Choosing the Right Iron Door for Your Home or Business

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Choosing the Right Iron Door for Your Home or Business

First impressions are everything, and your entry door is your home’s first impression to everyone who visits. Choosing the right entry door is an important decision, and the benefits of adding a wrought iron door to your home or business are numerous.

If you are deciding what kind of door to add to your home or business, wrought iron adds elegance and sophistication to any structure. Simply changing your entry door is one of the easiest ways to improve the value and aesthetic of your home. Iron doors will give your home a stately presence and unique appeal.

Wrought Iron Door Benefits

You might opt to go with the clean lines and simple profiles of a modern iron door, a versatile and popular style, or you might prefer the detailed and intricate scrollwork of a traditional, ornate iron door. Our experienced design team can help you choose the door that best fits your needs and enhances the architectural style of your home.

Practical Benefits of Choosing Wrought Iron

Aside from their visual appeal, iron doors have many other benefits. Forged from the finest quality wrought iron and made with the highest quality finish, our doors are heavy and sturdy, virtually maintenance-free and built to last in any climate.

The durability of an iron door is unmatched. Because our doors are weather, rust and rot resistant, they have a much longer lifespan than doors made from other materials. Iron doors also protect your home or business with improved security and fire resistance.

Some Considerations for Choosing the Right Door

  • Style – Whether you want to make a bold statement with your front door or simply elevate the design of your home or business, the style options are limitless with a wrought iron door.
  • Shape and size – We can customize your door to the exact shape and size you choose. We also carry a large selection of in-stock options in standard sizes. Our doors can be made double or single, arched or square, with transoms or sidelights, and with a variety of other features.
  • Glass and finishes – We offer a variety of finishes and glass options for your new door. If you are uncertain which options to choose, our designers are ready to help you decide.
  • Security – Wrought iron doors offer unmatched security for your home or business. The type of lock used, as well as the design, are all factors that can be included to adjust the level of security needed for your location.

Contact Us for Help with Your Project

Forever Custom Iron Doors has been designing and installing custom and classic iron doors since 2013. Our doors offer timeless beauty, as well as added value and security to your home or business. We provide unmatched creative custom designs as well as in-stock options and ship anywhere in the continental United States. Contact us today to discuss your project!



Fall 2022 Design Trends to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home or Business

No matter how large or small your home is or where it’s located, installing an iron door can provide significant benefits for your home. Nevertheless, you may not be aware of its benefits if you have never had one. This is especially true if you live in an area where others are unaware of the benefits of iron gates and doors. That said, the following is an overview of how fall design trends can add curb appeal to your home or business.

Benefits of Fall Design Trends

If you are a home or business owner, installing new iron doors or gates can be a fantastic way to boost curb appeal. This is because they provide the following benefits:

  • More Security: No matter if you’re installing iron doors or gates on your home or business, they can help boost the overall security of your property. Therefore, you will likely attract more customers or potential buyers.
  • Boosting the Aesthetic: Choosing a trendy fall design can also help increase the exterior aesthetic of your home or office building. For example, iron doors have intricate designs that instantly make your home appear more upscale and appealing. Upgrading your property with iron gates or doors can allow you to stay in line with 2022 home design trends.
  • Lots of Designs to Choose From: Moreover, you will have an array of designs and colors to choose from. This allows you to match the colors and designs to your own preferences or the general aesthetic of your brand.
  • Cost Effective: Although there are some upfront costs, iron doors and gates are highly durable and pay for themselves by boosting curb appeal and security for many years to come. By making the investment today, you will ensure that your property looks great and remains safe and secure for an indefinite amount of time.


Key Takeaways:

  • If you are interested in boosting your home’s curb appeal, installing iron doors or gates can be an excellent option.
  • Iron doors and gates can instantly boost the level of security of your home or business.
  • Iron doors or gates can also be matched with your unique design choices, or you can match them with the aesthetic of your brand.

