron doors allow for light to enter your home without compromising the integrity of the heat level. The summer sun can be extremely hot and cause your home to heat up. Our specialty windows can help with tinted glass as well as different types of glass that also provide more privacy. The extra light will help to avoid having to use lights and that will save you money too.

energy efficient doors

Why Iron Doors Keep Your Home Cooler

While iron does heat up easily, today’s iron doors contain thermal breaks and insulation. The combination of these two will stop the energy flow and keep the heat outside. On the interior portion of the door, the same thermal breaks send air conditioning back into the home so it doesn’t escape outside. These dual operating systems are how iron doors help your energy bill. At Forever Iron Doors, we use closed-cell polyurethane foam as our insulation. This insulation is great for reducing drafts but also helps to suppress noise pollution.

Conversely, your iron door does the opposite come wintertime! The cold air outside is pushed out while the warm air from your heating system will remain inside the home. This means you and your family are warm and cozy during those cold winter storms.

Key Takeaways

  • Our 12 gauge steel doors are thick and powerful when it comes to keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Our iron door installers use caulk to seal every space and gap to ensure no energy escapes your home.
  • Iron doors with window inserts can help with lighting and fend off the heat.
  • Thermal breaks and insulation within the iron door are great conductors of heat and cool.

Forever Iron Doors is the right choice for your new front door. We offer hundreds of styles, colors, and customizations. You will get a unique, perfectly fitted, energy efficient door at an affordable price. Call for a free estimate: 631-312-5566

Best Interior Iron Door Designs

Best Interior Iron Door Designs

At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we are predominantly known for our high-quality exterior wrought iron and thermally broken doors. However, we also put the same dedication into the interior doors. Whether you need a door to your master bedroom suite, or a secure door into your bathroom, garage or workshop, we have you covered. Scroll below to see all of our best iron doors for your home!

Interior Iron Door Designs

Benefits of Interior Doors

Not only do they look great, but our interior doors also serve a functional purpose. Because these doors are strong and stable, they keep heat or air conditioning in the room to keep you comfortable. No matter if you have young children or pets that can potentially cause damage, these doors can withstand anything and remain in their original state. The construction of these doors also helps to reduce noise, so they’re perfect for muffling loud music or the sound of power tools in the garage.

Interior Doors Design Styles

Doors are not known for coming in a variety of styles, especially interior doors. However, with Forever Custom Iron Doors you have a wide variety of door styles and colors to choose from.

If you’re going for a modern look, choose neutral colors such as white, gray or black. Then, stick with straight lines and right angles in your modern design. Consider how horizontal or vertical segments would look within your home.

The farmhouse trend has become very popular in recent years. If this is your aesthetic, look for sliding barn doors. These doors are mounted into a sliding track above the open door space. Instead of pushing or pulling the door to open, you slide it from left to right.

Best Interior Iron Door Designs

All doors, whether they be single iron doors or double wrought iron doors, can include decorative accents, glass windows to see through, translucent glass to let in light while still maintaining privacy and door handles that are easy to use and safe around kids and pets.

Interior Door Options

Working with Forever Custom Iron Doors is a breeze. Whether you have a very clear picture of what you want, have an idea and need help turning it into something beautiful yet functional, or have no clue what you’re looking for, we’ll take care of everything. We offer a variety of in-stock options that are pre-designed to suit many tastes. Our experts can guide you to which option will perfectly suit your home’s unique design. 


  • Interior doors are beautiful, strong, durable and noise-canceling.
  • These doors come in many styles to suit your home’s esthetic.
  • Choose from our large variety of in-stock options of interior doors.

View Our Door Designs Photo Gallery for Inspiration

Browse through some of our previous projects in our iron door designs photo gallery to see the possibilities and get inspired with your own iron door ideas. If you see something you like, we’ll be happy to recreate or modify it for you! If you have other questions or would like to learn more about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at 631-312-5566.. Our New York showroom is located at 435 B Old Country Road in Westbury, NY 11590 has interior doors and iron doors on display so you can see them in person. Be sure to ask about our expert installation service to ensure the job gets done right!

Elevate the Value of Your New York Home with Custom Iron Doors

Custom Doors New York

Are you planning to sell your home in New York soon? Whether you’re planning to sell next week or in a decade, making various upgrades, customizations, and renovations can take the value of your home to the next level. Since New York is known for having a variety of beautiful real estate, making these renovations will only serve to make your home even more valuable when you decide to sell. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at how custom wrought iron doors may add value to your home.

Do Iron Doors Add Value to Your Home?

