Wrought Iron vs. Other Types of Iron

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Wrought Iron vs. Other Types of Iron

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Regardless of whether you are looking to build gates or railings, it is important for you to use quality materials. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we are proud to provide you with some of the best products in the industry, and we have numerous types of metal from which you can choose. One of our most popular options is wrought iron, but we believe it is important for you to understand the difference between this type of iron and other types of iron.

Take a look at some important points below, and contact us today for more information.

What Is Wrought Iron?

When blacksmithing was first getting started, wrought iron was one of the first types of iron metals developed. Wrought iron is made by taking iron, heating it in a furnace until it reaches the right temperature, and then molding it into various shapes.

Once the metal has reached the right temperature, various tools can be used to customize the iron to match the shape you need. Whether you are building a fence, a gate, a wall, or something else, a blacksmith can use hammers and tools to shape hot wrought iron to meet your needs.

Because wrought iron doesn’t have a lot of other materials included in its structure, it is incredibly durable. This is why wrought iron is frequently used for railings, gates, and doors. It can even be used for support beams.

The Differences Between Wrought Iron and Other Types of Iron

There are several important differences between wrought iron and other types of iron, including cast iron. They include:

  • Wrought iron does not contain a lot of materials outside of its basic structure. Other types of iron contain bits of carbon, which can impact their durability. The purity of wrought iron is what makes it so strong.
  • When other types of iron are made, they are typically melted down into a liquid and poured into a mold. Then, they cool into that shape. Wrought iron is made by heating it to a very high temperature and then using different materials and tools to work it, which is why it is called “wrought.” This working is another reason why wrought iron is typically stronger.
  • Because cast iron is poured into a mold instead of being worked with tools, most professionals believe it is easier to produce than wrought iron.
  • Many people like the classic periods of wrought iron, typically falling in love with the classic, timeless, and stately design.

These are just a few of the top differences between wrought iron and different types of iron. It is important for you to work with a professional team that can help you decide which option is best for you.

Key Takeaways

Some of the key takeaways to remember include:

  • Wrought iron can be used to make a wide variety of materials including doors, fences, gates, and railings.
  • Wrought iron is incredibly durable because it is very pure without a lot of added materials.
  • Wrought iron is made by heating it to a very high temperature and then using tools to shape it into the right design.
  • Every time wrought iron is worked, it becomes a bit stronger.

Contact Forever Custom Iron Doors Today To Learn More!

If you are looking for a custom door for your home, it is important to work with a team that has experience working with wrought iron. That is where we can help you. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we have a tremendous amount of experience working with wrought iron, and we can leverage this experience to help you. We are open, honest, and transparent about the time and cost of our projects, and it would be our pleasure to work with you. Contact us today to make an appointment.

How to Match Your Exterior Paint to Your Wrought Iron Door

A wrought iron door is an extra touch that creates a distinguished look for your home. Perhaps you’ve considered the size, design, and finish options, but have you thought through the color and how it would align with the rest of your home’s exterior color palette and the surrounding area?

Match, Complement, or Contrast

There’s no hard and fast rule about what color to paint your wrought iron door. You can choose to match, complement or contrast your exterior paint, and the choice is personal. If you don’t remember the finer points of the color wheel from elementary school, here are the basics.


While we think of a match as an exact match, it can also mean being part of a monochromatic (single color) scheme. If the exterior paint color of your home is gray, a match would be a darker or lighter shade of gray.


Next to your exterior paint color on the wheel, these colors sit next to your main exterior paint color. They provide a contrast from your main color without being too extreme. For instance, if your home were painted blue-green, your complementary colors would be greens or blues.


Using a contrasting color is the boldest choice to make your wrought iron door stand out. The contrasting color is the color directly opposite from your exterior paint color on the wheel. If your home is blue-green, the contrasting color would be a red-orange. If your home is gray, you can consider white or black as your contrasting colors, or choose any color on the color wheel for a pop.

Most common iron door colors

The most common colors for iron doors are classic metals. Many people choose black because it’s the classic choice that can be perceived as traditional or modern depending on the design. Other common iron door colors include:

  • Aged bronze with a patina
  • Dark brown bronze
  • Dark brown espresso

Narrowing the Choices

Before choosing a final color for your iron door, explore the options on the color wheel. Get some generalized color paint swatch samples from your local paint or big box retail store. Tape different options to your existing door and near your exterior paint and step back to see what type of color speaks to you—the most common wrought iron colors, a monochromatic color, or a complementary or contrasting color. If you’re sold on one direction right away, congratulations! If not, narrow the choices to three. Look at your surroundings, like your yard and your neighborhood, and imagine the statement you want to make. Look again at the color choices and see which best reflects you.