Contact us Today for More Information

Are you ready to install new iron doors or gates that will allow your home or business to stand out? With the help of our team of experts, you can do just that. Here at Forever Iron Doors, we go the extra mile to provide each client with an iron door design that is 100% to their liking. We have a fantastic track record of satisfying customers from all walks of life. Ready to have those doors installed to keep up with 2022 home design trends? Contact us today to discuss your iron gate/door preferences. We can’t wait to provide you with everything you want and need at a reasonable price!


Iron Doors and Security

The front door of your home or business does more than welcome visitors and make a statement. It’s also charged with the task of resisting immense pressure when winds pick up or someone with bad intentions decides your home is worth breaking into.

A burglary occurs about every 25.7 seconds in the United States. You can reduce your risk of becoming the next victim by improving the security of your home and place of business. That starts with installing the toughest front door you can afford. For most, security iron doors are the answer.

The Right Door Will Deter Criminals

Most wooden doors and even some metal doors are easier to kick open than you want to believe. Many homeowners trust that a deadbolt is enough to stop those intrusions, but that’s not always the case. Criminals have found ways to get around most doors, but there are some options that they’re unlikely to ever master.

Your best option is to invest in impact-resistant doors. These security iron doors are designed to withstand incredible pressure. They stand firm whether your area is hit with hurricane-strength winds or a criminal stumbles upon your home and wants to make an unwanted entrance.

Many criminals are looking for easy targets. When they see durable wrought iron doors, impenetrable gates, and stealth security systems, they’re likely to move on to the next option.

Why Iron Doors are Best for Security

Your door is the best defense you have against home-based crime, and you can consider an impact-resistant door an essential part of your overall security system. The question is whether you should consider wrought iron the best material for your home or business entrance door.

It comes down to how the doors are made and how strong they are against pressure pushing from the outside. Wrought iron is stronger than other types of iron and significantly stronger than wood and other types of metal.

You receive a thick, sturdy door designed from a solid metal that doesn’t contain specks of other material. The way wrought iron doors are made differs from other iron doors, and that is what makes the difference in their durability.

How to Select a Durable Iron Door for Your Property

You have two options when selecting security iron doors:

  • Select a pre-made door that’s ready for installation
  • Design a custom wrought iron door with a wide range of options

Doors that are already designed and ready in stock are the fastest way to get the security iron doors you need in place. If you have a bit of time, you can get a door that matches the style of your property and your personality without paying much more. It may even cost the same if you work with a reputable wrought iron door manufacturer like Forever Iron Doors.

It’s important to consider aesthetics even if your most important goal is to protect your home from elements of the weather, criminals, and anything else that may come along. Wrought iron doors make some of the biggest impressions because they can be regal and sophisticated or charming and eye-catching.

Custom iron doors allow you to create a unique design that gives your home just the right appearance while still providing amazing protection for your loved ones or employees. The best way to select or design the right door for your property is to consult with professionals who understand elements of security as well as aesthetics and functional needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your front door should protect your home while looking great.
  • Wrought iron is the strongest and most durable material for security doors.
  • Select a pre-designed iron door for faster installation or customize a unique design.

For professional guidance in selecting security iron doors that fit your property and goals, contact Forever Iron Doors at (732) 851-8502. We can answer your questions and provide a free estimate for custom or in-stock iron doors. We ship everywhere in the U.S.!


Custom Windows to Compliment Your Home

No matter how large or small your home may be, custom windows can be a fantastic way to add some pizzazz to your home’s exterior aesthetic. Moreover, there is a wide variety of window types to choose from. For instance, installing custom iron windows can be an amazing way to improve the outer appearance of your home. That said, the following is a closer look at the benefits of installing 

Benefits of Investing in Custom Iron Windows

If you are wondering about the benefits of investing in custom iron windows, some of them are as follows:

  • Boost Security: One of the top benefits of purchasing a custom iron window is that it helps boost your home’s security. This is because iron is a solid, sturdy material that can help keep your home much safer and more secure. Therefore, you can rest easily after these windows have been installed.
  • Versatility: Another great benefit of investing in custom iron windows is that they are highly customizable. Therefore, you can get them in any style, shape, and color you prefer. Therefore, investing in iron windows can allow you to alter the appearance of your home in any way you like.
  • Low-Maintenance: Yet another great benefit of installing custom iron doors is that they are very low maintenance. On the whole, iron windows can be kept up for years on end as long as you keep up with minimal maintenance efforts.
  • Rust-Free: Additionally, iron windows are also rust-free. Many homeowners worry that investing in iron windows will make them prone to rust. However, our iron windows include a zinc powder coating that prevents rust, warp, and rot. This makes them a great investment for homeowners from all walks of life.
  • Modernize Your Home: Custom iron windows can also help make your home more modern. Not only do they upgrade the aesthetic, but they also add a level of security to your home, which is a feature that will benefit you should you decide to sell the home later.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Lastly, these windows are highly cost-effective. Although they require up-front costs, they make up for these costs over time due to the lack of maintenance and other required services.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are searching for a way to upgrade your home’s exterior aesthetic, investing in custom iron windows can be an excellent choice.
  • Investing in custom windows can be excellent because they are highly cost-effective and rust-free.
  • Investing in custom windows is also beneficial because they can help boost security, they are versatile, and they are very low maintenance.


Ready for New Custom Iron Windows?

Overall, if you’re interested in investing in iron windows for your home, we’re here to help. Our team of well-trained professionals is always ready and willing to design and install customized windows that suit all of your unique preferences. Moreover, these windows are great looking, highly durable, and affordable. Ready to install new iron windows? Contact your friends here at Forever Iron Doors today for a quote and more information.



Tips to Keep Your Iron Doors Looking Great All Year Long in NY

Great Looking Iron Doors NY

Investing in iron doors is a great way to boost the aesthetic and security of your home. This is because iron doors are made from premium materials, and they are crafted in a way that allows them to stand the test of time. Moreover, to keep your beautiful iron doors in NY looking great all year long, you must keep up with routine maintenance tasks. Luckily, maintaining an iron door is super simple. The following is a valuable look at how to keep your iron door clean and well maintained.

Managing the Moisture

While the doors do have a protective layer to protect against rust, one of the top tips for keeping your beautiful iron doors looking great all year long is longing to manage the moisture. This is because iron doors may become rusted when exposed to excessive humidity. Additionally, it can rust the hinges, making them less functional and visually appealing. In order to manage the moisture, you should be sure to wipe the door with a soft cloth to dry it after rain storms and other overly wet weather events. Additionally, it would be best if you were sure to wipe the door off with a soft, dry cloth after cleaning it.

Keeping it Clean

Another of the top ways to keep your quality iron doors looking great all year long is cleaning them regularly. To do so, you simply need to purchase an iron-friendly cleaning solution. This is because harsh cleaners can actually cause rust, dullness, and other damage that can make your door unsightly and less functional. However, by purchasing an iron-friendly cleaning solution, you can ensure that your doors are cleaned without unnecessary damage.


If you need to refresh the appearance of your iron door, you can always paint it. Specifically, by coating the door in rust-free paint, you will be able to prevent your door from rusting in the long term. Of course, over time, the paint may chip. In those instances, you should be sure to keep the areas clean and dry and eventually repaint those areas. Either way, this can be an excellent way to prevent your iron door from rusting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in high-quality iron doors is excellent because it offers a new layer of security.
  • One way to keep your door looking great all year long is by painting it.
  • It would help if you also wiped your doors off after major storms and other conditions, including excess water and moisture.

Looking for Beautiful Iron Doors in NY?

Overall, if you are searching for beautiful iron doors in NYC, Forever Iron Doors has you covered. With nearly a decade in the business, our Forever Iron Doors team has extensive experience designing, crafting, and installing beautiful iron doors of all kinds. As long as you follow the tips available here, iron doors can safely remain in good condition for decades. Either way, those who are interested in having a custom iron door created for their home should contact us today!



Benefits of Wrought Iron Gates

You may have heard the expression, “Diamonds are forever.” And while it might hold true, Forever Custom Iron Doors believes that even though wrought iron gates may not last forever, they can last for your lifetime and possibly even centuries, making them the leading choice for gates. We should note that a wrought iron gate can also add aesthetic appeal and security to your property, making them a sound, sensible choice.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Gates

First and foremost, in terms of your property, iron gates can provide a unique look, especially when you customize them to meet your needs and preferences.