One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to add custom wrought iron doors. These custom doors in New York can provide your home with the following benefits:

  • Secure Your Property: Installing custom iron doors can make your property more secure. These highly sturdy, secure doors can help keep intruders from entering your property, while also keeping your kids and pets safely inside.
  • Improve Aesthetic Value: Additionally, custom iron doors are a gorgeous addition to any home. They make your home appear to be more lavish and are sure to set your home apart from those around you. Also, when you’re designing your custom entry doors, you can choose equally upscale front door handles, which will give your home even more of a boost in terms of curb appeal.
  • Protect Your Home: Another great benefit of installing custom iron doors is that they can also protect your home from heavy winds and tornados. Rather than simply leaving it to chance, installing custom iron doors ensures that your property has extra protection against the elements.

Custom Doors New YorkStats to Consider

Are you a homeowner in New York looking to increase your home’s value? You should know that the average value of a home in New York is around $364,328. The average value of a home in New York has gone up 10.9 percent within the last year. This means there is presently an upward trend in terms of the cost of homes in New York. So, by adding custom iron doors in New York, you will be able to maximize the profits in terms of the sale of your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrading your property by making renovations is an amazing way to boost the value of your New York home.
  • Having customer wrought iron doors installed is a trusted way to boost security.
  • Wrought iron doors to your New York property is a great way to ward off strong winds and keep intruders at bay.

Ready for Customer Iron Doors in New York?

Are you ready for custom iron doors in New York? You’ve come to the perfect place. At Forever Iron Doors, our iron door design experts and installers go above and beyond to ensure that each and every customer is totally satisfied with their purchase. We will come out to your property, take measurements and dimensions, learn about your preferences and create the perfect wrought iron doors for your unique needs. In the end, you will have a beautiful new set of exterior or interior custom iron doors that fit perfectly, boosts your resale value, and looks great to boot. Contact our team of experts at Forever Iron Doors today at 631-312-5566 or visit us at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590. 

How to Increase the Curb Appeal of your New York Home

Best Curb Appeal NY

What is Curb Appeal and Why Is It Important When Selling Your New York Home?

If you have ever driven by a home and marveled at the eye-catching attractiveness of its exterior? If so, you are experiencing the magic spell of “curb appeal.” A real estate term referring to how picture-perfect a property appears from the street, beautiful curb appeal should make a strong enough first impression to entice potential buyers to inquire about the property.

Real estate agents tell clients that, to create curb appeal which interests the majority of potential home buyers, they should concentrate on the three Cs: cleanliness, countenance and capability.

Best Curb Appeal NY

Curb Appeal and Cleanliness: When Pulling Dandelions Just isn’t Enough

Power Washers

Unless you’ve used a power washer before, you might consider hiring a professional power washing business to clean your home’s siding, porches, wood decks, driveways and sidewalks. Power washers are exactly how described–powerful! They can cause damage to stone, brick and other home exterior materials if not handled properly.

Power washers remove any kind of dirt, including, grease, mold and algae. If large shade trees around your home encourage the growth of moss and mildew on the front or back porches, most power washing companies can add anti-mildew chemicals to the wash solution to prevent regrowth. This is especially important to do after the harsh New York winters to be sure you home is bright and shining for the spring.

Squeegee Windows

Grimy windows won’t attract attention unless they sparkle in the sunlight. Use short-handled squeegees for windows you can reach and long-handled squeegees for those hard-to-reach windows. No need to purchase big jugs of commercial window cleaner, either. You can make the best window cleaner at home by combining 1/2 cup of white vinegar, one teaspoon of mild dish soap and four cups of cold water in a large spray bottle.

Put Away the Worn but Comfortable Porch/Lawn Furniture

If the cushions on your porch swing or porch couch have survived one set of kids or grandkids and clearly look like it, consider buying new cushions or just put the furniture in the garage for the time being. Remember, when it comes to optimizing front porch curb appeal ideas, less is more.

Countenance: Front Doors are the Windows to a Buyer’s Soul

Countenance refers to the “facial features” of your home, specifically the doors and windows. One of the best ways to boost curb appeal is by replacing a humdrum door with a beautifully elegant and charming wrought iron front door. An iron alloy forged by fusing slag and iron, wrought iron has a refined texture that resembles smooth dark wood. When choosing wrought iron doors, NY residents overwhelmingly favor having their door customized to accommodate their home’s architecture as well as their own stylistic preferences. Our iron door design specialists will work with you to create your ideal iron doors!