Finalizing your choice

Once you’ve narrowed your paint color choices, it’s time to finalize your choice. You can purchase small amounts of three different colors at retail. Use a removable board like a lightweight piece of plywood or plank to stand upright at your existing front door. Paint the choices on your board, let it dry, and step back to see what best resonates. If the colors are close, there’s no wrong choice in the end. But if you let the colors sit for a day or two, you can see what feels best to you.

Simplify your process of selection

Choosing the color for your wrought iron doors can be overwhelming. Simplify the process by following these steps:

  • Review the color wheel to find your exterior paint’s matching (including lighter/darker monochromatic shades), complementary, and contrasting colors.
  • Consider the most common wrought iron door colors: black, bronze, dark bronze, and espresso.
  • Narrow your choices with general color sample swatches from a paint retailer
  • Purchase and paint 3 finalist color swatches on a board to review at your front door
  • Determine which best reflects the statement you want to make within the confines of your exterior home, yard, and neighborhood.

Let Forever Iron Doors Create a Custom Color Matched Iron Door for You

Did you know that Forever Iron Doors can custom color match an iron door to any color you wish? So if you’re in love with the existing color on your home exterior, or have a specific color theme in mind, contact us today to find out more information about how we can bring your dream door to life.

All About Our Financing Process

Custom Wrought Iron Windows

At Forever Iron Doors, we’ve created easy options to help you realize your home decor dream, even if you don’t have upfront money in hand for your ideal iron doors or garage door purchase.

Iron Door Financing Process Options

By partnering with GreenSky consumer credit programs, Forever Custom Iron Doors can offer you two different options, so long as you’re a New Jersey homeowner. You can apply for a plan with no interest when you pay in full within a year or choose a flexible payment plan for paying the balance over time with a fixed interest rate.

Option 1: Paid in a Year, Interest-Free

For many Forever Custom Iron Doors New Jersey customers, the timing between when they’d like the doors and when they can comfortably pay isn’t quite in alignment. That’s why we worked with GreenSky consumer credit programs to create the No Interest in Paid in Full in 12 Months option. This financing plan allows you to get your dream doors now and pay for them when the time is right. Whether you choose a single payment at the end or smaller payments throughout the calendar year makes no difference, as long as the total is paid off within one year.

Option 2: Locked-In Low Rate over 84 Months

Other New Jersey customers prefer to make smaller payments over a more extended period. With that in mind, we created the 84 Month Plan with GreenSky consumer credit programs, offered at a low locked-in rate of 9.99 percent. With this option, customers who want to manage their cash flow by keeping monthly expenses as low as possible can still afford to transform their homes with beautiful yet affordable iron doors or garage doors today.

Easy to Apply

You can apply for financing through GreenSky consumer credit programs right from our website. This quick and easy process from the comfort of your computer lets you know your status quickly so that you can move forward with the transformation of the exterior of your house into your dream home.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Customers who choose Forever Custom Iron Doors enjoy immediate benefits. Their home displays a whole new personality, it exudes curb appeal and often increases the home’s value, which is a major bonus if you’re looking to resell in the future. 

Bring Your Vision to Life or Embrace the Wide Variety of Existing Options

Although “custom” is in the name, Forever Custom Iron Doors also offers a broad range of beautiful existing designs and styles available that may complement your vision. If you find a design appealing or have your own idea of something unique, our skilled design team will work with you to bring your vision to life, for no additional charge.

Affordable Iron Door

Affordable Installation and Shipping

If you live in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina, we can install your doors. For all other US states, we offer shipping.

Key Takeaways

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors can make your design a reality for free.
  • Forever Custom Iron Doors offers New Jersey residents installation for a reasonable cost.
  • Thanks to GreenSky consumer credit programs, you can install your affordable iron doors right away and pay over time.
  • Qualified customers can decide to pay it all within a year with no interest or make small payments over 84 months for budget flexibility.