Additionally, these gates are versatile and can be placed in a variety of locations, such as around your property as a fence, at the end of your driveway to keep out intruders, or at the end of your home’s entrances.

Wrought iron gates are meant to last, especially when you care for them properly. One wrought iron fence that was installed in 1771 still stands today, as of 2022. It’s the oldest fence in New York City at this time, proving that wrought iron was meant to last.

You can use these gates to improve the curb appeal of your home. It’ll even increase your property value.

Above all, installing this type of fence can keep trespassers from easily entering your property, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Customization Makes All the Difference

With wrought iron gates, customization makes all the difference. You can then find a gate that matches your style preferences, uses the materials you desire, can fit in your location, and may meet your size requirements.

At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we take the time to get to know exactly what you want. We evaluate your area carefully and will take 3D imaging for measurements to ensure we bring your idea to life correctly and with accuracy.

Professional Installation

Professional installation provided by Forever Custom Iron Doors is part of what makes our company unique. We provide installation service around our showrooms. If you’re interested in having them installed, please reach out and we can let you know if you’re in our service area. We understand that your home is more than likely your most valuable asset and realize you want the most for your money. That’s why we assist you from start to finish.

We’ll help you find the right gate for you and will take the time necessary to ensure it’s exactly what you want, incorporating your personal style into the mix. We use high-quality materials and will custom-create your gate. The final process is the professional installation.

During your installation, a professional will show up at your home and use the proper tools for the job. The professional will take his or her time to guarantee the job is done right and lives up to your expectations, no matter how high those are.

Moreover, our professionals are experienced and skilled. They know how to install wrought iron gates of different styles and sizes. Not to mention, our team can install them in different locations as well, making no job too great. While we ship products throughout the U.S., we extend our installation to areas throughout North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Add protection and security
  • Professional installations
  • Customizable

If you see the benefits of a wrought iron gate, contact us today to begin the process. We’ve proven ourselves time and time again, and our experts are ready to take on your project. We love a challenge and helping customers decide on a wrought iron gate, door, or another piece that’s right for them.

If you’d like to discuss your project, contact us at 732-851-8502 or use our contact form.


Custom Door Handles for Your Iron Doors

Custom Door Handles by Forever Iron Doors

When it comes to a home or commercial building, the details of a space are truly what leave an impression.


Small, unique, and customized details not only allow for a level of personality and uniqueness to stand out, but they highlight the care and intention that went into designing the space. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, this is exactly what custom wrought iron door handles can do for your overall iron door project.


A specially designed iron door for a house or business is a beautiful part of the building’s aesthetic and is the first thing many people experience when they arrive at the property. It serves as not only a focal point, but a talking point, so every style aspect of the iron door will be taken into consideration.


Getting the Best


Our team has been designing custom door handles for our projects for the last decade, so we have a few main points to keep in mind when it comes to your next iron door project:


  • An Exterior wrought iron door handle is the finishing touch of an iron door and can really round out the overall look and feel of the door.


  • Visitors, customers, and/or clients will physically touch the door handle, so handles should be designed with this in mind (for example, they should be easy to grip and pull).


  • Iron door handles should have design elements that are complementary to the iron door itself. While they can (and should) stand out on their own, you do not want a door handle design to distract or feel mismatched with the overall style of the larger door.


  • Remember that iron is an extremely versatile metal that has been used across the millennia, so do not be afraid to get creative! We have created custom iron doors for everything from a luxury outdoor kitchen showroom that wanted frying pan spatulas for their door handles to garden gate designs with elaborate spiraled tops on their handles.


At Forever Custom Doors we have a large variety of iron door handle options to choose from or to be inspired by when choosing handles for your custom iron door. We also love to work with architects, designers, or just home visionaries to customize and hand-forge a unique handle just for your project. Creativity can definitely be the name of the game when it comes to iron door handles!