Iron entry doors also add architectural value to a home due to their durability and sturdiness. In fact, wrought iron doors will complement any type of home security system by providing strong resistance to possible home intruders. Easy to maintain and presenting a timeless versatility that blends effortlessly with a mansion or a farmhouse, our custom doors will make your home stand out among other homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Best Curb Appeal NY

Curb Appeal and Capability

Capability refers to how well you have kept your home upgraded and maintained. Have you replaced the roof in the past five to 10 years? Or are there shingles flapping in the wind? What about the gutter system, driveway, porches, window frames, fencing (if applicable) and other items that are subject to deterioration? Unless buyers are expressly looking for fixer-uppers, people serious about searching for the best home for sale for the best price don’t want to move into a house that needs thousands of dollars of upgrades. 

Improve Curb Appeal with Forever Custom Iron Doors!

Remember the three Cs of curb appeal: cleanliness, countenance and capability, and you’ll have potential buyers knocking nonstop! Also remember, Forever Custom Iron Doors is your place for customized or prefabricated wrought iron single and double front doors. Get the best curb appeal for your home by contacting us today at 631-312-5566.

Our Unique Installation Process in New York

Certain doors require a specialized installation process, such as an iron door. While the internet has plenty of instructional guides to complete just about any home improvement project, the door installation process is not simple. Fortunately, professional NY door installers can take care of all the work, even if it requires a unique installation process, and you’ll benefit from knowing the job is done right.

Iron Door Design Process

Before the installation, you’ll need to choose the door you desire. Before you choose, you’ll need the measurements of your door, both height and width. We have classic styles available in a range of colors to match your preferences, but they vary based on size. You’ll need the dimensions for a customized door as well. If you are within our service area, we can come and measure for you. If not, we have an easy to follow guide on our website so you can measure your own door. 

You may choose to undergo a custom iron door design process, which allows you to choose the exact style of door you want, ranging from abstract designs to floral patterns and every style in between. Select between a full-door pattern or a design around the edges. Fully customizing your iron door will not add any extra costs. 

We can help you decide on a back or front door style if you give us a call — a part of the exterior door installation process that sets us apart from the rest. One of our knowledgeable support staff members will answer any questions you have to aid in the design process.We can even discuss upgrading a single door to double iron doors.

Prompt Service

Another unique part of our NY door installation process is our prompt service. We schedule a time as soon as we can because we realize homeowners don’t want to wait.

Once your door has been completed and is ready for installation, our staff will arrive at your residence and get to work instantly and complete the project before they leave your home. We understand your time is valuable, so we train our staff on the most time-efficient installation methods.

Specialized Installation

Our technicians learn the installation process of every door we have, so they understand which doors require a special installation process. For instance, there are additional steps to take when converting one single door to two separate doors.

Although we understand that you already measured your door before your search, you may notice the technician measuring the door frame again. This is to measure for the door jamb if you’re installing a new one. Our technician takes the time to make sure the door frame is free of movement and solid. By inspecting the door frame, our technician is ensuring that the door opens with ease and that you’re protecting your investment. A flawed door frame may not hold the door in place, which could later result in damage to your door.

Attention to Detail

If any additional holes are required for installation, you’ll notice that the technician carefully measures to determine their exact location. Part of our unique process includes the extra time we take to provide you with superb results.

The staff who comes to your home will pay careful attention to detail. Our technicians are trained and screened, so you can trust that your new door will remain looking like new, and our techs will leave your home the same way they entered.

When you have a staff with all the necessary training, it makes all the difference in your door installation process. With so many options to choose from, the most difficult part of the process might be choosing only one.


  • Countless options of doors, including customized
  • Prompt service
  • Custom-tailored installation
  • Difference in the level of service and attention to detail

Contact Forever Iron Doors today to find iron doors in New York that will enhance the curbside appeal and keep what matters most to you safe. Plus, we offer a custom iron door installation process. Call us at 631-312-5566 for a free estimate today or visit our showroom at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590.


How Iron Doors Protect your Home from New York’s Weather

What do you think of when you see an iron door on a residential property?

While aesthetics and curb appeal might immediately come to mind when you spot this type of door, it’s important to note that iron doors have many other benefits — and one of these key benefits is that they’re extremely durable and able to protect your property from the severe weather that New York is increasingly enduring each year. Snowstorms, severe thunderstorms and even hurricanes are no match for a properly installed iron door. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at just how significant of a role iron doors can play in safeguarding your property when Mother Nature strikes.

How Iron Front Doors Help Protect Your Property

They’re Extremely Durable

The benefits of iron doors from a durability standpoint are two-fold. On one hand, these types of doors provide excellent security. In fact, they’re the sturdiest and most durable of any type of door, making it next to impossible for anyone to penetrate and gain entry to your home. This durability and security are also ideal when it comes to protecting your home from natural disasters. With New York susceptible to blizzards, hurricanes and other types of severe weather, residential iron front doors can help provide an enhanced level of security. Think of iron doors as hurricane impact doors, as pressure testing has shown that they’re able to withstand hurricane-force winds.