Transform your House into Your Dream Home

Discover how Forever Custom Iron Doors has transformed other New Jersey homes, and explore high-quality options to suit your home. Wondering about financing options? Review the details and apply today for one of the Forever Custom Iron Doors GreenSky consumer credit programs. If you have any more questions, you can also contact us anytime. 

Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors For Your Home and Business

Wrought iron doors have been delivering a look of grandeur and luxury to doorsteps around the world for decades. They are multi-faceted, heavy-duty and timeless doors that offer security and function for any residential or commercial building. The iron doors can be incorporated increasingly into modern designs due to their bronzed and sleek appearance.

The most appealing property of wrought iron doors is their stylistic diversity. The traditional-styled iron doors can typically boost the handcrafted spiral designs, while the modern-styled ones can feature geometric and more angled designs. When combined with a transom, sidelight or highlighted with outdoor hanging lights, these doors can create the best and unique entryways.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors for Your Home and Offices

The breathtaking beauty is not all that the wrought iron doors can offer. There are other additional benefits such as:

1. Added Security.

The durability and sturdiness offered by the wrought iron doors are unmatched. Unlike most standard doors, the wrought iron doors are highly resistant to wear and vandalism. Their tensile strength makes them ideal choices for almost all commercial and residential areas, including high-traffic areas.

The wrought iron doors are also resistant to high temperatures. They cannot be easily permeated by direct fire and are known to withstand water infiltration and pressure testing. Most door manufacturers acknowledge that wrought iron doors can withstand a force of about 160 mph.

2. Thermal Protection.

Wrought iron doors can be thermally insulated to suit the climatic needs of people living in colder climates. Heat transmission through the doors can make it difficult for you to maintain warmth within your house in the wintertime. About 20 percent of the heat in your house can be lost through the doors and windows. Thus, it would be prudent to choose thermally insulated doors and windows made of wrought iron from a recognized company to combat the icy temperatures if you live in cold areas.

Thermally insulated iron doors contain high-density foam insulation and thermal breaks, keeping cool air out and warm air in. Using the insulated doors and windows can also be economical by saving your heating bill and significantly preventing cold from seeping through during winter.

3. Unmatched Durability.

Most wrought iron doors are likely to last you a lifetime when properly maintained. The only reason that can make you decide to swap out your iron door after a short while is the design change. Although the iron doors are not entirely rust-proof, you can prevent rusting by washing the door with warm water and vegetable-based soap at least once per month.

Soapy residue on iron surfaces accelerates the rate of rusting. Therefore, soap used to clean the doors and windows should be wiped thoroughly using a fresh towel and clean water. When done correctly, the doors will last long and truly give you a satisfactory return on your investment.

4. Diverse Design and Usage.

Wrought iron doors are not restricted to entryways only. They can be customized to grace other areas of your home and office due to their ornate and antique appearances. These iron doors come in singles and doubles. The single doors can be used as back or side entrances, while the double ones can be used at main entrances because they can accommodate heavy foot traffic.

5. They Look Fabulous and Increase Your Home Value.

As part of the exterior structure, wrought iron doors contribute to the overall beauty of the landscaping. When top-notch quality iron doors are correctly installed and maintained, they give your home and your neighborhood an aesthetic look and complement the decorations on your property.

Choosing the right doors, windows and railings without compromising quality, durability, tensile strength, beauty, among others, can be a daunting process. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we have a team of experts devoted to offering you high-quality products, installation, and other professional services. Contact us today, to order your products or schedule your services.

Are Wrought Iron Doors Expensive?

Custom Wrought Iron Windows

Wrought iron doors have been gaining popularity for the past decades due to their unmatched versatility, durability and beauty. Their resistance to wear, and outstanding tensile strength, make them ideal for commercial and residential buildings.

The word “wrought” originated from the ancient blacksmiths, who used it to represent the past tense of the verb “to work”. Unlike other types of iron, such as cast iron, wrought iron found its outstanding value due to its malleability.

Are Wrought Iron Doors Expensive?

The price for wrought iron doors can be higher than wood and vinyl doors but they’re more affordable than you may think. The price can be attributed to the quality of the material and processes used to produce this metal alloy and its byproducts. Additionally, wrought iron doors can be customized and come in different thicknesses and designs to suit clients’ needs. The process of installing these varied designs requires complex technicalities, making the doors slightly expensive.