Iron Door Products, Installation, & Design


At Forever Custom Iron Doors we’ve been creating beautiful and unique iron doors and iron door products for homes and businesses alike since 2013.


Our team of dedicated and talented professionals specializes in all aspects of your iron door and iron door product design, like iron door handles. In addition, we will ensure your iron door or custom iron door component is installed with the highest quality and attention to detail every time (complete with new framing and sealing if needed).


In addition to iron doors and iron door products, we can also help design, create, and install custom metal products such as iron railings, gates, and staircases (both spiral and free-standing). If you have an iron design or vision you want to make a reality that’s what our team is here to do!


We have three convenient physical storefront locations in New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina, but are able to ship throughout the United States. We also have a gallery online of our previous works for inspiration. Please give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more about how Forever Custom Iron Doors can support your iron door or custom metal project.



Add Curb Appeal with Iron Railings To Your NY Home or Business

Is your home or business in need of some curb appeal? Iron railings are a great way to add some elegance and style to your property. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect railing for your needs. Plus, they are a great way to improve security and safety on your property. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we can help you find the perfect iron railings for your home or business.

Customizable Iron Railings

Our company prides itself on offering customizable iron railings. We understand that every customer has different needs, so we offer a variety of options to choose from. Whether you want to install them on your stairs, porch, or balcony, they’ll provide aesthetic appeal and function that give your property a unique element unlike anything else.

The railing systems we offer are made of high-quality materials that will last for years to come. Our skilled ironworkers handcraft each piece to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Iron railings provide a timeless look that can enhance any home or business and instantly improve your property’s value.

Where Iron Railings Are Installed

We can install our railings virtually anywhere on your property. The most common places our customers have them installed are:

  • On the front steps leading up to their home or business
  • On balconies
  • On decks
  • As a handrail on the stairs leading up to their front door
  • On patios around swimming pools

We can probably make it happen in your outdoor space if you can dream it. Businesses also rely heavily on our services because appearances matter. Iron railings are a great way to achieve that goal if you want potential customers to have a good first impression of your business.

Benefits of Iron Railings

There are many benefits that come with having iron railings installed on your property. In addition to increasing curb appeal, they also offer the following benefits. They provide safety and security for your property because they act as a barrier.

They are extremely durable and require very little maintenance, which can reduce any extra cost for homeowners. The northeast coast is known for its harsh winters, and our iron railings can withstand any weather condition. They are fire-resistant, which is always an important consideration for the safety of your property. These types of railings also come in various styles that let you take full control over your property’s exterior appearance.


  • Iron railings are a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home or business.
  • They are also extremely durable and require little maintenance.
  • If you’re looking for a way to improve the safety and security of your property, these railings are a great option.

Work With The Best

When it comes to finding the right iron railings for your home or business, you need to work with the best. At Forever Custom Iron Doors, we have the experience and expertise to get you the results you desire. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the finished result. We only use the best products available on the market. If you’re ready to add some curb appeal to your property, contact us today to get started. We look forward to working with you!



Benefits of Interior Iron Doors

Interior Iron Doors

If you are looking for great options for interior iron doors, look no farther than Forever Custom Iron Doors. For those of you still looking for information about the benefits of iron interior doors, search no more. Here are a few of those benefits and some of the reasons why so many people choose iron interior doors for their home or office.

The Benefits of Interior Iron Doors

Iron interior doors afford home and business owners many benefits. A few of the best benefits of installing iron interior doors include appearance, longevity, and value.

Aesthetic Appeal

Today’s iron doors aren’t your grandparent’s iron doors (sorry grandma and grandpa). With a range of styles and colors and a variety of designs and iron interior door options, the right iron door can work for virtually any entryway.

Elegant to classic, or modern to renaissance – they make an iron door for that! In addition to the undeniable aesthetic appeal, these types of cost-effective doors last. That leads us to another benefit of installing iron interior doors.

The Altima Interior Iron Door

Iron Interior Doors Stand the Test of Time

The chances are, once you install an interior iron door, you won’t need to change it unless you want to, but not because you have to. That color, beautiful finish, and how your interior iron door changes an entire space or room doesn’t fade, weaken, or change with iron interior doors.