New York is susceptible to some unique weather at all times of the year. Iron doors can serve as a key ally in protecting any property from water intrusion, wind damage and more.

They Have Insulating Properties

Iron doors in cold weather excel, helping keep your home more comfortable when the temperatures outside of your home are anything but. Residential iron doors are available with advanced thermal insulation, which helps to reduce any drafts around entry points and keep your home warmer during the winter months. Iron doors also hold heat very well, which makes them an ideal option for the exterior of your home. In addition to keeping your home more comfortable, they can help reduce the strain on your HVAC equipment.

Another benefit of these insulating properties is that it helps with noise reduction. You’re less likely to hear any traffic or activity outside of your home, and any severe weather won’t sound quite as threatening as it’s happening.

They Don’t Easily Damage

Iron doors are fire, mold, moisture and pest resistant. In essence, they’re somewhat maintenance-free. Iron doors are sturdy, durable and they won’t wear down over time after coming into contact with the elements. What’s more, is that they’re very easy to clean. If iron doors get dirty, all you’ll need to use to clean them is dish soap and water.


  • Iron doors are the most durable type of entry door.
  • Iron doors are able to withstand hurricane-force winds, and they won’t dent or damage easily when they’re struck by objects and debris.
  • Iron doors have insulating properties, which help keep homes more comfortable year-round and reduce any outside noise.

Contact Forever Iron Doors Today

For more information on how iron doors can help protect your property from Mother Nature, contact Forever Iron Doors today. Hurricane-force winds, blizzards and severe thunderstorms will be no match for a properly installed wrought iron door. Contact us today for more information on how to improve your home’s curb appeal and protect it from the elements. Come into our new store at 435B Old Country Road, Westbury or call us at 631-312-5566!

Forever Custom Iron Doors New York New Location

Wrought Iron Doors NY

Forever Custom Iron Doors is opening a new location in Long Island, New York. While our New York customers have always been able to order our quality doors and have them shipped, now they will be able to visit us in our new showroom for custom iron doors in New York and see our custom iron products in person. 

We are located in Nassau County at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, near Westbury Plaza. We are happy to provide showroom service to the nearly 3 million people living in New York as well as those in nearby Queens and Brooklyn.

New York Iron Entry Doors

We will provide the same quality iron doors in New York as we have for many years to homeowners and business owners in New Jersey, other parts of the New York Metropolitan area and New York state. Our wrought iron front doors add distinctiveness to your entryway with their ornamental iron scroll-work that can be as traditional or as modern as you’d like. We have a selection of doors in stock, and our iron door design team can produce a unique wrought iron door.

Our exterior doors are as practical as they are beautiful. The 12-step finishing process used ensures the doors will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them for years to come. We also provide you with choices of exterior door handles, adjustable tension rollers, tempered double pane glass and forged welded hinges on your door.

Wrought Iron Windows

Our wrought iron windows last longer than fiberglass and wood windows and require less maintenance. Our windows offer a protective zinc coating that prevents rust and iron bars and guards for added security. You can come into our new New York showroom to choose a design from our catalog or bring your own creative design for our craftsmen to duplicate. You can also choose from various glass designs in 12 colors.

Custom Iron Gates

We can provide gates at the entryway of your New York home or business or to enclose your garden or part of your yard. We can create a custom gate to match your wrought iron door or in any pattern. Iron gates are useful and visually appealing.

Garage Doors

We also offer wrought iron garage doors that can be designed to match your entry doors. These wrought iron doors are insulated, built to last, and secure, making them practical as well as beautiful. We also offer hurricane-rated doors, cellar doors and wrought iron railings.


  • You can visit us in person at our new location at 435 B Old Country Road, Westbury, near Westbury Plaza.
  • We use a special 12-step finishing process that enables our custom doors to last a lifetime.
  • We offer wrought-iron windows and gates to enhance the beauty and security of your home or business.
  • You can select wrought iron garage doors that are insulated and can match your entry doors.

Get The Best Wrought Iron Doors in NY Today!

At Forever Iron Doors, we look forward to seeing the customers we already have in New York, including Long Island and Westchester, as well as meeting new ones. We can help you browse our inventory in stock and can also design a custom door, gate or window for you. We provide the finest iron doors of New York because they are designed to last Forever. We offer free estimates and financing through our partner, Green Sky. Come into our new store at 435B Old Country Road, Westbury or call us at 631-312-5566 today!

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