How Much Do Wrought Iron Doors Cost?

New doors can cost you varying prices depending on the quality of the materials used, design, thickness, and customized properties. The total cost of purchasing and installing a new wrought iron door ranges depending on complexity, single or double door and more factors. Many homeowners opt to design matching railings for a cohesive look. 

Why Are Wrought Iron Doors Slightly More Expensive?

  • Wrought iron doors are strong, durable and easy to maintain. You only need to wipe the door with a soft towel dipped in vegetable-based soap at least once per month. Unlike other materials such as wood, wrought iron doors don’t easily warp or rot.
  • Wrought iron doors can come in different thicknesses and designs. It can be customized to include many elements, such as glasses, different colors and other hardware bent to assume intricate shapes.
  • They can be customized to include the client’s critical requirements, such as thermal breaks, to save you from cold climates. They can be made of different sizes and thicknesses to enhance strength.
  • Due to their slide-in design, wrought iron doors can be easily installed with insulated glass, weather-stripping systems, and clouded or transparent, strong security screens.
  • They are cost and energy-efficient. Wrought iron doors are excellent at maintaining the temperature and humidity levels of the house, thus saving you from substantial utility bills.
  • Wrought iron doors are versatile. They can perfectly fit anywhere within or outside the house. They can also be used at the main gates because they can accommodate heavy foot traffic. When installed and maintained correctly, wrought iron doors can give your home or office a charming and unique appearance. They can also be used in commercial places like hotels and restaurants.
  • Unlike other metallic door materials such as steel, wrought iron doors don’t easily rust or get corroded. They are galvanized with zinc, a shiny metal that prevents iron doors from rusting.

Most wrought iron doors are made of heavy and expensive materials. They require an experienced team of professionals to install to avoid potential scratches and damage that are likely to compromise their beauty and uniqueness. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we have a team of experts that offer unmatched installation services in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

If you are considering installing or replacing your doors and windows with more unique, strong, and durable wrought iron doors and windows at affordable prices, Forever Iron Doors is here to help. Contact us today to schedule our services, or visit our website to look at the offers we have for you.

How to Add Class to your Home with a French Door

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Boasting unrivaled function and form, adding an exterior French door or interior French door is the perfect way to transform your home. A French door is typically a pair of doors that are constructed with elegant glass panes that cover the majority of the length. Also referred to as French windows, French doors are available in a vast range of styles and can empower you to create the classy and classic space of your dreams.

At first glance, choosing the best type and style of French door can seem overwhelming. However, you have an entire team of guidance and support at Iron Doors Forever. We specialize in helping homeowners, like you, transform any space from drab to fab with French doors through our expert design assistance. Employing 3D measuring technology and state-of-the-art design programs, we will help you see your home in an entirely new way well before you experience it. Let’s look at a few ways you can add an unrivaled level of class to your home with French doors.

Show Off Your Style with Different French Door Styles

Undoubtedly, one of the most desirable attributes of an exterior French door or interior French door is the endless variety of styles available. For example, choosing a single-pane interior French door for a closet or room is a perfect way to create modern and elegant separation with visual appeal. On the other hand, when you choose an exterior French door, you can choose doors that open inward, swing outward, or even slide based on your design. No matter the style, you can ensure your timeless style comes through with the timeless appeal of French doors.

French Doors Add Elegant Safety

Traditionally, the safest options haven’t always been the most elegant or attractive. However, an exterior French door offers you the best of both worlds. Contrary to popular belief, opting for an exterior French door can create a safer and more secure space in a classic way. The integrity of your French door greatly hinges on the quality and style of the glass pane used. You can opt for triple-glazed or double-glazed toughened safety panes that are impervious to impacts. In addition, an exterior French door boasts the ability to have multiple locking points across the frame.

Transform the Mood with Floods of Light

One thing is for certain — dark drab spaces are the antithesis of class and elegance. If you look at any elegant room, most of them will use brilliant floods of natural light to create an inspirational vibe. And when you choose to use an interior French door or exterior French door, you’ll welcome glorious floods of light throughout the space.

However, the aesthetics of a well-lit home or space are only the beginning. What looks good can also make you feel good. Here are a few health perks that you can gain from the natural light of an exterior French door or interior French door in your home.