Resale Value

That durability and longevity also equate to better resale values. If you have lived in a home for more than ten years, the chances are good that you have remodeled, repainted, or changed some aspects of your home or business. With interior iron doors, those old doors are no longer useless scrap or trash but valuable resale commodities.

If you need to replace your old door or want to get a new interior iron door for your home or office, quality is only one consideration.

The “Other” Factors

Getting a high-quality door isn’t optional for any home or business owner. Another consideration, however, is what happens after your new iron interior door arrives? Do you know how to level your door, install the frame, hang the door?

Interior Iron Door Installations

Companies that offer interior door installation, like Forever Custom Iron Doors, is another factor to consider. If you aren’t handy around the house or with repairs or installations, then having your new interior iron door doesn’t do much good. And if you have never installed a door, even the most avid DIY homeowner may struggle.

Yes, today’s iron interior doors are much lighter, more durable, and more fashionable than those of years past. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are lightweight. Expert installation services aren’t only a reason to choose companies like Forever Custom Iron Doors, it can also save time, additional expenses, and work.

Service and Support

If you happen to fall outside the range of installation services, Forever Custom Iron Doors also offers phone installation support. The Forever Custom Iron Doors team walks customers through new installations step-by-step, making installation easier for any home or business owner.


Choosing interior iron doors offers many benefits including:

  • Aesthetic appeal and a range of styles to choose from
  • Durability against time, wear, and usage
  • Iron interior doors provide greater resale value than traditional wooden doors

Add to the quality of iron interior doors, installation and installation support services, and Forever Custom Iron Doors is one more reason to consider choosing interior iron doors. Contact us to check for installation services in your area or to order your new door today.

Which Glass Option is Right for Your Iron Door?

When it comes to customized iron and glass front doors, you have lots of options. For instance, you can choose the shape, size, color, type of doorknob, and of course, the type of glass. Speaking of the latter, many people don’t realize that they actually have multiple options regarding the glass they choose. However, this is one of the most critical aspects of a front door. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at which glass options you should choose for your iron/ glass front doors.

Glass Options for Iron/ Glass Front Doors
If you are wondering what your options are in terms of glass and customized iron wrought doors, your options are as follows:

  • Clear Glass: This is one of the most common and obvious glass options. The benefits of this type of glass are that people can see both inside and outside the door. They are also highly compatible with window coverings, which can allow you to change the color, texture, etc., as often as you wish.
  • Gray Tint: Gray tint is also highly popular as it is similar to clear glass, only a tad darker. This type of glass provides a moderate amount of privacy, as it prevents people from fully seeing inside your home. However, you will likely still need window coverings when the area is well lit.
  • Brown Tint: Brown tint is also a great option as it also helps eliminate glare and excess light while also preventing people from fully seeing inside your home. However, it provides a warmer tone, which some feel is more compatible with residential residences.
  • Flemish: A classic glass that somewhat mimics hand-blown glass, Flemish is a unique glass option for your iron/ glass front doors. While this type of glass does prevent unwanted glare on computers or television screens and distorts vision to the point where you can see shapes and people without being able to identify what they actually are.
  • Water Cubic: If you are searching for increased privacy and distortion, water cubic is an excellent option. It allows people to see movement without necessarily identifying what the objects are. This makes it one of the top go-to glass options for those seeking high-quality glass that also boosts privacy.

Other Options:

  • Rain
  • Pear Sandblasted
  • Aquatex

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are purchasing iron doors, choosing the type of glass is highly important.
  • The type of glass you choose can boost or reduce visibility, make your home feel more comfortable and inviting.
  • Some options are water cubic, flemish, gray tint, etc.
  • Ready to Purchase New Iron Doors?

Overall, if you are interested in purchasing iron front doors, make sure you carefully consider your glass choices. Rather than simply choosing the first option you see, taking the time to research and evaluate your options is the best thing you can do for the long term. Either way, contact your friends here at Forever Iron Doors for more information about choosing the best glass for your iron doors.

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