Elevate Your Horizons & Expand Your Living Space

Among the most practical and beautiful rooms for French doors, the balcony is in a class of its own. Implementing an exterior French door for your balcony can offer you and your guests an unencumbered view of the beauty of nature. On days when the weather is nice, you simply open the doors to welcome in the fresh air and floods of light. When the weather is less-than-desirable or too chilly, the crystal clear glass panes can make you feel as if the doors are open, even while you’re outside wrapped in the warmth of your home. In the end, a balcony exterior French door offers you the best of both worlds and can expand the functional living space of your home.

Change the Spatial Usability of Your Home

If your home lacks square footage, opting for sliding French Doors can easily give you the multifunctional spaces your heart desires without an expensive remodel. On the other hand, if you’re not spatially challenged, choosing a traditional hinged interior French door will immediately create larger entryways and improve functionality. In either case, French doors are the perfect way to add a flair of class to your home and increase the functionality simultaneously.


  • French doors are available in an endless variety of styles.
  • Interior and exterior French doors can open inward, outward, and slide.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the French exterior door is extremely safe.
  • French doors can transform any space by welcoming in floods of light, which can transform your mood in more ways than one.
  • French doors can expand your living space by seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor living.
  • An interior French door can make the space more functional with easy segmentation.

Contact Iron Doors Forever to Find the Perfect French Doors

If you’re ready to give your home a cost-efficient dash of class, the team at Iron Doors Forever can help. Because we don’t want anything holding you back from getting the timeless French doors your heart desires, we offer fast and convenient financing options. After answering a few simple questions, we can have you approved for financing with flexible monthly payments. This way, you can transform your home today and pay for it while you enjoy the benefits of your new French doors.

Contact Forever Iron Doors for the best French doors.

Revamp your home in 2022 with a Custom Iron Door

Many people come up with New Year’s resolutions involving their health and wellness. But what about the wellness of your home? It’s time to come up with a resolution to put some love and beauty into your home with the perfect custom iron doors from Forever Iron Doors. We are the premier provider of wrought custom iron doors for exteriors and interiors around your home.

You probably have noticed at some friends’ homes or businesses around the area just how gorgeous iron doors can make a property look. They add a grandeur that is hard to beat with any other style of door. That’s why revamping your home in 2022 with a custom iron door will only add value to your home. Let’s look at some ideas for custom iron door styles and products we offer at Forever Iron Doors.

We Ship Anywhere in the United States

Many of the clients we work with live on the East Coast, since our showroom and offices are located in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina. The good news is that we ship anywhere in the United States. When you are ready to have us design the ideal custom iron door, all you have to do is look through some of our current designs to start with the idea of what you’d like to see in your home. Then we’ll collaborate with you to provide the exact style, color and accents that you’d like to have. It’s all about making sure that the door is going to perfectly fit with the aesthetic of your home. That could be a classic or modern design, but keep in mind that all of our custom iron doors are made with industrial-standard, 12-gauge steel for strength and durability that’s much greater than other door types.

The Colors and Types of Glass

We can work through a design on CAD that you submit to us in order to get the shape exactly right of that custom iron door. Then you can choose the color of the door from 12 different types to figure out what will blend best into your home’s existing exterior or interior design. The door’s finish color can be a dramatic or subtle shade, depending on what you would prefer. For example, many people like to have an iron door for their front door that is a warm, earthy tone that’s inviting and lovely for all who enter into the space. Or you could want something that stands out a bit, contrasting a touch bigger in a brighter way to make an impactful statement. It’s all up to you what you’ll be happiest looking at every day when you come home from work.

The glass is a big choice to make with custom iron doors. We offer 15 different glass types, so this choice will also depend on what style of iron door our team is designing for you. It might narrow down the glass types you can choose from, and we’ll fully give you advice on which type works best if you need us to.

Extra Details About the Process

There are details about backing support and other engineering specifications that we’ll have to come up with at the time of your design. We do custom cellar doors, awnings, signs around your door, and other custom work that will make the door seamlessly blend into your space in iron door designs. You’re going to end up with the best door for your home that will enhance its beauty in every way.

Plus if you are thinking that custom iron doors are going to be more expensive than a stock iron door, it’s just not true. At Forever Iron Doors, our custom iron door is the same price as the ready-made iron doors we have in stock. Many people are surprised by this fact, thinking that custom work comes with a heftier price tag, and it just doesn’t.


  • Revamp your home with a custom iron door.
  • We ship anywhere in the US.
  • Types of glass and finish color.
  • The price comparison of custom versus stock doors.

Contact Us Today at Forever Iron Doors

It is worth it to take the extra time, if you want something specific, for your home in a dream design you’ve been thinking about. We take pride in matching up your individual taste with the exact right design you’ll fall in love with. Contact us today at Forever Iron Doors, when you’re ready to work with us and find stunning custom iron doors for your home.

What is a Thermal Break Iron Door?

Just like the windows in your home, doors are vital to reduce the transfer of cold from outdoors – and to help keep the heat generated by your HVAC system inside. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaking around the home’s exterior doors accounts for 18-20 percent of heat loss in a typical home.

If it’s time for you to install decorative exterior doors on your home or commercial property, then consider the beauty of iron doors that feature design technology to help insulate against the transfer of cold and heat.

Door designs that reduce heat and cold air transfer

While wrought iron doors are renowned for their timeless beauty and creative designs, many customers don’t realize that thermal break iron doors are also built to be energy efficient. There are many ways to reduce the transfer of heat and cold through any door, including:

  • Thermal break – a material or design technology that reduces heat or cold transfer by creating an insulated barrier within the frame
  • Foam insulating core – insulating foam that is injected into the core of an iron door
  • Double-pane glass – a window or door with two panes of glass, sometimes with insulating argon gas between the panes
  • Internal panel connectors – a composite material used to connect the inner and outer door panels that will help prevent temperature transfer.
  • Glass stops – used to sandwich glass panels securely in frame and also acts as a thermal break
  • Weatherstripping – a material used to seal door crevices and acts to keep cold drafts out of the home

Thermal break iron doors include design technology that feature many of these methods for reducing cold air infiltration or warm air loss.

What are thermal break iron doors?

A thermal break is a frame design that breaks the bridge in a door or window which would allow cold air to successfully cross into the home. Many homeowners do not realize how much energy is lost by the transfer of heat through door components and out of the home.

The job of a thermal break is to reduce this transfer by placing a barrier in the form of an insulating material inside the iron door framework. Since metal doors like steel and iron are good conductors of heat and cold, breaking this transfer can greatly increase the comfort of your home.

Thermal break iron doors still feature that timeless beauty that only iron doors can deliver, while also helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial property.

Energy-efficient iron doors

Iron doors are no longer considered solely ornamental or decorative. With thermal break iron doors, our customers can enjoy classic or modern iron door designs without sacrificing their home’s energy efficiency. Once the iron door is fully assembled in the factory, foam insulation is injected into the inner chambers of the iron frame.

The benefit of thermal break iron doors is not only that they reduce heat and cold transfer into the home, but they also act as a noise reduction feature. Thermal break doors and windows also help keep your home warmer and quieter. Consider the durability, beauty, security and thermal efficiency of wrought iron doors that feature thermal break technology.


  • Thermal break iron doors have a foam insulating core to increase the thermal properties of the door.
  • Air leaking around the home’s exterior doors accounts for 18-20 percent of heat loss in a typical home.

Contact FCID for thermal break iron doors that include wrought iron security doors, beautiful iron patio doors, wrought iron windows, and railings. We send a team of trained and certified installers to ensure your wrought iron door installation is done professionally. No matter the style of thermal break iron doors you desire, modern, traditional, ornamental or custom creations, Forever Iron Doors is your one-stop solution.

Our Interior Gate Installation Process

Custom Iron Gates

Purchasing and installing the right iron gates for your home is a seamless process with Forever Custom Iron Doors. Our team is dedicated to making sure that your wrought iron gate installation will go smoothly from start to finish. Once you work with our design team to create a customized for your property, the installation process is the fun part. Let’s look into how our interior gate installation process works with Forever Custom Iron Doors, so you’ll be on your way to having iron gates that will look gorgeous and enhance the prestige of your home.

Custom Gates That Fit Your Space Perfectly

Say that you are choosing an interior iron gate for your garden. The benefits of this type of gate are that it’s going to be strong and sturdy from using the right materials, will have an aspect of enhanced safety. The gate will also have to look aesthetically pleasing. You could also want a gate installed surrounding your driveway. This not only adds charm and decor to your home but protection and a sense of safety from sturdy iron wrought iron gate. 

Inside ideas for a custom iron gate can be places like a wine cellar, or French doors that lead to a patio space or sun room. Iron gates are a strong visual that lends heightened sophistication to any area of your home. These doors are meant to be a focal point in your living space that you will find add value and worth to your property.

The Skilled Team That Does Iron Gate Installation

Our team at Forever Custom Iron Doors is a valued part of our company that works directly for us. Our team has years of experience working for us making sure that each installation process on each property goes exactly the way it should each time

3D Imaging Technology for Measurements

We use tools like 3D imaging technology in order to get the best measurements possible for your interior iron gate, so there isn’t any chance of errors in installation. Everything is mapped out from the beginning, with the end result being a beautiful iron gate that you’ll love. The best benefit of the 3D imaging technology for measurements is that the fabricator is going to add depth and realism to a 2D design. It’s considered superior accuracy through a CAD (computer-aided design) system. We can show the customer the exact blueprint, which will give them a much better idea of exactly what the finished product will look like, including the posts and all of the other intricate details for the interior gate.

Places like balconies and stairways need extra care due to the way they are set up making the process a little more difficult due to the shape. Luckily, with 3D imaging, there isn’t a chance for error because the final product is guaranteed to fit perfectly.


  • Custom gates will fit your space perfectly.
  • Our team of installers is highly skilled in installing wrought iron gates.
  • We use 3D imaging technology for precise measurements.
  • The final product will fit exactly right with an error-free installation.

Come See Us at Forever Custom Iron Doors

When you are ready to have the right interior iron doors or gates installed for your home, come see exactly what we have to offer at Forever Custom Iron Doors. Our team is happy to set you on the right path to getting exactly the right door that will enhance your home in every way possible with beauty and prestige.

Why Wrought Iron is the Best Door Material

Your front door is not just a beautiful statement about your home. It’s also a vulnerable entry point to where your family lives and your valuable possessions are kept. The peace of mind that comes from securing your home is priceless. Wrought iron doors are the ideal way to keep your home safe and secure, but they also provide other protections you may not have thought of. When you search for door materials for your home, consider wrought iron because of the following benefits.

Hurricane-Level Strength

The stronger your door is, the more secure you’ll be. For those in the southeast United States, this security is about more than just intruders. When a hurricane comes close, you want to know your home and family are safe. Wrought iron doors are hurricane rated to withstand the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you. Even for areas that are not prone to hurricanes, knowing that your front entry can handle one will be good enough to settle your mind against other natural elements.


Wrought iron doors are made from iron that is at least two inches thick. This is what made the material so popular for 12th-century castles since it could withstand the blows of a battering ram. Not only is wrought iron durable against physical intrusions, it also protects your home from weather-related damage and is designed to last for many decades. Compare this to the lifespan of wood or fiberglass doors, and you’ll quickly see how the investment is worth it.

Low Maintenance

Any front door material will require some bit of maintenance to keep it looking good and working well for a long time. However, wrought iron doors are on the lower end of the maintenance spectrum. Thanks to our 12-step finishing process, you won’t have to worry about your new door rusting. We add a zinc coating and an oxide coating to create a rust-proof barrier. 

Energy Efficient

Many people who search for the best front door material are also looking for something that’s energy efficient. Wrought iron doors are excellent if this is one of your top priorities in a door material. Thermal break wrought iron is made from three layers of protection. These layers offer three opportunities for your front door to absorb the cold of winter or heat of summer and trap it inside the door, instead of letting it into your home. Not only does this keep you more comfortable year-round, it also helps you save money on energy bills.


  • Hurricane-level strength keeps your home safe, no matter where in the country you live.
  • Wrought iron is a highly durable material that will last a long time.
  • Wrought iron doors require little maintenance to prevent rust from forming.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature year-round and save on energy bills with energy-efficient wrought iron doors.

Wrought Iron Doors for Your Home from Forever Custom Iron Doors

If you’re looking to add long-lasting safety to your home while also lowering energy bills, please contact us at Forever Custom Iron Doors. We offer a variety of in-stock iron doors and we can also work with you to design a custom door that’s just for you. We can deliver the doors anywhere in the US and offer installation services in select areas. We don’t want the cost to prevent you from getting the wrought iron doors you desire, so we offer a few different financing options to help make your dreams more affordable. Please contact our team today for more information and to get all your questions answered!

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